Top 20 Amazing Upcoming PS5 Games of 2023 | Gameplay (4K 60FPS) -

Top 20 Amazing Upcoming PS5 Games of 2023 | Gameplay (4K 60FPS)

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Top 20 Amazing Upcoming PS5 Games of 2023 | Gameplay (4K 60FPS)

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00:00 Intro

00:59 Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – TBA 2023 | PS5

02:03 Black Myth: Wukong – 2023 | PS5, PC, XSX

03:10 Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – 2023 | PS5

03:55 Silent Hill 2 Remake – TBA | PS5, PC

05:10 Marvel’s Wolverine – TBA | PS5

05:37 Horizon Call of the Mountain – Feb 22, 2023 | PS5

06:41 Forspoken – January 24, 2023 | PS5, PC

07:52 Infinity Nikki – TBA | PS5, PS4, PC

09:25 Atomic Heart – Feb 21, 2023 | PS5, PS4, PC, XSX, XB1

10:23 Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – 2023 | PS5, PC, XSX

11:40 Tekken 8 – TBA | PS5, XSX, PC

12:46 Final Fantasy 16 – TBA 2023 | PS5

14:29 Hell Is Us – 2023 | PS5, PC, XSX

15:48 Wonder Woman – TBA | PS5, XSX, PC

16:20 Alan Wake 2 – TBA 2023 | PS5, XSX, PC

17:06 Stellar Blade – TBA 2023 | PS5, PC

18:27 Project 007 – TBA | PS5, XSX, PC

19:02 Like a Dragon: Ishin! – February 2023 | PS5, PS4, PC, XSX, XB1

20:05 Abandoned – TBA 2023 | PS5

21:08 Kingdom Hearts 4 – TBA | PS5, XSX

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  1. Judgeing by the Time it took to make Kingdom Hearts 3 We wont See 4 before 2025.

  2. They all just look like tech demos to sell 4k Tvs

  3. thanks for the video u r the best

  4. Isn’t abandoned a fake game or something?

  5. Worst year ever, the fuck you mean great year the best game this year was elden ring which was pure horse shit

  6. This black myth game is never gonna come out, I have been waiting for a while.

  7. Spiderman 2, wolverine, psvr2, horizon call of the mountain, rise of Ronin, mlb 2023, horizon burning shores, death stranding 2, silent hill remake, final fantasy 16, final fantasy 7 rebirth, last of us online, ghost of tshushima 2, forspoken, KOTOR remake, GT7 VR, uncharted 5, stellar blade, progmata, Pacific drive, little devil inside, and so many more… future of playstation is bright

  8. Huh, I’ve always wondered at what point accents and dialects change English enough, to no longer be English. Now I know.

  9. can you please make a list for new online mmo rpg games

  10. These are playstation only right?
    They are exclusives which are not comig to pc right?

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  12. I don't take seriously someone who can't pronounce "novel" or the simple name of "Morales" correctly. Go switch to reviewing anime and which characters are best to jerk off to.

  13. There’s a game called crimson desert that I was really hoping would come out in 2023. Just didn’t make the cut

  14. Forspoken looks like they could’ve made it into a marvels eternals game

  15. i own a copy of the ps5 version of ff7 remake, but i honestly don't think that ff7 needed a remake or a reimagining, so i have never played it, and don't quite understand why fans wanted it so bad, when the original one is still just as playable as it was back when it first released. i went back and beat it again on a psx emulator a couple of years ago, and it was worth every hour it took me.

  16. that's what dudes want to do? play cartoon girls that collect outfits?

  17. atomic heart looks like a russian version of bioshock

  18. More open world fast zombie swarm games please
    Days gone 2
    The last of us 3
    Add zombie island to COD DMZ
    Add zombie section in GTA V or GTA Vl

  19. Is Black Myth going to be a triple A title release? I have not heard of it before.

  20. Games all look the same to me. Wish developers would think outside the box for once.

  21. Someone make a good open world medieval game please, like a historically accurate one set in medieval Europe, make it open world and make it adventurous and most importantly give us some badass combat, storyline, graphics and freedom

  22. It's crazy how every game they say runs 4k 60fps on ps5 ends up running poorly when we buy it…. take horizon forbidden west for example

  23. Infinity Nikki looked better and more entertaining than the entire entry. I’m a FPS and hack and slash guy, but I’d rather play that after seeing this line up. Can’t wait to collect sunflowers or whatever the journey entails. Terrible showing.

  24. Still nothing on ps5 to grab my attention, i need GTA 6 new elder scrolls or something

  25. Hogwarts, diablo 4, and Spiderman. Can't wait

  26. From all of these, the graphics for Infinity (something else) were the best!!! WOW! Stucked with me!!! I'm a guy and not into this type of game. But I need to have this game!!!

  27. It's interesting with wukong… and EVERY religion/culture has a "being" that dies this… because they covering up the identity of who it ACTUALLY is… but the "being" ends up fighting with, or rivaling, or against somehow, or trying to destroy…. HEAVEN. Because theyre secretly saying it's satan

  28. Horizon looks great on VR, but the whole floating hands is kinda distracting

  29. "Journey to the West" is also an INCREDIBLY GOOD Chinese film directed by the incomparable Steven Chow that must be seen to be believed. It's seriously such a good film.


  31. Forspoken sucks, if you like cutscenes games then ,good luck.

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  33. I would be very surprised if Black Myth Wokong would be released in 2023. MAYBE but MAYBE July 2024.

  34. Atomic Heart Looks amazing could be a Rival Game for Fallout 5.

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