TOP 25 OPEN WORLD Games on Nintendo Switch ! -

TOP 25 OPEN WORLD Games on Nintendo Switch !

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This video is about top 25 Open World games on Nintendo Switch that is available now and you can buy it today!

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  1. I loved botw but I'm enjoying witcher 3 so much right now. I like it more.

  2. Sad FE isn’t acctually on switch you click bate piece of trash, would be cool though

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  4. Bro why you chose the worst gameplay clips of all time

  5. The video is called “top open world games” why am i watching you fishing??? Obviously you should let me see the various landscapes of the games instead of this shitty gameplays

  6. Lego City "Uncovered" yeah that was the Name…..

  7. What's the name of the purple sound game? I can't really grasp what the title is

  8. Lego DC Super Villains is a nice Open World Game too

  9. Thanks for the list, but the video representations for the games are really disappointing. There are videos of only one sequence and usually, it looks to me as mostly boring sequences that won't attract anyone. Should have shown more visauls of the games and only a minority should be the "boring" parts.

  10. Kommt auch mal Resident Evil 3 Nemesis auf die Nintendo switch raus ??

  11. You should list the games in the details or comments in the order you showed them please

  12. I honestly preferred XC two better than the original just because I felt like it I enjoyed the overall story as well as gameplay more

  13. 2:40 your aim is so trash bro😐
    Im sorry its a nice video BUT YOUR AIM

  14. Wie kann man so miese Szenen aus den Spielen nehmen, um diese vorzustellen. Nach den Szenen hab ich persönlich gar keinen Bock auf eines der gezeigten Spiele.

  15. Holy shit do you run the Defunct Games channel you sound just like him?

  16. I know this guys voice. He is the guy from Defunct games channel. Im sure of it now.

  17. "and the switch may not be the home of grand theft Auto…"
    Rockstar: "and I took that personally"

  18. You can go ahead and add gta to the list

  19. Wen are the call of duty,s games coming to the switch ?😁

  20. I am in for any shooter game on the switch

  21. I loved to play sky rim on my ps2 so exided so see it on the switch😁

  22. I love to play legend of zelda botw its my favoriete game

  23. God that aiming in the Saints Row IV footage was painful to watch to say the least! 😅

  24. Ashen looks terrible and the person playing looks lost on how to play

  25. I wish we get saints row 1 ,dnt even have to be a remaster or anything

  26. I love how in Burnout Paradise whenever you crash someone and u ur self are abt to crash when it goes into crash cutscene, it will re position your car. To me that is what makes it so fun! I remember getting up for elementary school and if we got ready fast enough we would be able to play for like 15-20min 🙂

  27. I have experienced skyrim on ps4 Xbox and pc and now I get the chance to on the switch yay, I'll always be a skyrim fan even tho no matter how many times I play it, I have only beat it 2 times lol maybe even 1 time

  28. It'd be really good if you guys pretended to have some personal experience with these games, rather than just reading press releases over out of context gameplay. The things you said about saints row are way off from that first level, and I ended up taking it back because I was completely misled.

  29. The fact that your number one pic is referencing a really old game for an open-world is so sad. Not saying that the game is not good but with that said there's something really wrong with this maybe you're a sponsored puppet or the platform is crap and you're giving an honest opinion

  30. Ugh! That voice! Probably a great video but my ears!!!

  31. Let's just say: yes the legend of zelda breath.. is to pay

  32. A video to watch on mute. The narrator is annoying AF.

  33. my first time playing nintendo switch with zelda botw, and now i cannot find any other game as awesome as it. currently playing zelda skyward sword

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