Top 25 PlayStation VR Games | March 6, 2021 -

Top 25 PlayStation VR Games | March 6, 2021

PSVR Without Parole
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Every three months Dave, AJ, and Bryan fight to the death in order to update Without Parole’s running list of the best PSVR games. This month a few older games rejoin the ranks while a brand new game cracks the top 5. 😀

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0:00 Are you Ready?
0:04 #25 Ghost Giant
0:28 #24 Catch & Release
0:48 #23 In Death
1:11 #22 Sairento
1:35 #21 Tetris Effect
1:57 #20 Until You Fall
2:22 #19 Marvel’s Iron Man VR
2:50 #18 Borderlands 2 VR
3:15 #17 Dirt Rally VR
3:49 #16 Wipeout Omega Collection
4:20 #15 Pistol Whip
4:44 #14 Blood & Truth
5:13 #13 The Persistence
5:39 #12 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
6:05 #11 Farpoint
6:34 #10 Star Wars: Squadrons
7:08 #9 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
7:36 #8 Firewall Zero Hour
8:07 #7 Beat Saber
8:41 #6 Dreams
9:12 Honorable Mentions
9:30 #5 Hitman 3
10:05 #4 Astro Bot Rescue Mission
10:40 #3 No Man’s Sky
11:20 #2 Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
12:02 #1 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners



  1. me sees the last two games and is like : I knew it was a good idea too buy those


  3. Where is drunken bar fight and job simulator those are my two favorite games on be so far

  4. I’ve replayed blood and truth like 10 times no exaggeration and I don’t know why

  5. Tbh I’m surprised creed rise to glory wasn’t on this list, that’s probably one of my favorite ps vr games out right now.

  6. These games look sharp and crisp but on my psvr it looks to blurry,Is there a reason why?

  7. Wild card for the next list could be Budget Cuts? Man, I'd been sleeping on that game. Finally got into it and its one of the most VRAF game I've played yet. No joke.

  8. Watching that guy not opt for the all clear on Tetris hurt

  9. What do you think of budget cuts? I played it on psvr and for me its definetly a top 10, Good video

  10. The Bored Podcaster / My Everyday Life says:

    Resident Evil 7 without a doubt was and is a terrifying game to play in vr (or non-vr). I honestly wish they would have done a fps vr mode for Resident Evil 2 Remake.

  11. This is honestly the best video ever. It goes straight to the point & shows enough of each game to get you hooked. Definitely subscribing to the channel.

  12. Bruh is everybody just forgetting about fnaf vr

  13. Ghost Giant but not Moss? Lost me right there….

  14. I know its no longer available to buy, but Driveclub is far superior to Dirt Rally

  15. Straight to the point, informational; basically what every top pick video should be. Thank goodness I clicked this video. Thank you!

  16. I would be to scared to play the walking dead one

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