Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass Games | 2024 -

Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass Games | 2024

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Xbox Game Pass is loaded with great games. It gets day one releases and high-quality titles consistently, so let’s take a look at the 25 best Xbox Game Pass games that you can play in 2024


  1. Gamepass= straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Xbox 2024 > 💪💪💯
    Advance The Line 🫡💚🪖

  2. Awesome list. I would add The Outer Worlds to this list. So many good games!

  3. In subscription I can't play freely …I don't want to play single game for more than 20 days…

  4. Thought jusant was bad but when ur hands start hurting from gripping to hard its class(i messed with the settings to make it harder)

  5. I followed palworlds development for like a year

  6. I just bought dead island 2 and warhammer boltgun then find out they are coming to game pass amazing

  7. I like doom 2016 don't really like the platforming in eternal

  8. Hey Everyone!

    I want to play games on xbox cloud gaming but i don't have money to buy xbox game pass ultimate 🙂
    Can anyone buy me a xbox game pass ultimate plz .

  9. I stop watching after you put hellblade in there 😂 I’m like hellblade is not even a game, it’s a walking sim

  10. For those saying that Xbox is not great… well here’s an excellent summary of games that you can play In game pass. All of them worth it!!

    The only one personally think is too high in the list is Starfield.

  11. I had higher hopes for starfield, let me down so much I just quit playing it! Good list though

  12. Yo try Superlminal had a blast playing it short game but super cool puzzle game

  13. Great video. I plaved several titles from this list, and will probably play the other ones at some point.
    But why aren't there any mention of the sports games? For the fans, there are several good titles. MLB, Madden, FIFA, NHL, etc. I always enjoy a quick game, especially with friends.
    Anyway, a nice day to all!

  14. Halo does nothing for me, I found it boring.

  15. Finally a useful and personal list not just a copypasted boring list.

  16. Its actually playstation, ps plus is better. Got more games and more exclusives. I have both so im not being biased

  17. Trail makers, snow runners Brotato and light to your frontier

  18. Great list but Star Wars Jedi fallen order should be here

  19. hitman 3 and for honor going undrafted is crazyyyy

  20. Hey Jay I loved 25 of your picks but Have you ever tried Sunset Overdrive very very good Xbox game, hifi rush reminds me of this game.

  21. Anyone knows why Dead Island 2 is not on my Gamepass 🙁

  22. Star field at number 4 is questionable. 😂 Regardless, interesting picks. I’ll have to check some out, thank you!!💯👏🏽❤️

  23. Minecraft is laughing at the corner😂

  24. was Jant removed? edit :ok your timeline tag was spelt wrong.

  25. Assassin's creed Valhalla is also on there, that vampire game i forget the name, all the Bethesda games, all the halo games, all the gears games, all the ones in this video, revenant 1 and 2, outer worlds, a handfull of farcry games, the list goes on and on. Gamepass is hands down the best subscription service.

  26. Grounded is an awesome game that has kept me entertained for 400 hours

  27. Roboquest is a game that everyone should play. Best single player game I’ve played in a very long time

  28. Very good list it really helped me

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