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Top 20 Video Games With The Best Stories
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We enjoy video games for many reasons, but it’s the powerful stories that draw us in here. For this list, we’ll be looking at the video game narratives that made the biggest impact on us through wonderful characters and thought-provoking plotlines. And to be fair, we’ll be sticking to one entry per franchise. Our countdown includes “Red Dead Redemption 2” (2018), “Grim Fandango” (1998), “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” (2004), “Silent Hill 2” (2001), and more! Which video game story is your favorite? Share your love in the comments below.

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  1. The metal gear clip at the start had such terrible dialog. Hard pass.

  2. Is Ezio Auditore on this list ? I feel like Ezio deserves a spot in top 5

  3. 11:16 Yeah sure, drop a major fucking story spoiler right into a video trying to get people to play the games you list, why don't you?
    Seriously, that's a scummy move if I ever seen one, why on earth would you do that??

  4. GOW is the single greatest Storytelling franchise ever. Although, you can say they had the mythology to start at & work around but AC Valhalla is a prime example as how perfect GOW truly is.

  5. I always dont agree with watchmojos choice
    This channel irritates me

  6. I will never understand how people think final fantasy 9 is better than ffX. 9’s story doesn’t even come close to X.

  7. Detroit Become Human should be on this list

  8. I dont understand why plague tale series is not on the list.

  9. I came here to find out what other cinematic games are better than THE LAST OF US so i can play them. Turns out
    It's the top freakin 1 😭

  10. Red Dead Redeption 2. I shed a freaking tear playing that game. the depth in the characters. how they got me drowned in the world. nothing come close

  11. Really? Where is Planescape: Torment? The list is about games with best storie and Planescape: Torment is definitely number 1!

  12. Ghosts of Tshushima, Horizon Zero/West, and Detroit Become Human 🤷🏻🤷🏻

  13. After the I completed the last of us, I legit just sat there, trying to comprehend what I just played, no game ever made me feel like that

  14. You get 20 games, out of all of them, and you put Grim Fandango & Spec Ops on here?

    Good games, but to call them the best stories the medium has to offer is lame. Another trite and predictable list by Watch Mojo.

  15. it's sad realizing that you've already experienced number 1 story from the list and have this amazing experience in the past… 😀

  16. Where are! Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle?

  17. Twd really deserved a top spot, glad to see it up there, I adored its characters and plot. I also loved the stories of Detroit: become human, Cyberpunk 2077 and Metro: Exodus. Disagree with the high rating of God of War, really not a great story compared to others in this list.

  18. Witcher 3: Hearts of stone DLC deserves a seperate entry on this list. Its a mastermind in terms of story telling

  19. Wish I'd seen one of the Plague Tales on here

  20. I wish I could get into RDR2. People always talk about it in high regard.

  21. the intro to bioshock still gives me goosebumps. pure perfection of a story with its twists and turns

  22. Loved the walking dead series, season 1 was the best but i loved them all

  23. How the heck is Zelda: Ocarina of Time not on this…lost all credibility with me.

  24. Everybody knows n⁰1 should be Sonic 2006!! A beautiful love story and a hedgehog that fights flaws in the matrix. So real, the players face these issues!!

  25. I think crysis was the best game it's was so good

  26. rdr2 is something more than just a game , its more like an experience , sometimes all you wanna do is get on a horse with two pistols and look like the most badass person 🔥

  27. I don’t know about you all but I think GTA 5 has the best story mode

  28. Did they just put rdr 2 behind the last of us and god of war fu.. you watch mojo

  29. For me destiny 2 is up here, great story telling and a great game too

  30. For me,RDR2 have by far the most complete story

  31. Typical list from mojo. Obviously never played modern warfare 2, any zelda game, rdr2 is awesome though

  32. 😲How did I forget about Spec Ops: The Line?..🤔 I need to get checked because that was a trip. A real one. Memorable-ish.
    If you haven't played it, hate COD games and want to experience a story aimed accurately at adult minds…..

  33. One of the Suikoden games def needs a spot here, Xenogears too!

  34. please! put the name of the writers of the videogames, they receive the credit for making us fall in love with games

  35. Hot controversial take: I think The Wolf Among Us is top 5 best stories in a video game.

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