Top 16 Amazing New Games coming out in 2024 -

Top 16 Amazing New Games coming out in 2024

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Check out a look at 16 AWESOME new upcoming games on PS5, Xbox X and PC coming in 2024 and more that will be MASSIVE including an ambitious post-apocalyptic survival game, a new action adventure parkour, a new Terminator game and much more.

00:00 Intro
00:05 Vasya Run Ghetto Gopnik
01:09 Dune Awakening
04:15 Alters
07:22 The Sinking City 2
09:22 Unknown 9: Awakening
10:46 Frostpunk 2
11:30 Terminator Survivors
12:24 Ghost of Tsushima Reveal
13:53 The Midnight Walkers
15:21 Stalker Trilogy
17:13 Titanfall 3
18:27 Black Myth Wukong
20:22 The Last Sentinel
22:03 Monster Hunter Wilds
23:23 Infestation Origins
24:09 Rise of The Ronin Reveal

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  1. Holy Mother of God. Frostpunk 2 FINALLY has a release date?!?!? Let's Go!!!

  2. What’s up with the text to speech in unknown 9 trailer was definitely not needed lol

  3. Yawn. Boring list. Loud music, lots of explosions, lots of colours!!!!!!! Weeeee!!!! Most of these games will come and go at the speed of light and join the bargain bin where they belong. Not seeing a single seriously original game. There's puzzle games out there for a dollar that have better gameplay than a lot of this shite. lol.

  4. So no good police fire fps like why Sony fail and Xbox wins

  5. This show cases perfectly why pc gaming sucks. The big, high production blockbuster games are never pc games. Pc only ever gets the super niche, shitty game like that dune game lol
    Pc can be happy when console games migrate after a few years. pC gAmInGiNg MaStErRaCe

  6. Really excited for ghost of tsushima and stalker triology but i don't think Titanfall will work cuz respawn bend nees on woke culture really sad

  7. Colleague, Dune is not sure yet, they are now in alpha testing and maybe it will be Christmas, but nothing is certain yet, we can hope;)

  8. I hope Terminator Survivors is a third-person shooter game, not a first-person

  9. That DUNE awakening looks great, am looking forward to it.

  10. titanfall spinoff without mechs, i am calling it.

  11. Ghost of tsushima… Another exclusive ps5 game is on pc!??

  12. Very sparce year, only about three of them look interesting.

  13. Went straight to the xbox store to grab STALKER as ive always wanted to play it.

  14. Man does anyone remember the name of the RPG game where the trailer starts in an abandoned gas station, with thugs (sort of human/robots), you go around shooting them and looting and I think the trailer end with you entering in a underground basement…


  15. STALKER Triology is going to be amazing especially when they release the mod support.

  16. So excited for The Sinking City 2. Put some better combat and more gameplay variety on the first one, and it's already a winner.

  17. Unknown 9 looks intriguing, but WTF is up with that trailer narration?

    Hopefully we see actual gameplay trailer for The Last Sentinel this year. The concept feels pretty neat..

  18. How much longer is the girl Boss troupe going to continue?
    I just want a layer of reality once again.

  19. I think MH Wilds comes out in 2025. Wish it would be released this year though!

  20. There are millions like me who do not play FPS games. Game companies only make losses by making FPS games.

  21. JESUS loves you and died for your sin and on the third day he rose again repent and trust in him

  22. That's a lot of dark titles. I sort of miss the AAA platformer era where things were allowed to be pleasant and beautiful without some twisted irony.

  23. boring sht i prefer to play arkham knight

  24. Good stuff cant wait for these! Steam says Ghost of Tsushima releases on the 16th of may 2024 not the 26th though

  25. dune is going to be sooooooooooooooooo good…..

  26. bro monster hunter wilds was slated for 2025 when it was first announced.

  27. I like the Sinking city, but hopefully they work on its optimisation unlike the first one.

  28. No one cares about ur single player games

  29. Unknown 9: Awakening had Sweet Baby Inc. involved, so I drop out on that one.

  30. Did I just spot an Alaskan Bull Worm!?

  31. Lots of good titles coming up. One that's not mentioned is Mankind Reborn. It has high expectations and I'm wondering if it will be able to deliver on all that it has promised. The concept is really interesting.

  32. 🔥Titan fall 3 I'd luv to Finally see a Third Person Player Option in Next iP — So can see Our characters and Titans in 3RD Person prospective in Open World with
    Single player / Co-op Gameplay Mechanics that would be Great improvement for me & keep me excited interested in waiting for Project… That would really Hook me Respawn

  33. Vaysa run is what you get when uou order Mirror's edge from wish.

  34. Take a look at 16 new games that will make 2024 (& 2025) a fantastic year for gaming! 😄🔥 Make sure you support this video by LIKING IT and share it with your cats!! ⚡

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