Top 30 Games of All Time (2022 Edition) -

Top 30 Games of All Time (2022 Edition)

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Judging the best games of all time, especially considering how many incredible games have been released, is no easy task. For every older title that released and served as the very peak of brilliance, there have been newer titles that have competed and at times surpassed them.

Nevertheless, some games have earned their place in history and regardless of the amount of that’s passed, they still deserve to be appreciated for what they’ve achieved (on top of still being great games). So without further ado, here are the top 30 ranked games of all time, starting with number 30…


  1. It’s clear that whoever made this list only started gaming in the last decade 😩

  2. I had so much fun playing burnout as a kid. I wish they’d make a new one, same goes for Need For Speed Most Wanted

  3. Bloodborne, Witchder 3 and God Of War 2018 are my favorite games of last gen!

  4. Should have included Chrono Trigger and Mother 3, pretty decent list though

  5. I feel that at least one of the newer hitman games should be on here. At least blood money

  6. Where is Resident Evil 4?
    How about Ocarina of Time?
    If it is a list of the top games of all time, surely it must include the games which were critical to the development of the newer iterations, and landmark titles of their era.

  7. I guess this dude is a Nintendo fan boy. Zelda Breath of the wild is a great game but not memorable. The last of us should be #1 then Witcher 3 @ #2 then bloodborne @ #3 then Persona 5 Royal at #4 then Silent Hill 2 @ #5. I can list a good 30 games. but damn can’t believe Zelda at #1 seriously?? how much Nintendo paid you for this bullshit list?

  8. bullshit
    your prefer the rdr2 over the skyrim,mass effect and half life? lmao
    where the hell is fallout new vegas?
    wait, what? forbidden west? god help me please

  9. Lol half life two, elden ring and God of war are not better than witcher 3

  10. Always skip to number 1 for these kind of videos and if silent hill 2 isn’t in first place I click off because I know it’s not a good list at that point.

  11. An overall respectable list, save for a few “prisoner of the moment” inclusions.

  12. I like your list but don't understand how Nier Automata, did not make it while others did…

  13. You missed these great games …

    – World At War

    – Vangiush

    – Splinter Cell Blacklist

    – Call Of Duty – Modern Warfare 3

    – Assassin Creed 4 : Blackflag

    – Resident Evil 4

    – Grid 2

    By the way, Skyrim is an overrated game. I still don't know why so many people like it ?

  14. skyrim so low in the list really? no morrowind? no baldur's gate and no fallout new vegas? really?

  15. I dont hate the list….but seems like most of the games on this list wont be in top 30 game of all time 10years from now. Looks like popular/good games from the last 10years and some oldies added. I think a top tier game is a genre defining game….while some are, some arent, how is control even in this list while bioshock,doom or chrono trigger arent?

  16. Slipped Forza Horizon 5 in there like we wouldn't notice. Not neing a twat here but the people that do these awful lists are the same kinda people that do dodgy scorecards at boxing events (GGG Canelo) I know it's subjective but not having games like ff7, mgs1, super Mario bros on an all time lists shows you don't know what you're talking about

  17. uncharted 4 should've made this list 😔

  18. Pong
    Dune 2
    Prince of Persia (Classic)
    Crono Trigger
    Lufia 2
    Super Metroid
    Final Fantasy 6,7,9 or X
    Zelda link to the past
    Monley Island

    Try some older games 😉

  19. What a terrible list, it's mostly casual games – no Diablo 2 or Baldurs Gate 2, not even a single CRPG is represented and they're some of the best games ever made, Planescape Torment anybody? You've got like 3 mediocre racing games in there! As long as you have your mash X mash X mash X Batman game in there who cares if there's no Fallout games on the list eh? Not even Divinity Original Sin 2 is there, literally one of the most successful and highest rated games of modern times. No point and click games either, Monkey Island? pretty legendary series, What about other genres? surely Tetris should get a mention as it's one of the best selling games of all time. Pokemon? You know it was only the most popular game in the world at one point and is still going strong. Jeez. Not a single Final Fantasy game, I don't like them but a hell of a lot of people do, pretty sure the fanboys rate FF7 over pretty much everything and hail it as the greatest game ever made and others like Chrono Trigger, I mean how can you choose the top 30 games of all time and not have ONE game from the NES, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, N64 etc

  20. Coup de grass? Omg Ron Burgundy. It’s pronounced “Koo da Grah.” Smh. And you pronounced “Jessie Fay-den” wrong too. Way to know your source material.

  21. How tf you guna have all these shitty racing games and indie games and not have fallout, bioshock, call of duty, the last of us, resident evil, etc

  22. Elden Ring is better than Witcher 3, but Witcher 3 is better than God of War

  23. RDR2 defiantly top 2 in my opinion, outside of that I think a few others deserve to be on this list.

  24. Silent Hill2 WAS considered an HUGE LEAP Over Silent Hill, in EVERY SINGLE WAY-

    I don’t know why you say that it Wasn’t?? When it launched, we(the fans) were completely Blown Away, it was so good and Shattered everyone’s Expectations! Especially considering it was an Indirect Sequel and wasn’t based off the Lore & Story of the First game!

  25. Where the f*ck is uncharted? Dumb list 👎👎

  26. I can’t believe you left bioshock out of this list

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