Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time -

Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time

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Looking for a free singleplayer game that doesn’t suck? We’ve got you covered with this free to download games with minimal or zero microtransactions.
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0:00 INTRO
0:11 Cloud Climber
1:21 Path of Exile
2:05 Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2
2:59 Genshin Impact
3:52 Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A WhirlWind Heist
4:34 Helltaker
5:06 Cry of Fear
5:37 Zero-k
6:19 Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden
7:04 Shrine 2
7:35 Himno
8:10 Matilda Castilla
8:51 No One Lives Forever 1 and 2
9:35 If on a Winter’s Night, Four travelers
10:04 Doki Doki Literature Club
10:40 Space Funeral
11:09 Loria
11:41 Sonic Robo Blast 2
12:24 Spelunky Classic
13:02 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-palooza
13:34 La Mulana
14:19 The Dark Mod
14:59 Another Metroid 2 Remake AKA AM2R
15:39 Cave Story


  1. Dude it is Maldita, not Matilda!!! Pls FIX!!!

  2. Project 06 is a Sonic 06 remake. Its a lot better

  3. MegaMan Battle Network Chrono X. It's a fan made game that's still being developed. But the demo is out and it has a ton of content for a fan game. It's essentially a fan's attempt at making Battle Network 7 since Capcom refuses to do it for some reason.

  4. Since when was doki doki literature club free?? I paid for it twice

  5. If your a fan of sonic games, there is a metric ton of free sonic games. Sega supports its fan community which is why it still survives bad sonic games. Just look up SAGE or SHC. Those being Sonic Armature Games Expo and Sonic Hacking Contest, yearly events with a crap ton of games to play for free. There are two teams working on pc versions of Sonic 06 to than fix the games to make them fun. My recommendation is Bigs Big World, I promise you won't be disappointed if you go in open minded and don't look it up beyond downloading it.

  6. Guys you can get Crusader Kings 2 for free! Worth checking out before buying Crusader Kings 3 to know if you would enjoy that type of game.

  7. where can i find sonic robo blast?

  8. No one lives forever is such a fucking classic good game. Damn those memories.

  9. So wild to me to hear Total Annihilation mentioned in 2021 lol Was probably my favorite PC game as a kid!!!

  10. Genshin was very fun but I highly recommend avoiding it if you have habitual spending problems, it will sink its teeth into you and steal your wallet

  11. Enderal should definitely be on this list, it‘s a total conversion for skyrim and is for free on steam. One of the best dark fantasy games i‘ve ever played..

  12. Path of Exile's pvp skill tree (Which is completely different) is bigger than Diablo skill tree

  13. please don't promote games with gatcha game mechanics. those are harmful for certain types of people.

  14. Considering that TMNT game made the list I’d recommend SoRR streets of rage remake that things outstanding

  15. A worthless list without mention of Nethack.

  16. Thanks for the list, I have some new games to try out 😀 For turned based strategy games fans, I have to recommend Battle for Wesnoth, it's an open source game that has a lot of fan-made content for it, you can get it on Steam or on the project's site.

  17. If that game is “Warcraft with the serial number filed off”, then Warcraft is Dune II or Command & Conquer with the serial number filed off.

  18. Surprised that Arid was not on this list (or in the comments). It is a free game currently on Steam. I played it recently and it was a pretty decent survival game. Best way to describe it would be The Long Dark, but in a desert.

  19. So, considering you have AM2R on your list I feel like you should have also included Streets of Rage Remake.

  20. Battle for Wesnoth. A strategy/RPG that is similar to games like Warsong/Langrisser. 100% free, class upgrades, a long story, difficult, just a great game.

  21. So glad to see cave story up at number one!

  22. There is no good game on this list except a handful

  23. WARZONE 2100:
    One of the first RTS games to use 3D graphics, it's still being maintained and updated.
    It's a post apocalyptic setting where you play as a military organization trying to rebuild some form of civilization.
    The tech tree is huge and intimidating, and unlike other RTS games, you don't research units. Instead, you research propulsion systems, hulls and weapon systems, then design your own tanks from the stuff you researched. A really fun and unique system I haven't seen in other RTS games.

  24. Finale fantasy xiv free trial is also free don't let the free trial fool you cause there is no time limit and you will have easily more than 100 hour of gameplay

  25. Some recent free games on Steam that I recommend: Summerland, Dagon, and Perfect Vermin.

  26. Why didn’t you play the Helltaker soundtrack, it even got nominated as best soundtrack 2020

  27. Sad to see that Age of Empires Online (AOEO) isn’t on the list here.
    It used to be somewhat free-to-play, with micro transactions, but was then shut down by Microsoft, I believe because it didn’t get them ‘enough’ money or something. But it’s been revived by a team, and improved, and is still being improved and updated regularly, and best of all: *It is completely free to play, no micro transactions, and like ‘premium civilisations’ that you had to pay for before (when Microsoft still ran the game) are free and already given to everyone, so they can play the civilisation they want. They even just recently added the Romans as a playable civilisation, and, I believe, are working on the Indians as a playable civilisation that’s coming.

  28. I want to play genshin impact … Donate me a gaming phone … Please 😭

  29. Enderal is free, as long as you own Skyrim on pc. And it's a full-fledged open world Fantasy RPG with up to 100 hrs of playtime/playthrough

  30. If I recall, Barkley was made in Game Maker, but I can see why you would think it was RPGMaker.

  31. Honestly undefeated is like invincible in a way, would be great if they ended up turning it into a mashup. That small team of developers with the minds behind invincible, top tier shit right there

  32. yah, my fav game poe finally make it to the list

  33. Upvote for including the Dark Mod, downvote for ignoring Stalker: Anomaly.

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