Top 20 Best Fighting Games of All Time -

Top 20 Best Fighting Games of All Time
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For players who love to pummel, smash, and button mash, you won’t find any better fighting games than these. For this list, we’re going over the absolute best fighting games to ever exist. Our countdown includes “Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” (2000), “Mortal Kombat” (2011), “Tekken 3” (1997), “The King of Fighters XIII” (2010), and more! Which ones had you and your friends going another round or five? Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. What kind of nut pack were they smoking?! Have they played any of those games?! Some of those games that are on top of the list shouldn’t be that high!

  2. This list is awful. Half of these games are arena brawlers and bullshit like Injustice 2. Should be a top 20 casual fighting games

  3. No Guilty Gear xrd or any other GG games….. ok

  4. It's weird cause a lot of the games on here deserve to be on this list, but holy shit are they in the completely wrong order, meanwhile there's a boat load of other games that have absolutely no business being on here, but I guess that's a Watch Mojo list for yah, the only consistent thing is that their list quality is mediocre at best.

  5. Came here from Maximiliam Doods channel!

  6. Personally, I think DBXV2 should’ve been on here instead of FighterZ, but thats just my opinion.

  7. I know we meme on WatchMojo a lot but

    DOA5 being so high is actually based

  8. I guess from a casual perspective this list makes sense. 🤨

  9. "I'm suprised theres none of INSERT REALLY NICHE AND OBSCURE FIGHTIING GAME in this list"

    Yeah as much as I would like to say Dong Dong Never Die is the second coming of Christ, this is a video made by and for the casual fighting game market.
    Also stop taking watch mojo seriously, youll be doing yourself a huge favour.

  10. Def Jam FFNY is lowkey top 10-5 frfr. They tripping hard

  11. Def jam in the list who is no care about/ Where is Guilty gear?

  12. Get thee fuk outta here MVC2 is number 1

  13. I wonder what are the dislikes to this video? 🤔

  14. Most of this game are lame asf. Mojo is like ign, always a disappointment.

  15. MvC2 deserved the #1 spot. It was so far ahead of its time and completely revolutionized tag style fighting games. Hell so many fighting games wouldn’t even exist if it was for the overwhelming success MvC2 had

  16. So, you put War of the Monsters and Fight for NY, and no Guilty Gear, Virtua Fighter or Capcom VS Snk 2…

    … I suppose that what happens when someone who doesn't have a clue about fighting games make a list of the "Best 20 fighting games".

  17. Damn no Garou Mark of the Wolves or Tekken 5.

  18. Max told me to like this, so I will. This list is alright in my book.

  19. I wish they rated fighting game franchises instead of individual games.

    Also, Skull Girls but no Bloody Roar?!!???

  20. You guys smell that… smells like a casual's opinion.💩💩

  21. We are in 2022 and there still people call Dragon Ball Fighter "Z"….it just Fighterzzzzzzzz

  22. Top 20 Best Fighting Games of All Time…according to WatchMojo people that clearly do not play fighting games
    14:34 Soul Calibur VI…but they keep mentioning SC IV, they even got the guest characters like Geralt, 2B, and Haohmaru credited to that game. Was WM confused with the roman numeral?

  23. The creator of smash even said that smash is a party game. I mean, smash is its own thing, but it's different from a fighting game, kinda like 20-17. I'm surprised 3s, sf4, sfxt, skullgirls, mvc3, t7, jjba, mkx and virtua fighter aren't on this list.

  24. Why is tekken 3 so low and What about Urban Reign

  25. I wish there was a way to wipe out this channel from existence. Every list I come across is straight garbo. This is definitely the worst.

  26. Such a list made by casuals doesn't count at all… You didn't even put guilty gear strive… You know, arcade nostalgia isn't what makes a good fighting game…

  27. Yeah this is casual list alright, but a fun one, and very nice to see Skullgirls up there!

  28. giving this a like and comment after watching it on maximillian dood's channel

  29. Thumb down !!! Smash Bros in 1rst Place ???? Seriously ????
    Where is SF3 ??? Where is KOF 2002UM ??

  30. Dudes really put Project Justice and Injustice in the list when Melty Blood and GG is nowhere to be found lmao

  31. What I feel may be underrated, The Bloody Roar series was one of my favorites to play with my friends growing up

  32. Wow this last has some hot takes and I definitely don't agree with many picks however on other things I am actually amazed that you did go for the actual best game instead of the more known (i.e. MK9 over MK11 was a great choice and putting KI high on the list is a great pick as well) anyway I'm very happy you guys covered fighting games 😁

  33. I am baffled that a Virtua Fighter game wasn't included on this list especially cause it was so revolutionary for opening up the way for more 3D fighters. Also they never put a Guilty Gear game on the list which is criminal as its literally one of the giants in fighting game genre. I have nothing against Smash Bros but I really don't think it should be number 1 on or even in the top 10 as there were many other fighters that are way more deserving.

  34. Tekken 3 number 11? You must be kidding me. And no Tekken 5 and 7?

  35. Someone on WatchMojo really hates Guilty Gear

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