Top 25 Xbox Game Pass Games | 2021 (UPDATED) -

Top 25 Xbox Game Pass Games | 2021 (UPDATED)

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For this week I focus on the Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass games available as of June 2021. Xbox Game Pass is seriously an amazing subscription-based service with a ton of great games, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. What happend to the 360 games on game pass?

  2. Wait so I just bought Xbox game pass ultimate, and I decided to play a few of the games on my PC. But I found out they all look pretty bad. Is this because there directly sourced from Xbox console's?

  3. Just bought a ps2😈 we not sleeping tonight

  4. I can’t believe you didn’t include Fallout New Vegas😥

  5. Prey is an amazing game. One of my favourite games and i highly recommend all to play it

  6. So pretty much this is one of your favorite games but idk about the others I don’t see Ori the will of the wisps being first of the single player game at all but for be that list should’ve been around the 20s

  7. Just got my flip 3, been playing games on it seamlessly. Pretty dope for $10 a month

  8. 80% gier chujowych pokazaliscie, gdzie Hollow Knight najlepsza metroidvania.

  9. If you haven't played skyrim, what are you doing?!?!

  10. Deep Rock Galactic is by far the best game on gamepass and the greatest co op game EVER made.

  11. Had GamePass for a few years. My top recommended games would be Rage 2, Arkham Knight, Prey, Wolfenstein (New Order and New Colossus) and Grounded. All incredibly made and a tonne of fun.

  12. No fortnite no no no no noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. PSN is so much more worse than game pass not talking about exclusives

  14. Is GTA V available on Game pass? I just checked yesterday and it's not there

  15. Gotta give you a bit of crap for Skyrim. Only 30 hours? Seems like you never even played with great mods lmao.

    However you did talk about Hellblade and Fallen Order straight after. Some stuff I feel you missed however you really grabbed the right games and their parts. Hell, you've just gone on to other great game's too

    You've also given me many new games to check out I've always wanted to. Yakuza is a big one

  16. I hope Xbox will add the ability to purchase a game pass for btc or usdt

  17. guys, I’m sad….. I remember the immense joy of killing my first monster in mfw. The ahppiness of killing Xeno Jiva, the immense pain of fatalis. All to be wiped away in a mere month. They took monster hunter off gamepass, after 600 hours, memory’s, builds, friends, and most importantly wigglers, I had to say goodbye to the game. It was fun but everything comes to an end you know?

  18. It would be cool to be able to purchase a game pass for bitcoin or tether

  19. People who like Titanfall 2 and wasn’t disappointed at all🤡🤡🤡🤡

  20. Can't find Monster Hunter World on game pass

  21. Can someone tell me if Dead Rising 3 is currently on game pass?

  22. I'm finally going to give this a try tomorrow for my M1 Macbook…it's only $1 for a month so it's a no brainer.
    I don't have high hopes though. I'm really worried about lag.

  23. Also gang beast and just cause 4 🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. Why did u made the guy on gta cover like that lol

  25. they took monster hunter world off gamepass noo

  26. JayWood: says a game is better than minecraft…

    Everyone: … 🤨 …

  27. My top 3 game pass games are starwars battlefront 2 sniper elite 4 and quantum break

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