Top 20 Story Games to Play with Friends | Best Co-op games -

Top 20 Story Games to Play with Friends | Best Co-op games

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0:00 Far Cry 6
1:18 Code Vein
2:37 Fallout 76
4:00 State of Decay 2
5:27 Ghost Recon: Wildlands
6:49 The Ascent
7:57 Anthem
9:12 Borderlands 3
10:35 Outriders
11:47 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
13:27 Dead Space 3
14:37 Journey To The Savage Planet
15:29 Spiritfarer
16:39 Dying Light 1-2
17:57 Devil May Cry 5
19:13 It Takes Two
20:02 A Way Out
20:58 Nioh 2
22:10 Divinity Original Sin 2
23:12 Red Dead Online


  1. I'd rather go to work for 8 hours then have to play fallout 76

  2. Mortal Kombat Shaolin monx deserves to be in the list?????

  3. Red Dead Online is utter dog shit there’s little to no content and the content that is there sucks

  4. You're a fucking bitch for not specifying the console in the title

  5. can all these game be played in a splitscreen co-op locally in the ps5?

  6. Thank you. My wife and I need content. New game creators are only interested in single player games

  7. В игре самое главное это сюжет геймплей атмосфера а не графон и казуал

  8. В код вейн всратый кооп, не советую

  9. Да Far Cry опять с коопом кинул всех, прогресс сохраняется только у хоста..

  10. В Devil may cry 5 есть кооп?

  11. Ascent такая багованная, не советую.

  12. Куди зникла озвучка?

  13. Канал окончательно умер?

  14. Станислав Матвиенко says:

    Lol… No Destiny 2 and No Warframe?

  15. Оказывается столько крутых игр в мире. Зачем гнаться за rtx 4090, когда существует ещё столько крутых игры, хорошо адаптированные в графике.

  16. Destiny 2 , warframe, division 1 and 2, the saints row series, left 4 dead 1 and 2, back 4 blood. Just some other mentions. I know there’s more.

  17. I’ll add that Ghost Recon Breakpoint has improved more than enough since release to be considered a proper (and in many ways superior) sequel.

  18. this is what i call a games list almost all i think all games open world with exploration awesome video you got a sub

  19. Far cry 6? This game series is getting worser, 5 was better than 6. Friend always says: we still got fc6 not completed, but when we open game its like both wanting to quit it cuz its SO DAMN BAD.

  20. подскажите, как сделать такую же сочную картинку в стейт оф декей, у меня игра выглядит как то уныло

  21. we need more co-op games like nioh or elden ring (I haven't played nioh 2 yet, but this video put that game on my queue), preferably where co-op is truly co-op without BS invasions, and that both players can play through the whole story. Elden Ring is awesome, but it sucks that I have to help my brother out on an entire zone, and then he has to help me through the same bs.

  22. Brothers segun la pagina de PlayStation es de 1 jugador, no coop

  23. u lost all credibility the moment u put anthem in there wtf xD

  24. This is clearly not top or best games LMAO they are not even decent story telling

  25. do all these games have a story coop gameplay ( something like the forest ) ?
    btw great video , u gained a sub

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