Top 300 best Sega Genesis games in chronological order. 1989 -1997 -

Top 300 best Sega Genesis games in chronological order. 1989 -1997

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Best sega genesis games of all time. Classic Megadrive gems to add to Genesis Mini like Sonic,Streets of rage, Aladdin,Golden axe, etc.
NO sports games/Japanese OR PAL releases. I found enough games in NA releases only, although one or two PAL exclusive games are good enough to make the list.
00:00 1989
2:10 1990
7:13 1991
18:38 1992
28:40 1993
42:54 1994
56:55 1995
1:04:35 1996
1:05:25 1997


  1. Genesis games got progressively worse sadly once sega outsourced

  2. I’m 90% sure the SEGA Genesis was my first ever console because I remember playing sonic (my second video game ever) on my first console

  3. I’ll never forget it. My folks saved up (we were poor AF) and got me the Genesis with Altered Beast for my 14th bday, along with Revenge of Shinobi. RoS was the first game of ever seen on the Sega and just the load screen alone made me fall in love with gaming. Still as passionate now as a middle aged, mildly to moderately immature man!

  4. Please,if someone could help me,im looking for a name of a game which the hero is hitting the enemies by a whole in his forehead?

  5. Exactly what i was looking for … Two Crude Dudes

  6. dude…. you just brought me back to the past… i really needed this

  7. I was FINALLY able to figure out what these two games I loved playing was. Raiden Tred and Global gladiators. Thank you so much :))

  8. My favorite games

    Sonic 3
    Altered beast
    Comix Zone
    Kid Chamaleon
    Sunset Riders

  9. Sonic 3 ans street fighter 2 special champion edition and aladdin are my favorite games

  10. Сега это часть моей жизни

  11. Soo mamy memories am 23 now used to play from 2005 to 2009

  12. I guess it's a good thing I got a Nintendo.

  13. Wait, there was an Urban Strike game?

    How'd I miss that?

  14. Meus parabéns irmão, slk nostalgia pura, nunca conseguiria achar esses jogos sem esse vídeo. Achei todos os jogos que eu jogava quando era criança 😢🎉❤🎉❤

  15. man I cant believe Desert Strike is from so early on, greatest game ever made for that console

  16. All are good,but i think are other games that not are included

  17. criticism: too many platformers & racing games

    nice selection of shmups though…

  18. 1994 and 1995 Best genesis Years games

  19. No Altered Beast is a brutal and bewildering omission. I hate you.

  20. Man… i had forgotten about so many of these :')
    I miss those times so much..

  21. I can see most of these 300 games are crap I know what a good game is at least.

  22. Alguien me ayuda a encontrar un juego?
    Nose de que consola era, pero lo único que me acuerdo es que era de plataformas, podias elegir varios personajes y uno de ellos tenia la habilidad de sacar una gallina y planear con ella (con planear me refiero a descender lentamente)

  23. Classic video game console!* 🔥✨🔥

  24. Отсоси у тракториста)

  25. Target earth has some of the coolest art ever. Been watchin it for awhile and im pickin that up next

  26. loved how you presented the sonic ending screen at the end in black and white. There are some other really good ones:
    1. Robocop vs Terminator
    2. Alien 3
    3. Cool Spot (the 7 up game)
    4. Mercs (Capcom)
    5. Aladdin
    6. Street Fighter 2 Special Champion Edition
    7. Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
    8. Quack Shot starring Donald Duck
    (if you covered some of these and I didn't see them I apologize)

  27. greendog the beached surfer dude, Mario bros World

  28. Hi there.

    Great video for research purposes, thanks.

    Only one possible issue I can see is that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has incorrect footage.

  29. I watched this and decided its time to get my SEGA and NES outta storage. Let the nastalgia begin!

  30. Difícil falar qual jogo me deu mais nostalgia, que saudade!
    Thanks for this video!

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