Top 20 Best Video Game Openings Of All Time -

Top 20 Best Video Game Openings Of All Time
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These video game openings made a terrific first impression. For this list, we’re looking at the greatest intros in video game history. Our countdown includes openings for “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (2009), “God of War III” (2010), “Final Fantasy VII” (1997), “Ghost of Tsushima” (2020), and more! Let us know in the comments which opening always gives you chills.

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  1. Watchmojo you dropped the ball Big time . Without a Doubt. The greatest opening scene is Onimusha 2 . Still to this day no game has ever come close to that intro. And will never touch that intro. Not having it on the list at all, means this list is a joke.

  2. Doom 2016 intro. From the opening speech, the minimal but clever characterization of doomguy, to your first interaction with Robo-musk Hayden. Everything you need to know about 2016 is in that intro.

  3. I was going to be disappointed if The Last of Hs wasn’t on this list 😂 hands down best video game opening to me

  4. Best Opening of all time MGS 1 the infiltration scene was spot on and i was real into the whole thing

  5. Isn't the opening of Spiderman:miles morales similar to Spiderman 2018.

  6. If there could be resident evil 4 a game from 2000's then what about devil may cry 3 Dante's awakening?

  7. I would include Forza Horizon 5. It does a good job of showcasing different vehicles, terrain, environments and does justice for Mexico as a setting for an open world game.

  8. I loved FF VIII’s opening credits. The music the graphics the fight scenes. Epic.

  9. Metal Gear Solid 4's fake commercials at the beginning blew me away.

  10. Sonic Unleashed's intro deserved to be here.

  11. se eu ver o video inteiro e não tiver a intro de halo eu vou comer teu rarbo

  12. Where's doom infinite lmao?

    It's clearly the best game intro

  13. Far Cry 3 was incredible. The opening credits coupled with "I'm Sorry" soundtrack was phenomenal!

  14. Came here to be sure last of us was on the list. Well done

  15. I was really hoping to see fable 2 on this list.

  16. What about destiny 2? Although it's not one of the best games even destiny 1 is better than it. But, it has one of the best opening scenes. Just imagine that the traveler the most valuable thing light seekers are owning is attacked and kidnapped by the red legion and all guardians lost their light and depend on what remains of the traveler shards on EDZ to save the world.

  17. Arkham asylum, mk Armageddon, DC universe online.

  18. My best video game opening was Assassins creed 2!

  19. The intro to Dead Island 1 was really good, and the game is amazing, so replayable

  20. I would have 100 % taken far Cry 5 's opening over Far Cry 3 and put it at number 1. seriously this intro is something else.

  21. Soul Reaver has one of the best intros, this list while it has some cool ones others are lame, Half Life… Really? Also no Killzone 2? Also Resi 4 is not that great, they are supposed to be Spanish but don't speak like such, they sound like Caribbean Spanish, RE2 original whole graphics weren't the best the intro is great

  22. Only 90s kids remember the syphon filter intro.

  23. Red Alert 2. Days Of The Tantacle, Prince Of Persia 2

  24. Not even an honorable mention to Borderlands 2. Unacceptable.

  25. Dead Space 2. My friend and I screamed our way through the first few minutes of that game. OMFG I CAN'T USE MY HANDS! RUUUUNNNN! lol

  26. “Against all the evil that hell can conjure, all the wickedness that mankind can produce. We’ll send unto them, only you. Rip and Tear until it is done”

  27. For me its Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings best opening Scene ever for me. Suprisingly it was not in the list 😔

  28. I know it’s a little off topic but i’m surprised at how poorly GTA IV’s graphics have aged. The character models in particular look so much less polished than those from most other games in the same console era.

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