Top 30 Xbox Game Pass Games That You Should Play Right Now | 2022 & 2023 -

Top 30 Xbox Game Pass Games That You Should Play Right Now | 2022 & 2023

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition –
Dragon Quest XI –
Yakuza Like a Dragon –
Deathloop –
It Takes Two –
Persona 5 Royal –
Doom Eternal –
A Plague Tale Requiem –
Ori & The Will of the Wisps –
Psychonauts 2 –


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For this week I focus on the Top 30 BEST Xbox Game Pass games available as of December 2022 and going into 2023. Xbox Game Pass is seriously an amazing subscription-based service with a ton of great games, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for these list! Love it

    Discover new games I didn’t new was available to play!

  2. I bought Walmart’s “Holiday Bundle”XBOX S on Black Friday for $239 which was a phenomenal price! Trying to get my hands on a PS5 Christmas 2021 and again in Christmas 2022 was an impossible task for 2 years with “0” availability unless you pay $1500 on EBAY, 3X it’s value!(Crazy) After years of play and thousands of dollars thrown away on PS (1-4) and PSP; games, map packs, memberships, accessories & etc; I’m “DONE” with Playstation🚫! No more Lies and Broken promises of availability so I went over to XBOX and their Game Pass is the Ultimate gaming experience! Thanks Microsoft and XBOX for keeping us gamers satisfied and available!#🚫PS5🚫#XBOX#S#GamePass#👍🏻

  3. My game of the year is call of duty modern warfare 2

  4. Next time mention the console in which it present now…Not everybody own Xbox series X/S

  5. Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Horizon 5 are missing in this list

  6. ori and the will of the wisps is the best game on the list easily

  7. Plague tale requiem should be on number 1 period

  8. Naw dam i gotta download 30 games and HAVE TO PLAY THEM RIGHT NOW OH MY GAWDDDDDDD

  9. Grounded and hit man are 2 I’ll be playing today. I’m very much looking forward to the new GTA even tho it’s like a year away

  10. Its a great list, but i dont know why ark isnt on here

  11. Sniper Elite is awesome.did every achievement .Mad Max was on sale Black Friday one of my favorite games that never had a following

  12. Im happy with game pass.. but the game come only the base games.. with no DLC.. thats why i prefer steam discount games..

  13. I was thinking about Xbox but looking at that list i don't wanna anymore. Only 2-3 interesting

  14. I was a ps fan boy since 24th of december then my sister got a xbox that the entire family shares.
    All it took was 1 look at the game pass

  15. This the best list out of all the ones I’ve watched 🙏🏿 every game I downloaded from the list is absolutely fire 🔥

  16. Another game u guys should try is Brutal Legend, open world and inspired by metal music, Jack Black is your main characters voice actor, has Ozzy Osbourne, Tim Curry, and way more metal music artists

  17. With this video I would not buy game pass haha, but because I was r reading the comments I might actually do it

  18. All those games on your list afe anime style and trash.. Really poor list

  19. Gamepass propaganda like this glorious. The mental illness in this comments section gives me a husbands bulge😊

  20. Pentiment was the greatest game I played in 2022. Sad you ranked it so low. If you're into RPGs it's phenominal.

  21. who in tf wants to play a game bout depression and suicide?? XBox needs to make more FUN GAMES

  22. High on life is a really good one they just added as well

  23. I have to say this is one of the most helpful videos ive ever watched
    You are a great creator and i hope you earn the appreciation you deserve
    Good luck on your channel and i hope you have a great new year

  24. add astroneer and no mans sky then this list perfect

  25. I don't usually get into games like that but it takes 2 was the beat game I played all year. Blew me away how much fun I had

  26. I don’t know about game pass but there’s just so many games coming out in 2023! Played gears 4 and 5 and mech warrior 5 and I’m already super satisfied. Think I will probably play halo infinite and call it a day. 😂

  27. If you've ever seen Hoovie's Garage, his voice sounded very familiar

  28. I highly recommend the Yakuza and Judgement series to all gamers who love a underworld, dark, gang and police tupe stories. However, my first choice is Yakuza:Like A Dragon for any RPG fans! It's got every single troupe of the classic RPG iut there but makes it mix with the wacky, crazy, zany world and characters from Yakuza/Judgement games in my opinion!
    Also Fenix rising is very fun and a great storyline with very funny essentric personalities for the goods and titans. Plus the gameplay is just like the guy said, it's basically Zelda for Xbox so you don't need to waste $360 plus to get a switch just for that game!

  29. I would also add no man’s sky. On launch it was a pretty shit game, and I feel like it kinda got relatively forgotten. But over six years, the game has come very far and now is one of my favourite games. It has a cool atmosphere, great gameplay, a susprisingly in depth and interesting story, and a pretty much endless gameplay loop as there are quintillions of planets yet to be discovered. Overall I definitely recommend it if u love sci fi games.

  30. I'm glad I took a few months off of gamepass to catch up on some ps exclusives. Coming back and having so many games to play is a good feeling

  31. Wtf I was thinking about pentiment and boom you read my mind ahah great game !

  32. I would definitely put hollow knight over psychonauts

  33. immortals pheonix rising is great absolutly full of lore and puzzles love this game

  34. Heheh you forgot one heheh ori and the blind forest ha ha ha ori and the will of the wisps

  35. Poor PlayStation users (besides God of war and spiderman)

  36. I really want to play It Takes 2 but not as much as I don’t want to play with someone else.

  37. I just finished chained echoes! It was really good

  38. I get a little Gameranx. Jake B vibe from your content. Keep going lad.

  39. was about to buy skywalker saga then it released on game pass

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