Top 20 Best Video Games of the Century So Far -

Top 20 Best Video Games of the Century So Far
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Thought we were done with just the Decade? HA! Time to rank the best games 20 games from the last 20 years … I regret this already. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful, and influential video games released in the 21st century. Because this is a tight squeeze, only one entry per franchise will be allowed. We’re also putting a stronger emphasis on their legacy within the gaming industry, so there may be a few changes from our best of the decade list.

We’ll update this list in 2030, which games do you think will stand the test of time?

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  1. Red dead Redemption 2,The Walking Dead Telltalle,The Last of Us,God Of War,Dark souls
    5 games,5 master pieces…

  2. I only watch these videos to see where RDR2 ends up. Only to find that it’s not even in the top 20 for this list….WHAAAAAAT?!

  3. Where is the red dead redemption 2 , where is my ARTHUR my dear boy … You goddamn fools

  4. my cent on top games

    red alert 2
    counter strike
    splinter cell
    left for dead
    dota 1
    plant vs zombies
    the sims
    assassin creed
    need for speed

  5. Wow… How you do this so fast?
    Who has technology or ways to do that?
    The glasses and God of war. I'm not interested in war. I mean we do understand why they happen, but I'm not interested in it.
    Well, unless you have to defend.

  6. I am so happy that nier was mentioned with it's epic music uhhhh I finished the first route quickly and just before I delete it I was surprised that this is just the beginning of a masterpiece

  7. Love to the reviewer who I first knew about nier from, and love to me for searching for it after many years of watching his video


  9. I know minecraft overrated but all the way at 10

  10. Does anyone feel extremely disgruntled that they have portal over portal 2

  11. Apart from Gta 5 and the last of us
    Halo Combat evolved was game of my life

  12. Guess y’all never got y’all hands on Uncharted 4

  13. I swear before watching this video the top 2 here were my personal top 2..I FEEL GOOD Mannnnn

  14. Where the f&$@ is RDR2 watch mojo, are you kidding me. It didn’t even get an honourable mention. Disappointing

  15. i know mojo always misses out something but i am glad that skyrim is on the list T0T

  16. What? No vr game in the list? Aww…clearly half life alyx is better than half life 2 though. If vr games are allowed on this list I will put resident evil 7 there. Oh and skyrim vr and and…pavlov.

  17. where is counter strike where is pubg where is fortnite where is apex legends? 😂 I own most of the games in this list but they arent that great to me. Many will agree with me that red dead redemption 2 should be in the list though. 😌

  18. Uncharted 2
    Metal Gear v
    Dark Souls
    Batman Arkham
    Cod modern
    God of war
    Last of us
    Mass Effect
    Resident evil
    Shadow of collosus

  19. Dragon Age Origins, Red Fead Redemption 2, TES Morrowind, Fallout: New Vegas

  20. Like your list but not sure how Prince of Persia Sand of Time and even Thief is not on there – but hey that's just me

  21. Idk how i forgot HL2 but i thought they were going to put super Mario galaxy 1

  22. 1:rdr2,gow,uncharted 4
    2:ac origins,Spider-Man,the last of us part 2 and 1
    3:ghost of Tsushima,horizon zero dawn
    Heard the Witcher 3 is really good comparable to the number 1s didn’t try it yet soon will

  23. To choose Portal over Portal 2 is baffling.

  24. My favorite game for either be God of war GTA 5 or bug snacks

  25. for fuck sakes how is ds 1 at 18 bullshit sia

  26. I hope Roblox is part with also Minecraft

  27. Let’s be honest. These are the games that we had so many memories with. You may not agree with the order but gotta admit that these games are amazing… ❤️❤️❤️

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