Top 27 Best GRAPHICS PPSSPP Games for Android to play in 2022! -

Top 27 Best GRAPHICS PPSSPP Games for Android to play in 2022!

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Best PSP high graphics which you can play on your android ios windows devices with ppsspp emulator By VinIsHere | 2022

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Well Been long time since I did this list..Games seems to work much better than before, I’ll get back with more interesting ppsspp list soon!
*Silent Hill shattered memories might cause issues (You may need to change the resolution)

*Remember all these games I played were mostly by default setting
Skip buffer rendering is usually faster so try using it by default whichever games you play but may cause black screen or change in visual

How to play:-
1)Download the ppsspp emulator from playstore or
2)Get the games rom that you want
3)Extract it
4)Load that iso in your emulator and play.

Settings to play at it best from my experience (also device specs matters) :-
First load the game as it is with usual default settings if some problems follow below
1)Black screen just sound:-
Try changing Rendering mode buffer to skip buffer or vice versa

2)Blurry visuals:-
a)Go down to performance and change rendering resolution to auto.
b)check or uncheck simulate block transfer effect as required whichever give’s good visuals.

a)If lagging try changing rendering mode to buffer to skip buffer or vice versa
b)Change to auto frame skip
c)Change framskipping from off to 1 or either 2
d)Make sure to check √ everything that make speed up

*Also try changing Backend from vulkan to OpenGL or vice versa for any above problems
*You can also change rendering/display resolution if your device can’t handle the game properly

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you’ll find alot of games of you’re type to play.

最高のPSPゲーム permainan PSP terbaik 최고의 PSP 게임rpg
Top 10 High graphics Ppsspp games 2021 2022 under 100mb 1gb



  2. Surprised to see toaru series in there

  3. What is the password to extract the files

  4. Where to get kurohyou English version? …… please tell me 🙏🏻

  5. Why these games are not on play store .can anybody suggest me game like these on play store. these games are way better than games on play store.

  6. Is there any link where i can download it

  7. You should include UFC 2010 Undisputed that was a very nice game with good graphics for the psp.

  8. Tekken 6 and Tekken Blood Resurrection too!

  9. Comment télécharger la vraie version gta sur ppsspp

  10. This channel always help us in finding Amazing Games 👍

  11. Не видит крестовину джойстика 😭

  12. Jab aukaat na hoo too mat Kara Karo click bait

  13. Eeeeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeēeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. ah yes! i found the game i want, the 3rd birthday, I've been looking for it before. ty sir

  15. Bonjour, j'ai un petit probleme avec le jeux socom, c'est que quand j'arrive dans la partie où les ennemis on capturer un de mes camarades de combat, je ne peux plus continuer alors dans ce cas qu'est ce que je faire dans le paramettre afin que je puisse continuer de jouer s'il vous plait 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. I have no video games and my laptop is gone. So I just got into emulators. Only thing I HATE about it is the the L and R buttons are so hard to use. I'm going to get a PS3 controller a Android PS3 controller clip and a otg cable and bam!

  17. ☝️☝️its really amazing thank you so much

  18. can someone give me the link on toukiden kiwami english patch please

    with english title screen

  19. Tekken 6 , Tenchu, and Peter Jackson's "King Kong" should be there also.

  20. For me you just need to have a phone that doesn't heat up
    Because it makes the phone lag also yes ram and storage is VERY needed because of the file that you are downloading also with small ram low end devices it's not gonna be smooth I learned it the hard way

  21. WHAT DO U mean about graphics 😂

  22. i cant find final fantasy type 0 in englsh anywhere

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