Top 20 BEST STORY Games you must play -

Top 20 BEST STORY Games you must play

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Hi guys !!!
In this video, we will be looking at some of the best story games of 2023 that you can play right now. These games have impressive graphics, massive open worlds to explore, awesome gameplays and a gripping narrative.
Hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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  1. These AI bot readings are really jarring. "We got THE God Of War".

  2. Days Gone is one of the best games and stories I’ve ever played. I see a lot of comments about a slow start, but it’s worth it for sure. And the gameplay develops really well as you progress with story you unlock more stuff and activities, good progression

  3. list is actual cool and i really appreciate your work for providing such good quality content

  4. Umm not sure about far cry 5… it was below par even to far cry standards… probably the weakest in the franchise

  5. Finally a video who puts RDR2 at #1 <3

  6. This feels like an ai video
    -The list
    -The commentary
    -And the voice

  7. I must be the only person who hates the Witcher… hate it

  8. The list is good but last of us 2 should not be on here

  9. How is the first Last of Us not on here!

  10. very well narrated. nice video. keep up the good work. ps. the script is also very good writing. (Smiley face)

  11. great list but i feel like Skyrim and fallout 4 should have been on this list

  12. The pronunciation in this video is awful

    I liked control.. but the story wasn’t that good in my opinion

  13. Not a single Yakuza/Like a Dragon instalment in the list, am guessing you’ve never played one.

  14. You cant creat this list without Nier …

  15. tbh this video is really well made , good games u made
    u liked ac origins = i ll listen to whatever u say after XD

  16. How is mass effect not on this list for me top 3 stories I've played are 1 Wolf Among Us 2 Mass Effect 2 3 Red Dead Redemption 2 (gameplay didn't hold up though don't even have a decent fast travel system but story sure was great). I've beat 75% of these games and played 90% I've yet to beat Farcry, baldurs gate & Alan wake. I haven't touched final fantasy and likely won't and I hate Souls games so haven't played Lifes of Pi


  18. I really hope such cinematic story driven narratives keep on coming.

  19. This is actually really high quality, you deserve thousands of subscribers, not only 40. If anything maybe make your scripts a little less generic and add your own voice, but the video and list is still really great.

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