Top 20 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made -

Top 20 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made
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We’ve come a long way since Pac-Man. For this list, we’re looking at games that required a massive investment to be developed, promoted and manufactured. Our countdown includes “Disney Infinity”, “Grand Theft Auto IV”, “Marvel’s Avengers”, “Halo 2”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, and more! Which high budget game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. COD peaked around MW2 and Black Ops 1. Who else agrees?

  2. If grand theft auto 6 costs more to produce. Then mid range to high end pc are sure to get f ckd in the ass because the specs will be high af

  3. Dead Space 2 cost $71 Million to make. Such a great game. RIP Visceral Games. : (

  4. its kinda sus 19 million copies of Call of duty ghosts sold even tho it was the worse call of duty game
    honestly all of call of duty's sales numbers are sus

    they said Cold war outsold MW 2019 which doesnt make sense since Cold war suffered in reviews and had a bad muliplayer system

    I dont think Activision can be trusted

  5. i made the mistake and got the platinum trophy in RDR2, so im pretty fed up with it, but im not surprised to see it on nr1

  6. Ok, but how the hell did cod ghosts sell more than the double of BF4 copies

  7. I don't think this is actually the top 20 most expensive games. There seem to be a lot of games that are missing.

  8. It may be the most expensive of all time but RDR2 is one of my favorite games of all time. And many people who saw me playing it, thought I was watching a movie. It has AMAZING graphics, even on my puny system.

  9. The last clip with GTA 6 reference made me laugh 😅

  10. $200 million on marketing, no wonder the hype for Modern Warfare 2 was so crazy back in late 2009. I was just a teenager and bought the game because everyone was buying it too lol. No amount of marketing works on me now.

  11. Watching Cyberpunk still hurts… Its like watching a movie where you are cheering for the good guy the whole time, only to be hit by the bus in the end as he is about to get the girl and do the happily ever after theme.

  12. Dora the explorer become Captian Marvel?

  13. Dead Space 2 did not have loading screens mid-gameplay, and is a technical marvel in terms of visuals, audio and combat. It holds up incredibly well…so yeah it was expensive but it was money well spent.

  14. I was pretty sure that destiny one at that time was the most expensive game ever and it was around 500mill not 140

  15. Lol, Rockstar was prolly reimbursed in full for rdr2 within 24 hours of its release…

  16. Rockstar be like: One day I will fill the whole lists

  17. I still have deadspace 2 and 3 still in the cellophane

  18. Lmao the fact watch mojo mentioned star citizen was fire

  19. Where is The Last of Us Part 2 and Uncharted 4? All that motion capture technology ain't cheap tf

  20. People who believe the halo 500 million rumors need a brain surgery

  21. Yet, RDR 2 did not win game of the year, that was kinda hilarious considering the budget

  22. Cyberpunk was not a financial failure afterall😂😂

  23. 20. 1:03 Red Dead Redemption
    19. 1:43 Genshin Impact
    18. 2:27 Tomb Raider
    17. 3:22 Disney Infinity
    16. 4:09 Deadpool
    15. 4:56 Battlefield 4
    14. 5:30 Max Payne 3
    13. 6:16 APB: All Points Bulletin
    12. 7:02 Grand Theft Auto IV
    11. 7:58 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    10. 8:33 Final Fantasy VII
    9. 9:24 Dead Space 2
    8. 10:06 Destiny
    7. 10:45 Marvel's Avengers
    6. 11:30 Halo 2
    5. 12:08 Star Wars: The Old Republic
    4. 12:58 Grand Theft Auto V
    3. 13:58 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    2. 14:44 Cyberpunk 2077
    1. 15:39 Red Dead Redemption 2

  24. I think the %80 of Cyberpunk's budget was for marketing.

  25. genshin impact looks good, but are all the playable characters women?

  26. RDR2 #1 game period but then gets just a short skit in this video. It deserved better than less than a minute of coverage.

  27. I’m surprised God of War and Far Cry wasn’t on the list

  28. You know Cyberpunk 2077 is bad when even the introduction lags

  29. Maybe needs an honorable mention but Kingdom of Amalur was quite costly. 75-100+ million might not compare to all the entries listed here but it did manage to bankrupt 38 studios and nearly the state of Rhode Island

  30. Modern Warfare 2 is a masterpiece – By far the best one Ever!

  31. Why dont jeff bezos donate a part of his fortune to make some bomb gta game that'll include the earth in its entirety 🥺

  32. Why they didn't make a remake version of red Dead redemption ?

  33. RDR2 worth every penny ….. its the most immersive and true to life game I have ever enjoyed

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