Top 45 AAA iOS Games -

Top 45 AAA iOS Games

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Struggling to find AAA games for iPhone or iPad? No worries, this huge list of AAA iOS games is all you need!
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0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Survival-Horror
1:21 – FPS
4:06 – Racing
8:07 – Adventure
8:53 – Action-Adventure
10:54 – RPG
16:33 – ARPG
18:18 – Gacha
12:39 – Sports
23:20 – Strategy
27:01 – Simulation

Alien Isolation
Call of Duty Mobile
Apex Legends Mobile
Gunfire Reborn
GRID Autosport
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
F1 Mobile Racing
Racing Master
Gear.Club Stradale
Life is Strange
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto III
Bully: Anniversary Edition
LEGO Star Wars: TCS
Divinity – Original Sin 2
Titan Quest: Legendary Edition
Star Wars: KOTOR
Star Wars: KOTOR II
The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker
Monster Hunter Stories
Neverwinter Nights
Pascal’s Wager
Trials of Mana
Genshin Impact
Seven Knights 2
MARVEL Future Revolution
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
Dragan Raja
Honkai Impact 3rd
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition
NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
NBA 2K Mobile
Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Civilization VI
Company of Heroes
XCOM 2: Collection
ROME: Total War
ROME: Total War – BI
ROME: Total War – Alexander
Medieval II: Total War
Mudrunner Mobile
Farming Simulator 20


  1. Did this man not put asphalt racing in here 😂😂tf is this or at least CARX

  2. It was a quality video for separating the genre good work

  3. Thank you. Great list includes recent games. Gave me some great games to consider for Android even though this list is for IOS.

  4. 3:21 "These types of games just work better with a controller"

    He clearly has no Idea how a pro mobile fps player can get creative on a touch screen with 4 fingers or more so than a controller player.

  5. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Alan Rickman?

  6. This is assome game very fun 🤩 we are going on a good game now with the new family and family is in the world 🌍 we love 💕 love

  7. I couldn’t find the Divinity: Original Sin 2 on appstore do they removed it?

  8. what about ark? I've been searching for similar games but none appears

  9. Apex legends does have controller support I play with a controller right now

  10. Main reason why I didn’t go for 16 GB Ram version….no proper AAA games. It has potential but nothing worth it as of yet. I would love a new and improved Need For Speed or Final Fantasy on the iPad Pro. CoD Mobile is pretty cool as it stands. But nothing mind blowing in iOS App Store yet.

  11. You guys can now play fortnite again on IOS/MOBILE aswell! Checkout my video to learn how in 2 minutes!🎮

  12. Bully for the price of coffee? I’m in

  13. I'm on android, but this is still useful, so thanks for the list. Sucks that my phone that can emulate switch games doesn't get a lot of proper games for it.

    PS – aren't the telltale games available for iOS? They are all adventure games like life is strange, and there's a ton of them.

  14. You forgot about Magic The Gathering Arena in the strategy part.

  15. How can I get total war free…I don’t hv money to buy it.

  16. Bruh Where’s Infinity Blade Series in the list.

  17. Thank you for your very thorough walk thrift all of these games. I have a small channel myself and I know you must of put hours and hours of rearchitect alone let alone all of the filming if the games and then editing and promoting. Just wanted you to know I appreciate all of your hard work,
    ! Thank you! Subscribed

  18. I wish we could get n MMO game but the other characters are AI N it depends on U how U priced through the game. Whether a lone wolf taking jobs or making ur own guild. Get a few rivals n villains depending on ur actions. Option to visit the homies world N help em out w/ a dungeon. PvP weekends??? Oooh where there’s some Dark Lord who made it here to ur land N he’s made a copy of the strongest person. Allowing Ur evil version to raid other lands N the “goddess” rewards U w/ dope rewards. Or sumn like dat.
    *guess I’ll just wait till I get some money huh? 🤣

  19. Your the best video maker bro😎😎 👍👍👍 this best💯💯 video and my very favorite 😍😍 this video add the best games for all categories types I like it 👍👍

  20. The M1 chips are definitely good enough to run AAA games

  21. I would say the second best horror game on IOS is forgotten memories. Basically it’s IOS’s version of silent hill.

  22. To me only GRID, Pascal’s wager, Fantasian & XCOM worth it.

  23. Samurai jack and pathless are great games too

  24. I don't usually comment but this is very good. Thanks for creating.

  25. Thanks for this list. Been looking for something like this

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