Top 25 INSANE Medium Spec PC Games with BEST GRAPHICS -

Top 25 INSANE Medium Spec PC Games with BEST GRAPHICS

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Hey Guys,

This video includes the Best Mid Spec PC Games from different genres such as FPS, Open World, Fighting, Racing, Stealth and many more that you can play on your PC & Laptop during this lockdown!


TOP 10 Games for Mid Spec PC | PART 1

TOP 10 Games for Mid Spec PC | PART 2

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Far Cry 3 Gameplay by

Feel free to ask any question.

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  1. Should have add witcher 3, batman arkham city goty edition, titanfall series, metro exodus.

  2. Okay but where can I get these games?😭

  3. Mafia 2 is a great game, worth mentioning ❤️

  4. In the video you use all clips is your? Self made?

  5. Do I need graphics card to play these games..?

  6. Was wondering if Intel Core i5 10500 3.1 GHZ could run these.

  7. Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain is also a mid specs demanding game. And it's actually one of the best games I have ever played. ❤️

  8. watch dogs , gta 5 , evil within ?? seriously 1GB VRAM ??

  9. not only the game introduce are so nice , your game skill are amazing , it's take a lot time to create such amazing scene.

  10. Thankyou do much bro i literally played every games you mention and i still wants more 😭😂 and you forget about Devil may cry 4 and resident evil and outlast Mafia 2 and so on

  11. Prototype 2,max payne, amazing spiderman 2 and splinter cell Blacklist now that's a well researched video❤️


  13. My pc can Handle all these games except GTA V due to 4 gb ram

  14. Among these all the best story holder award goes to…….

    1) Tomb Raider
    2) Far Cry 3

  15. i have 8gb ram and i3 proccesor with 2gb ram graphics card can i run far cry 4?

  16. Pls try playing gta5 I am damn sure it will work in your pc

  17. Far cry 3 is the best game I have seen but iam poor in keyboard controls I mean iam ok but not I stuck at one mission… So I just left it…

  18. Those who wanted to play Uncharted 4 but don't have psp just like me I will suggest them to play Tomb raider, Rise of the tomb raider , Shadow of the Tomb raider
    Really they are not less than uncharted games now iam playing them Really I liked them soo much same experience as like uncharted games…unique story , unexpected twists , puzzles(I think not that much) Those who only wanted uncharted just wait for some days they will launch it in PC's…

  19. When I didnot have a good pc I had desire to play games
    Now I have a good pc but dont have the desire to game

  20. Hi, thanks for this video. I am new into pc gaming 😅. I only play games occassionally. I have hp 15s du3032tu. 8gb single channel ram, i5 11th gen processor with iris xe igpu (NO dedicated graphics card !) and no ssd only 1 tb hdd for now. Will these games run at playable fps in my laptop ?? Thanks in advance.

  21. I have i3 5th gen 2.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce 920M 2GB. will my pc run GTA V. Thanks :), Can anybody ?

  22. That ac 3 clip was from the remastered version

  23. Intel i5 4440
    Intel desktop board DB85FL
    Intel Family Graphics 4600 2gb
    8gb ddr3
    Can i run these on pc?

  24. Can i Run all these game in my laptop with Core Core™ i3-1115G4/MX350/8G/512G PCIE ?

  25. Far Cry 3 and Black OPS 2 are my favourite in this video.

  26. Black ops 2 have hitmarkers but battlefield don't

  27. What exactly is mid spec these days. GTX 1060 considered mid spec yet?

  28. Can you please tell me that how to download all these games

  29. its ultra low end games my low end gpu 1050ti can run them

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