Top 5 Best Android Games like Dark Souls -

Top 5 Best Android Games like Dark Souls

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Top 5 Best Android Games like Dark Souls

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Top 5 Best Android Games like Dark Souls

With the release of the much anticipated Dark Souls 3, we thought it would be nice to look for similar games on Android, you know for when you’re not at home playing Dark Souls 😉 Drop a like and..

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#5- Evilbane(Free)

#4- Blood Warrior(Free)

#3- Dark Sword(Free)

#2- Ravensword Shadowland($6.99)

#1- Wayward Soul($6.99)


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  1. Wayward souls is amazing. They even added a pet system in their latest update.

  2. look all these games look like god of war and Lord of the rings there's no Android game close to dark souls

  3. u can get ppsspp and play monster hunter its the most similar game

  4. wayward souls is amazing I'd recommend it to anyone

  5. the games in video not like dark souls.

  6. From the whole bunch i'll go for wayward souls, the others are too "grotesque" a bunch of buttons and animations and over the roof action. Man! Wayward souls kept it simple, a soundtrack that "Fits" perfectly and not just a copy paste of (2SFH) tracks.

    You did a good job man 🙂 i agree with top 1, but the other titles are just too "exaggerated" for me.

  7. quem foi que disse que Dark Soul e hack n slash…

  8. Wayward Souls is worth three times its price. Treat yourself, but treat them too. It's a gem in the very fucking rough.

  9. se supone que el ravensword se parece más a Skyrim no a dark souls :v

  10. Ire:Blood Memory is the best one. You can feel the weight of the attacks, has stamina bar, combos, etc. The combat is really impactful.

  11. IRE blood memory is the closest you can get to a "souls-like" game

  12. What the Hell is this stupid bs video? only one game looks a little bit like a souls game but it doesn't even have rolling evades blocks or several weapons, beeing those the main attributes someone would look for in other titles, fucking youtubers they so in for the money they wont even test the games they present

  13. complete bullshit Not a single game in the list is Souls Like

  14. None of these look even remotely like dark souls. I mean even there is an actual dark souls inspired game on mobile. Had terrible controls but i dunno why it wasn't here since it was an actual thing. Not the best gane ever but a hell of a lot closer to dark souls than these titles

  15. IRE: BLOOD MEMORY and Animus both by Tenbirds are by far the two Android/iOS games most like Dark Souls.

  16. Where is ire blood memory on this list the game most like dark souls on android

  17. "5 games like Onimusha/God of War."

    Dark Souls isn't musou.

  18. Ire blood, animus and infinity blade thats it

  19. Do you even know what Dark Souls is? Seems you think it's a very different game altogether.

  20. As mentioned by other people in the comments not all of these games are like dark souls such as ravensword which is trying to be more of a mobile version of Skyrim another good game that's not mentioned which is like dark souls is Revenant Knight and Wildblood

  21. Infinity souls is the only game on androind to come close

  22. Try Runic Curse. It's a metroidvania souls-style game. Very good overall. Controls are a bit difficult to get use to, but its nice. 🙂

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