Top 27 BEST PC Games -

Top 27 BEST PC Games

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Top 27 BEST PC Games 2023 // What are the best PC Exclusive games that every PC owner must have? Let’s find out.

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0:00 Introduction
0:48 Mount & Blade II
1:29 Divinity Original Sin 2
1:59 Risk of Rain 2
2:38 Grim Dawn
3:10 Path of Exile
3:39 Valheim
4:07 Space Engineers
4:49 Kenshi
5:16 Star Wars: The Old Republic
6:04 Kerbal Space Program
6:31 Dyson Sphere Program
7:07 Satisfactory
7:32 Terraria
7:59 Stardew Valley
8:21 Rimworld
8:54 Necesse
9:33 Vampire Survivors
10:10 X4: Foundations
10:45 Euro Truck Simulator 2
11:15 Total War Warhammer
11:42 Europa Universalis IV
12:09 Hearts of Iron 4
12:39 Crusader Kings III
13:05 Stellaris
13:24 Civilization
13:59 Cities Skylines
14:18 Age of Empires
14:43 Conclusion

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  1. this is legit your own personal opinion sadly haha not statistic buddy.

  2. I'm actually surprised that someone who is a fan of strategy games, sci-fi and RTS did not have Starcraft on their list.

  3. PC needs way more attention these games are fucking shit mate 🤦‍♂️

  4. Respect for having grim dawn on this list. its better than diablo or path of exile. Foxhole is another hidden gem and Naval action. natural selection 2

  5. HAHAHA first person shooter games are raging, not a single FPS on this list hahahahahahaa, SO HAPPY. finally some person who has good taste in games

  6. I will defenitely check out almost every title you advised that I don't know yet because there were a lot of titles I have played. All very much from my favorite genre: I'm gonna play till I die! I suggest back that game that was published twice, I played it as Ceasar 2. I have not yet played it into submission yet. As growing was so well balanced to me that while knowing what had to be reached within certain time frames, was just so challenging! 🙂

  7. Man unfortunately all these games look like such a snoozefest.

  8. Unless your playing RTS games like AOE 4 then your far better off with a PlayStation

  9. Heads up: Make sure you have a DECENT computer to play X4 and Cities Skylines on. I had to do a full upgrade and it cost me a hell of a lot of money just to play those games properly.

  10. While I do like the majority of games here, I have to admit that these lists rub me in the wrong way. It's almost never something new and it's always biased towards a few directions.

  11. Damn everyone talk about how powerful pc is and they playing trash ass games with all that power lol

  12. Terraria really has come a long way since it's release more than a decade ago. I thought they had stopped updates a few years back. Guess I was wrong

  13. I love how the best games on steam are almost all older games

  14. I was an OG swtor player before they changed it all up and now I just can't play anymore. Although the few times I do get sucked's just that I get sucked in for hours and I don't pick it up for months again.

  15. I'm actually surprised that someone who is a fan of strategy games, sci-fi and RTS did not have Starcraft on their list.

  16. And here I was , looking for awesome graphics in 2022 PC games…

  17. I still play civ 5. It's so simple yet complex and you can sink a whole day into playing a match and then get up the next day and just want to play more of it. Also I saw stellaris on sale and was thinking about picking it up. I might just do that now

  18. Liked and subscribed because you shared the list up front. Thanks!

  19. Oh…I already disliked it once, well fair enough

  20. Maybe my dude here mixed his video title with his next video project title it must be" top 27 worst pc games of 2022" lmao

  21. I cannot find mount and blade II on steam…

  22. but where to download it ? i searched on steam it was 20 euros

  23. ᛋᚨᛁᛏᚨᛗᚨ says:

    Ah yes Rimworld, the best game I have ever bought

  24. This is the laziest list of games that are the "BEST" that I've seen thus far..

  25. Easily the most skipable video on youtube.

  26. Bro this is all nerd $h!t. Where all the good games like cod or Fortnite at?

  27. When you said "I'm not here to waste your time" it was refreshing. Thank you sir.

  28. So I truly appreciate your time stamp setup allowed me to skip the games I already knew about thank you, tossed you a like.

  29. Title of the video: best games 2022
    Games on the list: KSP, Eurotruck, SWTOR and Terrarria
    And some low quality indie games developers of which have probably paid this guy for advertisement

  30. All these games are bad, don’t waste ur time 😭

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