Top 20 NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2021 & 2022 | PS5, PS4, PC, XSX, XB1 (4K 60FPS) -

Top 20 NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2021 & 2022 | PS5, PS4, PC, XSX, XB1 (4K 60FPS)

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Top 20 NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2021 & 2022 | PS5, PS4, PC, XSX, XB1 (4K 60FPS) – NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2021 & Beyond – NEW Upcoming Games of 2021 & 2022

00:00 – The Day Before

05:22 – Back 4 Blood

07:34 – Evil Dead: The Game

08:27 – State of Decay 3

09:54 – Dying Light 2

11:13 – A Way to be Dead

12:13 – SYNCED: Off-Planet

13:59 – Days Gone PC

15:25 – Rainbow Six: Quarantine / Parasite

16:28 – Resident Evil 8 Village

17:17 – After the fall

18:55 – ILL

20:34 – The Last Stand Aftermath

21:30 – The Callisto Protocol

23:41 – The Red Solstice 2: Survivors

25:07 – GTFO

27:09 – The Last kids on earth & Staff of Doom

28:06 – Urban Strife

29:27 – No more room in hell 2

32:11 – Dead Island 2

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  1. I swear, Dead island 2 ripped some features off of dying light 2..!!

  2. Dead island 2 looks acade style that kinda suck

  3. You know, if a game would just follow the fundamental principles of the The Walking Dead TV show. You'd have a hit. Excluding some of the more comically unrealistic aspects. If you had physics and interaction based around some of the core principles of the show. For instance, guns can be a disadvantage as it draws them from every direction that's within earshot of a gun. Or, scavenging areas in a strategic manner as to not draw a horde in a building. Zombies would be more dangerous as they are still human. However, as time moves forward in the game. They become more widely spread out and bigger in numbers, but weaker. As well as many other small things that would add up to a large whole. Have a strong emphasis on character building and relationships. Say, build a core group like those in the TV show with specific attributes that fit your playstyle. Run and gun? Stealthy? Commander on high? Your choice. Center the story around building a community, and of course have a big bad antagonist that will threaten what you've built. With smaller rival groups or individuals peppered throughout your journey. We get caught up on the "real" being survivability built into our mechanics in video games.Not so much on "real" being centered in the kind of scenarios that we might find ourselves in. Which I think is probably worst problem when it comes down to it. We're to worried about the mechanic of surviving. Not so much on the consequences of trying to. If we could master that. We'd finally get a GOOD zombie horror game.

  4. 30 bullets to take a zombie on the day before, bad player or bad development?

  5. Кто в болоте сбавляет обороты… показалось, что за рулём моя жена…

  6. ну и чё ты даже наказал названия игры вчём смысал

  7. The Day Before очень хочется пощупать!

  8. Свирок,спасибо,за всегда отличные подборки)Молоток.

  9. А слушай а куда эти игры пойдут на пс 4 пойдут

  10. ни одну игру про зомби я не ожидаю, я хо4у халфлайфтри ((((

  11. Нащёт Resident Evil 8, немного не согласен, потому что там не зомби, а вампиры и оборотни, зомби там вообще нет, ну это уже лично мои придирки. Re8 подойдёт больше в либо точную рубрику(топ 10 игр про вампиров и тд…), либо подойдёт в общую рубрику(топ 10 игр про монстров и тд…)
    А так видос зачётный😉

  12. Первая игра вообще огонь 🔥

  13. 8:26 такая игра на телефоне была только мультяшная

  14. They say it's the day before
    But is it really
    State of Decay 3?

    We will see either way am getting both

  15. They have been making Dead island 2 before my Great Great Great Great Grand parents were even born

  16. Dying Light 2 , best story and no guns gameplay. 🖤🔥🖤

  17. Thank you very much for putting a time where each game preview starts

  18. Dying Light 2 i see nothing of interest in that game at all!

  19. Same juvenile crap all over again no originality pure junk not even worth attention! Luckily the ongoing genocide with the vaccine will fix that shortly…

  20. State of decay looks like a hunters worst nightmare.

  21. The day before is probably going to be a mess I want the game so bad but the little information the devs are putting out is really little the game is supposed to be out this year

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