TOP 25 OPEN WORLD Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 25 OPEN WORLD Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 25 Open World games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. Comment arrivé a ne pas mettre Xenoblade Chronicle dans ce top ?

  2. legends arceus isn't even an openworld game
    but i gotta say tho probs for having timestamps in this one

  3. Does anyone know what the picture of the game is before the video plays?

  4. Impossible to take seriously a list without the best games like xenoblade and the witcher, half of the games on this list are deplorable.

  5. I’m just gonna say it right here. If you guys really want a game that doesn’t test your patience in the endgame, play Borderlands 3. Do not play Borderlands 2, it’s infuriating as shit and the one raid in the game you have to do to progress through the OP levels is trash.

  6. I'm still waiting for switch to release tomb raider.

  7. Bro……. no the Witcher 3? You're must be a joke

  8. I’ve bought breath of the wild like 3 times already it’s a must for every user

  9. Who needs borderlands on switch when you still have it on the 360? 😂

  10. I played many of these but the two best games I enjoyed were witcher3 zelda botw. Nothing else really did it for me

  11. Ok but… Some games in this list arent really open worlds, and some chosen videos dont even shows the open world. Dying light is just a cutscene, zero gameplay shown… Facepalm.

  12. Everyone keeps sleeping on Hob: Definitive Edition. It's easily one of my all-time favorite games, let alone open-world. I HIGHLY recommend it, but am disappointed it never shows up on lists like this.

  13. I wish soul calibur would come out with a new version for switch

  14. Your listing is alright. But the clips you showed doesn't speak much of an open world game. When making a video of open world game, you should show clips of the open world aspect. Like in dying light you just showed conversation instead of open world view. It's not a hate comment or anything. I'm just suggesting you to add more exploration clips instead of fighting and conversation clips.

  15. I've got at least 5 of those games but when i just wanna relax i often play A Short Hike. Such a relaxing and cheap to buy little game.

  16. 1:35: is this a joke? The game can't run. Every other frame is frozen for half a second. Who made this trash, and why is it worthy of a top 25 "anything" list?

    The shovelware garbage didn't end there, either. I don't think I've seen more shi*tty shovelware games all together in one place. This list truly depresses me. There are only like 5 Switch games that deserve to be listed in this genre.

  17. 1:24 How a abysmally laggy game like this get a 7.4 score is truly a mystery. Even the music lags. 🙂

  18. I have assassins creed on the switch. And it runs phenomenal. I love playing it on the plane lol

  19. Looks great on youtube but on gameplay is 😂😂😂😂

  20. I hope nintendo can get GTA 6 on switch 🎉

  21. Kingdoms of Amalur – лол, коммерческий провал, до этих пор пытаются отбить бабос с этой игрушки ) Ничто не цепляет, даже Zelda выглядит не тем продуктом из-за которого хотелось бы приобрести крутой девайс типа Switch

  22. The Witcher is not on the list because other producers paid more for the ranking 😉

  23. They never talked about goat simulator

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