Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time -

Top 25 FREE Single Player Games of All Time

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Looking for a free singleplayer game that doesn’t suck? We’ve got you covered with this free to download games with minimal or zero microtransactions.
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0:00 INTRO
0:11 Cloud Climber
1:21 Path of Exile
2:05 Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2
2:59 Genshin Impact
3:52 Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A WhirlWind Heist
4:34 Helltaker
5:06 Cry of Fear
5:37 Zero-k
6:19 Barkley: Shut up and Jam Gaiden
7:04 Shrine 2
7:35 Himno
8:10 Matilda Castilla
8:51 No One Lives Forever 1 and 2
9:35 If on a Winter’s Night, Four travelers
10:04 Doki Doki Literature Club
10:40 Space Funeral
11:09 Loria
11:41 Sonic Robo Blast 2
12:24 Spelunky Classic
13:02 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rescue-palooza
13:34 La Mulana
14:19 The Dark Mod
14:59 Another Metroid 2 Remake AKA AM2R
15:39 Cave Story


  1. I was only looking for Doki Doki Literature club! More people need to try it out 😁😁😁

  2. When you have a pc, all single player games can be “free”.

  3. Pokemon Uranium! A fan game in the style of the OG Pokemon games, with a new mechanic of radioactivity and Pokemon that use it. It was taken down right away, but it is very easy to find online.

  4. This is like the third or fourth time ive seen that a game is free to play but when i look it up on psn it costs money lol

  5. Child of Light is an amazing free to play game! Hopefully it is added in part 2

  6. Path of exile the microtransaction is pure visual stuff.

  7. Could give the platform for any of these? Fucking Jake ballsdino

  8. Of course Enderal wasn't mentioned, why would it. Even with the sheer amount of Skyrim fans out there they still have no clue, don't deserve it anyways.

  9. AM2R is pure bliss. Cry of Fear needs to get that remake.

  10. Surprised geneforge didn't make this list, but okay.

  11. What about Little Fighter 2, Hydorah, OFF and Battle for Wesnoth?

    Also, Hydorah is made by the same developer that did Matilda Castilla.

  12. If genshin impact is on the list, even though there's multi-player, then it's missing Warframe, and YES you can solo the entire game with one frame as well as found a clan and powerlevel yourself in solo or private modes.

  13. Another game I recommend checking out is Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s a damn good game with a great story. Think of KOTOR but online.

  14. Lets be real most people are never gonna play these outdated shitty games. Genshin impact should have been nmbr 1 because that is a real game atleast the rest are just shitty old school farts

  15. All these dumb ass 2d scrolling games are stupid. Let it goo

  16. Undefeated looks like what Superman 64 was trying to be. Looks pretty good!

  17. Arrrrrgh Silly landlubber, all single player games are free

  18. Generally is a top-down racing game with an active modding community.

  19. Every game is a free game if you look hard enough on internet

  20. "comes as close as possible to playing superman in a video game" shows flying through rings hey. i didnt ask for superman 64 hd.

  21. I forgot to ask Jake is this a random list or yours and the teams Top 25 ranked it just seemed unclear unless I missed something?

  22. Project Reality is something that should also be on this list

  23. That skill tree might be easy if you familiar with it but who the hell design that monstrosity?

  24. Are these games only on PC? Cause about half if not more dont exist on consoles or if they do, are not free…

  25. Talks about stealth games and mentions Deathloop.
    Sees Deathloop ad trailer thingy next.
    Me: Stealth?

  26. ive just downloaded the TMNT game and it is great. such a nostalgic blast from the past. i just wish i could get my controller to work with it because using my keyboard is uncomfortable. im also going to try some of the other titles like the Sonic one. thanks Gameranx for the vid! please make another one.

  27. Bring back Supreme Commander!
    That game was the Shit!!!!

  28. THANK YOU for this list and a lot of these games run perfectly on my humble laptop. You gotta love PC man.

  29. If on a winters night is a great little story game, highly recommend it to everyone!

  30. I think The Battle for Wesnoth should be here too.

  31. Path of Exile not being at the bottom of the list is a crime, it’s easily one of the best Diablo style games period let alone being free. And in terms of production quality it far surpasses a bunch of the other games on the list.

  32. No Battle for Wesnoth? Seriously, for anyone who likes turn based strategy, it is a MUST play!

  33. I thought Star Wars: The Old Republic would be on this list. It's an MMO but an absolutely incredible story-driven experience that can be completed as a single player game. It's a Bioware game and even has choices and consequences. There are 8 campaigns which are all unique that you can play through at NO cost.

  34. LOL, "Matilda" Castilla?

    Maldita Castilla. Mal-dee-ta: cursed.

  35. I finally remembered to google "Gacha" and now it finally makes sense.
    I swear for YEARS I thought it was shorthand for "gotcha", as in, "HA WE GOTCHA MONEY BITCH!".
    …..I need help.

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