Top 20 Most Beautiful Platform Games -

Top 20 Most Beautiful Platform Games

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0:00 Omno
1:09 Spiritfarer: Farewell
3:21 Arise: A Simple Story
5:10 Greak: Memories of Azur
6:42 The Pathless
7:52 Gris
8:46 Spyro Reignited Trilogy
10:12 Never Alone
11:46 Child of Light
13:21 The Last Campfire
14:44 Hollow Knight
15:44 Raji: An Ancient Epic
16:39 Unravel
18:25 SteamWorld Dig 2
19:27 Hob
21:06 Praey for the Gods
21:45 Journey To The Savage Planet
22:42 RiME
24:21 Trine 4
25:27 Ori and the Will of the Wisps


  1. all fantastic games, I hope they do a remake for sayuki journey to the west

  2. These types of games can be very lovely, but they are often short with simplistic gameplay. I wonder if someday we’ll see games with visuals like this that also feature complexity and variety of gameplay mechanics.

  3. i would put Ori and the blind forest i know you already put the Other Ori games, but even when they have a similar style the first one is entirely 2D while the second uses shadows and lighting to simulate some sort of 3d animation style on models.

    other games that was impressive on his time and more considering it was less than 1 GB size was "Sons: a tale of Two Brothers" a charming and emotional pratform game from Xbox 360 Arcade era kind of precursor for "it takes two". Brothers looks amazin for a game of his size and an small studio the sounds effect and music are also great. sadly is a really short and easy game more focused on storytelling than gameplay

  4. Ori is the game that I will never forget in my lifetime. Metro last light is such another game which I wont forget ever.

  5. There's something magical about 2d, hand drawn games; they have a magic, wholesome feel, like a moment in time, captured and made with love and care.


  7. Haven't played a lot of games overall, but Ori…………..
    Ori will always hold a special place in my heart.
    Right from the beginning, it had me hooked on its breathtaking graphics and intriguing gameplay, and don't get me started on the story. Easily had me tearing up— more than once.
    Beautiful, beautiful game and fantastic soundtrack. I actually found the soundtrack first and fell so in love with it I was determined to buy the game.
    I'm so glad it made this list— although it's hardly surprising.

  8. Ori is bloody amazing, by far the best 2D platformer ever!

  9. Hollow knight is my favorite from the list but the absolute favorite is Ender Lilies , beautiful game and soundtrack 😩

  10. Great list! The Gardens Between, is also very beautiful if you have not played it. I really like the OST's for many of these games as well.

  11. Слушай😊круто👍обалдеть какие игрушки есть тут, глаз не оторвать👍

  12. Hmm.. Where's Ori and blind forest, Brumble, Tunic, Inside. I think this games is much butter then some garbage from this complitation.

  13. Why is there no Nintendo connection made? I have a switch and played multiple games here

  14. I was doing well but i was living as a homeless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. In the nineties, there were good platform games mainly on SEGA and Nintendo consoles. The problem with today's modern platform games is that the characters are small pieces of crap.

  16. Owlboy, Afterimage, Iconoclast, odin sphere leifthrasir, Dragon’s Crown pro and Muramasa .

  17. spiritfarer is my absolute favorite gane of all time!! the visuals, the music, the story… i loved meeting the characters and doing all the side quests
    ever since i finished it i keep looking for another game to fill that void 🥲

  18. Adicione "Planet Of Lana", é o game de plataforma mais lindo de 2023.

  19. Красивых? Или мультяшных! 😂

  20. A game without story telling is much more beautiful because then we feel everything instead of focusing in story we just enjoyed the environment and music 🎶 A plateform game always hit different in heart and mind

  21. Hollow Knight must have the best art direction in the history of video games. That, Limbo and Ori 1&2 are on par.

  22. You can find a lot of videos of people crying their eyes out over the ending of Ori and the Will of the Wisps. It is not only beautiful, it is wonderful in every single way. Probably my favorite game of all time!

  23. какието странные игры в плане оформления.
    мультяшные вроде
    но такие не четкие…
    как сон…
    для меня это очень странно…

    Друзья 🙂 Приглашаю всех на свой канал 🙂

  24. Тут только 4 игры: Ори, Полый Рыцарь, Путешествие на планету Дикарь и Разгадать прикольные, остальное полный шлак. Есть реально красивые платформеры которых здесь нету, как пример Внутри или Маленькие Кошмары или Планета Ланы. Зато есть 16 вырвиглазных платформера. Топ полный шлак.

  25. 1st: Omno 0:00 – 0

    5th: The Pathless

    8th: Never Alone

    10th: The Last Campfire

    12th: Raji: An Ancient Epic


  26. Many of these are not platformers, but ok I guess

  27. I think celeste deserves a spot up there

  28. Марио, гонки Конг и Лаки Тэйл! Всё остальное – лажа

  29. Спасибо! Открыл для себя много новых игр. The Last Campfire уже играл – это потрясающе! Просто до слёз…

  30. Ori is the most beautiful game in this video! And it also has the most beautiful music!

  31. Would like to add two games to this nice list:
    Aquaria and Songs of the Deep
    Both are very beautiful Metroidvania style games underwater.

  32. Thankyou for this list, i knew about Hollow knights & ori games but i don't like their darker worlds, i prefer happy games like dkc but sadly i dont have switch to play tropical freeze this list gave me so many options ❤

  33. Need more games bro. Make another video!!!

  34. 'Unbound Worlds Apart' is up there with Ori too now. And I prefer the gameplay of Unbound, but the graphics of Ori are beautiful

  35. Ain't no way nobody's talking bout Unravel

  36. Brothers a tales of two sons, fue un juego espectacular, wie triste que haya sido corto, pero cada escena era maravillosa.

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