Top 18 Best New Upcoming Games Revealed At E3 2021 | PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & PC -

Top 18 Best New Upcoming Games Revealed At E3 2021 | PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X & PC

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E3 2021 brought a lot of new game reveals with the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase, Ubisoft Forward, PC Gaming Show and much more! We’re here to talk about the VERY BEST upcoming games that have been revealed at the event, and there is many to show! Which game are you most excited for?

0:41 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
2:00 Stalker 2
3:40 Battlefield 2042
5:11 World War Z Aftermath
6:27 A Plague Tale: Requiem
7:27 Atomic Heart
8:41 The Outer Worlds 2
9:35 Pioner
10:55 Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy
12:37 Project Ferocious
13:42 Evil Dead
14:39 Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life (Jack Sparrow)
15:46 November Eve
16:32 Replaced
17:34 Interlakes
18:24 Elden Ring
19:45 Back 4 Blood
20:21 Icarus

Music used: ‘Horizon’, ‘Elsewhere’, ‘Flow’ by Nomyn:

‘Dawn’ by Sappheiros:

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  1. “I know a lot of you may have not liked the film”
    Who didn’t like Avatar? Wtf? Still one of the best looking movies to date.

  2. You forgot Starfield, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo…

  3. Lol Guardians of the Galaxy looks extremely bad, I'm already bored watching the combat, and the visuals….wow

    1. FORZA HORIZON 5.?!
    2. Halo: Inhfinite.?!
    3. Far Cry 6.?!
    4. Dying Lignt 2.?!
    5. Starfield.?!
    1. FORZA HORIZON 5.?!
    2. Halo: Inhfinite.?!
    3. Far Cry 6.?!
    4. Dying Lignt 2.?!
    5. Starfield.?!

  5. Does the game stalker 2 have a single player campaign

  6. Matchief it would be cool if you would also include saying if the games have single player campaign cause I’m sure there is a lot of people like me that are into single player story campaigns and not the multiplayer gameplay

  7. People love having the choice to play 3rd or 1st person. Im sure it takes up more space, but should be the 1st on devs list when making a huge game lile Avatar will be.

  8. Retrogradni Merkurac U Tvojoj Veneri says:


  9. White Supremacist are supposed to be the greatest threat to America but no games where we fight against them? Crazy! You would think since they are the greatest terror threat.

  10. They should've just called it stalker with a subtitle cause I never heard of stalker being a console guy

  11. Eleden Ring, Halo, and Starfield are probably the most interesting releases at E3 this year in my opinion

  12. I’m just waiting for Horizon: Forbidden West. That’s a game that gets me excited!

  13. 4 games I wanted to see at E3 this year 1.)Crimson Desert 2.)Beyond Good and Evil 2 and 3.)Forspoken 4.)God of War Ragnorok

  14. Gradians is just a facelift, of Mass effect 2021? Rinse and repeat! Rinse and repeat

  15. WHYYYYY is avatar first person? I can’t even express how disappointing that is…

  16. nice to see The Outer Worlds 2 I have first game on pc

  17. STALKER Looks like the real deal wow take my money

  18. If Jack isn't voiced by Johnny Depp I don't wanna play it

  19. I'm ready for the avatar game. I enjoyed the one on ps3. One of my favorite games back then

  20. In terms of games to get excited for, I enjoyed the Guerrilla Collective Showcase much more.

  21. Actually my dude MAG on PS3 had 128 vs 128 game mode so Battle Field is just catching up not revolutionary.

  22. Everytime i hear UBISOFT first thing that comes to mind "MICROTRANSACTIONS".

  23. Know what I can’t wait for? Microsoft actually getting off their asses and producing enough series X consoles so that their loyal fans don’t have to get raped on eBay for one. Shame on you Microsoft. Get your head on straight before trying to pawn your new games off on us that no one can play.

  24. Let’s be clear here all these games suck, the only interesting game is avatar and I for one didn’t even like the movie that much…..were is a revamped Dead Space, where is a RPG Mario world 🌎, where is a sequel to Hollow Knight , where the phuck is a good Diablo game………I’ll even settle for a bio shock , something! All these games look the exact same , you can hardly tell the difference in game style

  25. Jeez more zombie games…I think where good. Let's get some more tactical shooters please

  26. i see a dozen of shit games for 5 year old kids

  27. I feel like the plague tale one was known already.
    Also what I wanted most was a kingdom come deliverance sequel and that wasn't there.

  28. 16:32 Replaced. this game is very well stylized it looks amazing. I'm drawn to it already

  29. Is it just me, or was all of this pretty meh? Nothing took my fancy.

  30. Why on earth is every game First Person?!? That shit is only good for straight up shooting games like CoD

  31. Is everyone just afraid to tell james cameron it's 2021 and nobody gives a shit about avatar?

  32. All the new FPS games and just games in general seem to have very similar world designs

  33. Also watch this channel for upcoming games. And plz subscribe

  34. yikes… I guess we are either seeing the very clear effects of our world be "shut-down" for almost a year do the pandemic, or an industry that has been so plagued by greed, maximizing profits and recycled generics that is finally starting to really run dry to the point that indie devs and literally, SINGLULAR-devs are the one's creating anything original … honeslty, I hope it was the pandemic and not the latter

  35. One of the worst E3 ever. Where’s Sony when u need em

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