Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass Games | 2022 (UPDATED) -

Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass Games | 2022 (UPDATED)

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  1. "There's really not any other game out there that plays like Rainbow 6". Ummm… yeah there are. Ready or Not, Ground Branch, Zero One. All play "like R6" but, better and more tactical.

  2. No Man’s Sky – Minecraft in outer space
    New Super Lucky’s Tale – Mascot 3D platformer
    Sniper Elite 4/5 – Stealth sniper
    BugSnax – Not sure how to describe this one…

  3. i definitely recommend
    psychonnusts 2
    a plague tale
    and it takes 2.
    some of the most fun games, that prove that single player games can be amazing and dont have to be a AAA game.

  4. Also Psychonauts 2 should have been goty

  5. What happened to the old music, it was like a signature

  6. LOVED Octopath!!!! Really hoped triangle strategies would deliver like it again, but it didn’t :/

  7. Let's not forget Alien Isolation here… still one of the best sci-fi survival horror games out there

  8. Well true colors isn’t 100% a good of new characters a amazing character named Step was in before the storm

  9. Loved everything you said about Hellblade – spot on
    Besides the combat being basic. I thought the same thing so much so I looked it up and come to find out there is a fairly complex combat system that was definitely necessary on the difficulty I played it at. I had to turn it back to normal for a couple parts at the end because the vibe was so damn tense.

    Amazing game through and through more people need to give it a chance.

  10. Emily Baxter# The Cartoony Witch Gamekitten says:

    A Plagues Tale is awesome. Good vid. Please keep this background music for your vids, as the other one really gets annoying

  11. starfield and redfall delayed XD xbox literally has no games and is making their fans wait again – just like they made you wait throughout the whole xbox one generation – for no avail

    redfall looks like it will get the twelvies hyped

  12. I've played 17 of these. Gotta go back and finish Doom, Prey and Hellblade. Haven't had a chance to start guardians yet.

  13. I’ve only played and beat about 10 of these. So who cares about game delays. The back log is so big

  14. hahaha he doesn't tell the truth about the 2 games that are going to expel

  15. jak juz mam xbox game pass to jak pobieram gry to mam je za darmo czy musze jeszcze dodatkowo cos placic?

  16. Lol what’s not coming to game pass 22 redfall and starfield 😂

  17. Fallen order is not even close to the best Star Wars Games ever made….Unless you're comparing it to battlefront.

  18. I’m a series s owner & super impressed with the new cloud gaming , already a lot of choice of games with no instal needed 🙌🏻

  19. I'm screaming at you in skyrim music rn I'm PLAYING IT RN INCLUDE IT RAAA

  20. Bro Your Channel Popped Up Out Of Now Where 😂 I Just Made Breakfast 🥞 Sipping On Some OJ Watching This Video Trying To See What’s The Next Gamepass Game I Wanna Play On My Series X Or S I Jus Sub And Gave You A Thumbs Up..

  21. I have a switch and if You have the Xbox Octopath is a must to play on both consoles

  22. I just finished Lost in Random and I absolutely loved it!! Not a massive fan of indie games, but this was soooo much fun!! I highly recommend it ☺️

  23. If you haven’t played doom eternal I’d play it, it’s the best shooters game hands down

  24. Great list and I definitely love ori and the will of the wisp the story is amazing and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the emotion of the story definitely one to check out if you have never played before

  25. Is Forza horizon 5 included in game pass ?

  26. Absolute bs! Anything worth a penny is broken, or half made trash

  27. who the fuck wants play a 2d game in 2022 most the games on there could of been made in flash for free

  28. I love guardians of the galaxy wasn't expecting anything special after the avengers game

  29. Haha i havnt finished yet but I can’t help but laugh “ I’m gonna try and stray away from first party games” “ number 24 MICROSOFT flight simulator “😂

  30. Thanks for the demo and info, have a great day

  31. You're definitely missing Sea of Thieves on here!

  32. Sorry but this list is horrible why do you have mobile tier games on this list

  33. I love flight simulátor because of the locations, I even found my small 5,000 people town in western Bohemia!

  34. I liked prey alot but what kept me from loving it was the bullet sponge enemies and lack of ammo. Someone could say that's the point and I'd agree but they should've made the aiming system better. Arcane studios have never been able to achieve good aiming. I don't know if it's the hit boxes or the flaccid enemy reaction to being shot point blank in the face. I think their games are amongst the best creatively but I've never finished one.

  35. The 2010 made me think you were 12 at first.. lol

  36. Re village is a good buy. I bought after finishing 7. I finished also Subnautica below zero, plague tale innocence guardian of Galaxy. And freestanding elden ring. Can recommend them all.

  37. Damn, Tunic looks good, the art direction is on point on the backgrounds and the combat seems fun, have to try it some day

  38. Guys and girls and the Others play carrion! Best horror game i have ever played, it's a game where you are the monster! 😀

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