Top 20 BEST Board Games Of All Time ~ 10-1 ~ -

Top 20 BEST Board Games Of All Time ~ 10-1 ~

Board Game Bangers
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These are the best board games 2023 edition. 12 months ago I did my Top 10 board games of all time and I am back again with an updated best board games of all time. But bigger is better now stay tuned for Top 20 best board games!

Don’t forget for my lucky subscribers there is a bonus board game giveaway, in this 10 to 1 best board games video. How does Camel Up The Card Game sound?

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  1. Mosaic (designed by me) is averaging 8.5 on Board Game Geek.

  2. Love your work BGB, I wanna see you in a racing game lol

  3. Maybe a game where camels are racing, havent seen that before

  4. okay.. so i might be biased for a cat racing game heh

  5. Lol you're fun! Loved your video! Loved your list! Too bad I'm not in either of those countries, but I'd still like to see more of your content so you still get a thumbs up from me.

  6. A racing hedgehog, echidna and fox (in case noone got the reference, sonic characters)

  7. Damn I didnt win atiwa, but hopefully I can win this haha . Speaking of Atiwa, how bout a bat racing game?

  8. Greyhound racing board game would be great! An ability to bred pups, train them to increase stats, and compete for prize money.

  9. Hoges, great video mate. As for animal racing, it has to be a Narwhal race. Aqua racing where the racers have built in weapons. Let's go!

  10. Thanks for the video. Great to see content from down under!

    A kiwi would make a fun meeple, so I'd love to see a camel race a kiwi!

  11. Racing ducks needs to be the next one, what else?

  12. Wah so glad theres some more Australian representation in the board game space! Great video Hoges

    The animal I wanna see a racing game of is a sloth hahaha, how entertaining

  13. Interesting list overall – I can definitely see a trend towards liking animal/nature-themed games (which is cool)!

    As for the giveaway, I would insta-buy a Pelican themed racing game – "pelican pit-stop" perhaps :p

  14. The animal we need to see in a racing game is, obviously, the quokka. Can you imagine the meeples?

  15. As a kiwi I would definitely love to see a kiwi bird in a racing game… 🙂

  16. I want a mario kart racing game, so throw in a monkey, a mushroom and whatever else 😂

  17. think something silly like a snail in a racing game would be fun, or going a kiwi route: a kakapo!

  18. I havent played many of these games! Thanks for the list!

  19. 😂😆 4:40 whenever I say meeple to a non gamer they think I said meatball

  20. Great list!, Im from Indonesia, I would love to see otter racing LoL

  21. I want everdell to make a racing adjacent game where you can use the meeples from the game in the other one

  22. parks regular ed. components and inserts are deluxe 😮

  23. Fun vid and nice to have an Aussie take on this hobby. So thanks for that.

    I think a quokka racing game would be pretty sweet for sure. Just imagine them smiling as they race. Can't get more wholesome than that.

  24. Hahaha I love the Dwellings of Eldervale recap! ❤❤❤ Shadow Demons for the win!

  25. I would definitely go Dolphin racing. It'll be so cool to have an underwater race, but also have a mechanic where the Dolphin needs to resurface to take a breath, cause they are mammals after all, and this slows the dolphin a bit. The players would need to strategically time their resurfacing so as to not lose any advantage they have in the race. There could be a depth mechanic that also improves their speed the deeper they go underwater, but that will take them longer to resurface, essentially losing out on time. Just a cool idea I had there 😁

  26. Camel racing… oh wait, that exists already heh

  27. It would be fun to see Tortoise and Hare in a racing game 🙂

    I'm not eligible for the giveaway, but still wanted to comment.

  28. Great range of genres in your list which is not skewed to one type or weight. Some interesting titles I've not heard of before.

    If we're doing an Aussie themed race then we've gotta include the Hoop Snake, Bunyips, and Drop Bears.

  29. Thanks for your top 20 list Bangers, a few of those games are on my own list. Vindication is a beauty but I can't find the love for Dwellings of Eldervale. A racing game I would like to see would be "Gecko's racing up a wall". They race from wall to ceiling avoiding obstacles and people trying to swat them with a thong, while catching insects along the way that act like power-ups. Good Aussie game for the whole family!

  30. How did I never notice how much 'meeple' sounded like 'meatball' and you should have your sound cut out more often. 😂 Nothing like a parody commentary on yourself.

  31. After watching your 20-11 I was wondering if our tastes were vastly different as there wasn't much crossover with my collection, your top ten though had loads I love so this is now making me want to try out some of the others I've not played!

  32. Great vid and great to see the Aussies represented in the board game space. I’d love a galah version of camel up … imagine trying to control those crazy flight patterns!!

  33. Love the Aussie content and a giveaway for AU/NZ rather than excluded. I think I'd retheme Camel Up as EMU UP

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