Top 25 BEST Indie Games of the Year 2021 (GOTY 2021) -

Top 25 BEST Indie Games of the Year 2021 (GOTY 2021)

Best Indie Games
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Another year, another one filled with its share of ups & downs, where indie games have been a very welcomed distraction in more instances that I can count, so here’s a special look at the Best Indie Games of the Year – 2021.

00:00 ► Start
00:29 ► #25 Eastern Exorcist :
01:25 ► #24 Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion :
02:25 ► #23 Bright Memory: Infinite :
03:25 ► #22 Let’s Build a Zoo :
04:10 ► #21 Dyson Sphere Program :
05:12 ► #20 Cyber Shadow :
06:20 ► #19 OPUS: Echo of Starsong :
07:15 ► #18 GRIME :
08:36 ► #17 Tails of Iron :
09:50 ► #16 Valheim :
11:07 ► #15 Eastward :
12:01 ► #14 Library Of Ruina :
13:07 ► #13 Dreamscaper :
14:01 ► #12 The Riftbreaker :
14:54 ► #11 Everhood :
15:58 ► #10 :
17:01 ► #9 :
18:14 ► #8 :
19:19 ► #7 :
20:33 ► #6 :
21:12 ► #5 :
21:51 ► #4 :
22:36 ► #3 :
23:37 ► #2 :
24:30 ► #1 :

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I’m Clement, nice to meet you! I have a passion for Indie Games due to how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps get the word out on the Best Indie Games.

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  1. I am subscribed to a number of channels that do lists like this for indie games… but yours are my favorite.

  2. Thank you fir this video, i saw many gems i didnt know about

  3. Tails of Iron are just the bedtime stories Geralt was telling Ciri.

  4. You shouldn't list any Chinese indie games. I'm sure they are great games, but the Chinese government is invested in just about everything thst comes out of the country so you cant actually consider them independent.

    Edit: huge fan of dyson sphere btw

  5. One small thing that you do that I really appreciate is leaving the name of the game up throughout its section of the video.

  6. Record of Lodoss and Ender Lilies are my favorite games of 2021 uwu

  7. Anybody know what the thumbnail game is?

  8. Great list! I've been loving Eastward, on Switch.

  9. A great list, some nice titles – some which I knew, some which look interesting enough for me to pick up, even those higher numbered on the list.

    …Am somewhat surprised by Loop Hero and Inscryption though. Loop hero was fine, but it was a little bit cookie-clicker-y and quite grindy; would have put it at a higher number. As for Inscryption, I personally liked it because I love card games, but it got hit with some valid criticism, so I'm surprised to see it high. Both deserve to be on the list, but I'm not sure about placement.

  10. Video was great but I think it would be better if you had a little gameplay sequence -> your commentary on the game -> gameplay.
    Stopping after every point you make on a game slows the pace of the video a lot imo. Great vid nonetheless

  11. Can I feed guests to my Let's build a zoo lions, though?
    Or at least give them cows as dinner the same way you used to do back in zoo tycoon 2?

  12. How does UNSIGHTED not make the list? My top game of 2021.

  13. They really are the best indies games. loved each and every game. I wonder why these games do not have more coverage.

  14. Unsighted was my personal favorite indie goty: zelda-like action rpg with a 8 hour campaign, a roguelite mode, and a boss rush

  15. Any 2021 indie list that doesn’t have Unsighted is wack

  16. A lot of these games show you don't have to reinvent the wheel and make the most original game, but to make something that is fun and tightly designed is worth a *lot*.

  17. so is Indie another word for bad and under developed?

  18. Kaze and the Wild Masks missing. EVERYONE, PLEASE, DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND GO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!

  19. I love your channel, it gave me info of good games. But I think it would be nice if you include your own footage playing the games, instead of just the trailers. And tell us your own experience playing the game, instead of just the description of the game.

  20. Nice list, but the absence of Mundaun and Chernobylite speaks volumes. Both almost masterpieces in their genre and very unique.

  21. I've discovered some games here I didn't see in other places, thank you very much.
    Earned my subscription

  22. didnt you get your start by reading for someone else's rts video a longg time ago. its not when u actually started but thats how you got popular right? i think i watched that video

  23. Hiya – great video – what was the great guitar music in teh background of Bright Memory – Infinite?

  24. 8:40 hold on anyone else recognize that voice?

    I think it's from the voice of Geralt Witcher 3

  25. Part of these are not even closely indie…

  26. Idk, im not a fan of sidescrollers so most of these games ain't too interesting. Valheim ofc being the big winner on this list.

  27. Can people stop calling everything a soulslike at this point. Please?

  28. hello, i wanna ask what is the game on the thumbnail picture?

  29. Can't believe I missed F. I. S. T..!?! That looks superb action fun
    On it 👍

  30. you can see it clearly. when developers truly sincere to make a game wonderful. They must have enjoyed making it as much as we're playing it.

  31. Can someone remind me what counts as an indie game? I thought it was that a team couldn't go through a major publisher.

  32. Know you're scraping the bottom of the barrel when you check out montages of indie games. this industry has gone to the dogs. I have literally nothing to play. Bring back the 90s and 00s. games today are absolute tripe.

  33. where the hell is Madness: Project Nexus

  34. Great to see The Riftbreaker get a mention, it is fantastic.

  35. Yến My 500k vào ( says:

    10:57 Thanh xuân như một chén trà. Quanh năm uống rượu nên trà còn nguyên

  36. so much hack and slash, where are the strategy games

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