Top 4 NEW Open World Games! -

Top 4 NEW Open World Games!

Ben Rowlands
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Top 4 NEW Open World Games! These are some of the best open world games releasing in 2022 and 2023!

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  1. I can't wait for the day before, skye, and starfield

  2. Open world rpg games are my favorite type of game, one of y’all time favorites is shadow of war. So fun

  3. bros actually excited for the the day before its a fake game

  4. Wow he loves his own face so much lol…

  5. I don’t have to play anything don’t tell me what to do u nerd

  6. I'm interested in skye, but can't seem to find it anywhere… Can anybody help?

  7. Him: you have to play!
    Me: tu es un chien, you pay for my storage and new PC with rtx 4090 10tb rom 128gb ram and these games then I'll surely play them 😊

  8. Best open world Games EVER (with freedom %)
    11. Spider man Miles Morales (30%)
    10. Skyrim V (80%)
    9. Horizon : 1,2 (40%)
    8. The Witcher 3 (40%)
    7. Ghost of Tushima (45%)
    6. Odyssey (60%)
    5. Just Cause 4 (70%)
    4. Gta V (50%)
    3. Read Dead Redemption 2 (85%)
    2. Elden Ring (90%)
    —- A Huge Gap —-
    1. Zelda : botw, totk (1130%)

  9. Bro u dont have to flex saying ''you have to play'' in front of people haping windows 7 and 500 gb

  10. Love ur videos .. U got a bro 4 life

  11. Bro, i just found this video.. thank goodness I feel like a time traveler and now dont have to wait for these games hahaha

  12. Im from the future, all these games were bad.

  13. Star field absolutely sucks because it prioritizes partnership loyalty over the loyalty to the people who make games like that possible: us

  14. The day before is fake, it literally says in the trailer, do better bot-tuber

  15. The way he said era is kinda triggering to me.

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