Top 20 Greatest Video Game Trilogies of All Time -

Top 20 Greatest Video Game Trilogies of All Time
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These stories are so epic they needed to be told over 3 games! For this list, we’ll be looking at those trilogies that represent gaming at its best. Our countdown includes “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” Trilogy (2003-05), “Tomb Raider” Survivor Trilogy (2013-18), “Assassin’s Creed” The Ezio Trilogy (2009-11), “Gears of War” Trilogy (2006-11), “BioShock” Trilogy (2007-13) and more! What video game do YOU think needs to be turned into a trilogy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Definitely right about…

    Donkey Kong
    God of War
    Dead Space
    Jak & Daxter

    Love all of those…..

  2. Ezio is only on 13th place? How in the hell is sonic higher? No story and only a plattform game. Donkey kong 2nd? Who payed you? Look at it, it is worse than everything else on this list.

  3. I also agree that the Sonic Trilogy is great, but I'm starting to wonder if Sega likes the first two games more than the third. I'm wondering that because they've rereleased the first two games multiply times, but they've only rereleased the third entry a couple of times.

  4. Resistance Fall of Man was were I had my best multiplayer memories with Capture the Flag

  5. Akham? Max Payne? Hitman? Who made this list?

  6. where is super mario bros trilogy and the witcher trilogy

  7. Kinda shocked that the Modern Warfare trilogy didn't make the cut. I know, I know, it's COD. But those campaigns were excellent.

  8. No Uncharted, Mario, Arkham, Crash, or NBA street

  9. No Modern Warfare Trilogy, no Arkham trilogy, no super mario trilogy

  10. GoW is so overrated. The first game was absolute weak sauce compared to Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden…but it had boobies so…hype

  11. Before I watch it, bungies halo trilogy should be top 3

  12. Batman trilogy should definitely be here… But kudos for leaving out the uncharted series cuz(even though I've played them)… Those games are straight trash!!

  13. Onimusha is on here, so that means we can just take the first 3 games of a series and call it a trilogy (in terms of cannon) right? So MGS 1-3 should at the very least take the place of Onimusha right? Or we can take MGS games not on handhelds (like they did with GoW) and just pick 3 MGS console games in any order (release date OR chronological in terms of story) and still have a spot on a list of 20. Right? RIGHT?

  14. The EarthBound/Mother trilogy honestly should've been in this list.

    While EarthBound Beginnings/Mother is not as good as EarthBound/Mother 2 and Mother 3, it's still a good game itself despite being an NES game.

    It's really one of those trilogies where it's flawless, meaning no actual bad game at all.

  15. You put donkey Kong above halo and mass effect……………………… who hurt you watchmojo………

  16. I definitely agree with number 1, but Dead Space and Bioshock should be higher.

  17. How is it that not only the Arkham trilogy doesn’t make this list, but Metal Gear Solid as well?!? How do you ignore quality entries like MGS & Sneak Eater?!?!?

  18. I waited all that time and where is the Uncharted trilogy??? Rare for me but I have to thumb this list down. 😑

  19. Mass Effect land slides the final 3. I've played all of the top 4 and enjoyed them but ctfo…

  20. How can fallout 1, 2, and 3 not make the list? Legendary games, especially with that lead up from fallout 1 and 2.

  21. No original super mario trilogy? No crash bandicoot ps1 trilogy? No rocksteady arkham games? No uncharted? I know all these franchises have more games but so do most of the games on the list. And dead space 3 absolutely sucks and ruins the franchise.

  22. No Arkham trilogy??? Also the Metro trilogy deserves some love I'd take those 3 games over Resistance any day.

  23. Don't forget Gothic ! first two games are amazing, 3rd isn't the best and rest after are strange but still a trilogy!

  24. This list was so fucking nitpicky. Like 4 games weren't even a fucking trilogy

  25. How you gunna NOT put Ratchet and Clank on here??

  26. the grunt in the opening made me lose it lol

  27. No Witcher or Arkham trilogy is legit shocking

  28. so y'all not really gonna include Arkham trilogy or Mario Bros trilogy when both can easily be top 10. Very disappointed. Honorable mentions: Crash and Kingdom hearts

  29. Star wars rogue squadron trilogy??? Anyone?? Or Call Of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy????

  30. Not only Witcher is not rank 1, but it is not on the list?! What? And where is Diablo?

  31. If you saying halo is a trilogy which is a lie cause theres sequels, then gta 1-5 has a 1-3 trillogy too

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