Top 30 Best High End PC Games For ( 8GB Ram / 16GB Ram / 4GB VRam / 6GB VRam ) 2022 -

Top 30 Best High End PC Games For ( 8GB Ram / 16GB Ram / 4GB VRam / 6GB VRam ) 2022

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▪In This Video, I am Gonna Show You The Top 30 Best High End PC Games For ( 8GB Ram / 16GB Ram / 4GB VRam / 6GB VRam ) 2022 | HRG HRGamer

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  1. Bro i want to play these games in 1080p not 4k which type of pc fo i need bro and can i get that for 50k to 60k please reply bro

  2. bro uncharted 4 pc ke lie available nahi h aggar h to kaha se download kare

  3. core i5 4th
    gt 1030
    8 gb
    Medium or High specs?

  4. Bhaiya aap ye sab game rakhne k liye konsa external hdd use karte ho?
    Kya aap under 5k accha external hdd suggest kar sakte ho please.

  5. Bro I have R5 4600h and gtx 1650 can I run these games in good graphics?

  6. i7-12650H rtx 3050ti suggest high graphic shooting or open world or adventure game❤️

  7. 2gb ram
    Intel HD 2000
    Intel i3 2100

    Beast gamer or high end?

  8. I3 10100F
    16GB RAM
    GTX 1660SUPER
    6GB V RAM

  9. Have a laptop with 1650 and 16gb ram. Can it run these?

  10. I still use Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, can i play that game

  11. untuk laptop core i7 ram 8gb , bisa engga ya ?

  12. Amd ryzen 5
    Gtx 1650
    8gb ram
    Will they run good?

  13. Ryzen 3 5300u
    8gb ram
    Can i play all these?

  14. I gotta give it to you the choice of games was top notch.

  15. عبدالرحمن نور الدين says:

    But Uncharted Isn't Exist On Pc

  16. Nice list! I ve finished spider man and fallen order, maaan both are master piece

  17. Ryzen 7 5700U
    12th gen
    16gb, 512GB SSD
    Which should I play? Medium or High End?

  18. You always choose the best games brother 😉

  19. Where's the GTA 5 🤷🤷🤦🤦🤦🤦

  20. I have a weak laptop 8gb ram cor i7 7thgen 2.7ghz cart graphique nvidia geforce 920mx can i play Days gone

  21. i have i5 4gen 4590 can i get 1660ti for these processor will it bottle neck


    You are not ever out of ideas! Keep posting much more videos please..
    That`s so innovative, that’s plenty of work.
    This video was so funny, I literally can’t stop laughing.

  23. huge like. This is one of the best videos that matches the title. I like it because I literally like all the games included and finished half of em 🙂

  24. Finally a video that is not 50 minutes long, thank you for making a video straight to the point and not the casual youtuber 30 minutes BS 5 minutes content type 🙂

  25. Where can I download all these games, especially nfs unbound fr free

  26. Core i5 10th generation
    Ram 16
    Rtx 1650
    High or medium pc?

  27. half these games are trash. Look way to cartoony & same old shit

  28. I use core i5 10 Gen CPU,which game I can play among them?

  29. Bro, first of all thank you for this video.

    I have Lenovo Legion 5 RTX 3050ti 4GB 95W intel core i5 11400h 16GB ram(I can upgrade), FHD 165hz 100%srgb. It's got two thunderbolt 4 ports + 1 HDMI + 1 USB type c port(charger) + 3 USB type A ports

    My question is, is it high end or not?


  30. u forgot to mention that u also gonna need horizon 7 processor and minimum 8gb GPU with 256bit

  31. the best game is not here Witcher 3 and odyssey

  32. I have gtx 1650 DDR6 4gb vram Can i play these all games?

  33. Bro there are so many Assassin's creed games better than Ac Valhalla.

  34. is this high end or mid end pc?

    Ryzen 5600x
    RTX 3060 ti
    16GB Ram

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