Top 25 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2021 and 2022 -

Top 25 Best Upcoming Pixel Art Games of 2021 and 2022

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2021 looks likely to bring us plenty of amazing-looking pixel art games for PC, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, and more. Here are the top 25 new upcoming pixel art games expected out in 2021 and 2022 we are most looking forward to.

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Top 25 New Pixel Art Games of 2021 and 2022
00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – 25: Garden Story:
01:03 – 24: Overloop:
01:40 – 23: Hell is Others:
02:00 – 22: No Place for Bravery:
02:31 – 21: Toodee and Topdee:
03:08 – 20: Kaze and the Wild Masks:
03:42 – 19: Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion:
04:10 – 18: Bushiden:
04:46 – 17: Backbone:
05:26 – 16: Lunark:
06:07 – 15: Death Trash:
06:38 – 14: Jack Move:
07:02 – 13: Radio the Universe:
07:27 – 12: Gestalt Steam and Cinder:
08:03 – 11: Cleo – A Pirate’s Tale:
08:43 – 10: Smelter:
09:12 – 9: Chinatown Detective Agency:
09:52 – 8: Chained Echoes:
10:34 – 7: Eldest Souls:
11:13 – 6: Flynn Son of Crimson:
11:50 – 5: Nykra:
12:13 – 4: Mighty Goose:
12:49 – 3: Narita Boy: Nintendo Switch Digital Code: (affiliate link)
13:32 – 2: Cloud Jumper:
14:02 – 1: Eastward:


  1. That went from “no particular order” to (INSERT NAME) at this place haha

  2. there's also Roadwarden! u gotta check it out

  3. Thank you for your video, it is very informative, I am looking forward to Eastward!!

  4. There's a pixel art game called Faerie or something does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's still in development and I wanted to check the status but I can't remember the exact name, but it looked great.

  5. Are any of these also available on Android?

  6. Have you tried "Red Mist: Rivers of Blood" on the PC? Very cool!!

  7. Cloud Jumper's beautiful but I'd be hard pressed to call it pixelated unlike other flying free-camera indie games like say, A Short Hike.

  8. ¿¿¿ ROLE GENERATOR, incredible tool for RPG directors.

  9. so excited for death trash, the name alone hits me where I live.

  10. theres just a certain charm with pixelated games compared to realistic games

  11. Sick of seeing RED HAIRED FEMALE PROTAGONISTS in every pixel art game. Are indie developers trolling us or what?? If you guys wanna be "woke", at least give us PURPLE HAIRED LADYBOY FURRIES.

  12. I feel it is my duty to buy “Flynn:Son of Crimson”

  13. Anyone notice 19 and 25 look almost identical?

    Also How did you leave out Carrion?

  14. Edwards is the 1st game I’ve ever play on my switch and it is good as fuck the graphics is so beautiful and I love the gameplay love this 2 characters “John and Sam” hopefully we get a second sequel to this game

  15. Just finished playing EASTWARD. It was great!

  16. I would add: Underground Life, coral island and pirate peachleaf

  17. With the rise of NFT’s , pixel art games seems to be carrying a lot of buzz lately and future looks bright for sure.

  18. I very like Pixel art game
    When i playing pixel game first time i feel something different. Yeah pixel art best game for me

  19. The Contaminated is a good apocalypse game like minidayz, cdda, poject zomboid still unrealeased yet on steam

  20. It just makes me mad cuz it’s available only on either Nintendo switch, PC and another on which I forgot non of them are on iPad iOS android or anything like that :/ but still good I guess.

  21. I really wish to buy the Toodee and Topdee game one day…

  22. So many pixel art games are really weighed down by their lack of resolution consistency. Really dissapointing.

  23. Still looking forward for some of those.

    Hey, low-res 3D is not pixel art.

  24. *in no particular order
    * The one everyone came to see is last

  25. Furries don't consider themselves human, therefore, they don't deserve human rights.

  26. Lunark is ripoff of Amiga's game Flashback from 1992.
    Even the level design and animations are identical.

  27. That kaze game looks like the old game Jazz Jackrabbit!

  28. I love all these type of games. They tend to have quite the emotional reaction to me, sometimes through story or something so simple as just scenes in a game. Sometimes I like them better than bigger AAA titles. I'd say for sure it depends how i'm feeling that day, or even week.

  29. Pixel Art with modern improvements like powerful hardware and smooth framerates is just chefs kiss

  30. 3d pixel art games have better graphics than Forza 5 and gran turismo 7 :>

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