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TOP 5 Best Games for Drifting!

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Revealing my 5 favorite all-time games for drifting. All these drifting games mentioned in todays compilation support steering wheels as well. I’ve played these games with Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300 wheels. You can even hook up a budget eBay handbrake, works in all of these games. One thing is for sure, we need more drifting games to be launched in 2022. Let me know what your favorite drift games are, maybe I missed something.

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  1. Heyyyy @Goosiest you forgot grand turismo sport!!!!!

  2. Alright I redact my comment about my g293, I just need to get gud at carX

  3. You Should definitely try these Servers were you can Play as a Cop or a Racer:)

  4. dude i bought assetto corza on a pc with no steering wheel

  5. Fr legends is rly good too, just not that much content

  6. I dont know if i didnt get the joke or that was really you drifting irl but are you from croatia because those plates look like Dubrovnik plates

  7. Goosiest i posted a youtube video for you on my channel it is call for goosiest check it out

  8. Was just about too sell my switch today, until you said carx is in switch waiting for it too download as I watch this video. Thanks man.

  9. cant seam to use the link to his discord 🙁 can anyone help?

  10. You should try MTA drift server, my favourite server is „Drift Paradise”

  11. Might sound crazy but I think asseto corsa is the best game to start drifting I just find it so much fun on wheel

  12. i play ac on ps4 it's fun the drift physics is also best of all games but you can't change the drift cars gear/grip/camber/power. that's pretty annoying.

  13. Bro my pc is low end can you suggest good drifting games

  14. Suggest me plz
    i5 2500k
    12gb ram
    128gb ssd
    1gb amd graphic card

  15. hey thanks for using my friend crash's clip in the beamng clip at the beginning!

  16. video: best game for drift
    YouTube: GTA V

  17. its hard to drift on the steering wheel on FH5

  18. Well, I guess I have a question now. Is the Logitech g29, Logitech shifter and an E-brake good for drifting or at least good for realism driving?

  19. I personally play ac for grip racing as I dont have a wheel as my parents told me to wait until my birthday for a wheel

  20. In beamng you showed your car then you made a clip with a Volkswagen

  21. Rip censole players who wanted to play forza horizon

  22. 🤔 assetto 1 drift 21 2 rds 3 carx 4 and beam 5

  23. what's your steering wheel hooked up to a pc or console?

  24. Assetto is the best for sim drifters, and carx is good for keyboard, controller players

  25. If you want assetto Corsa but cheaper go on instant gaming its at 3€

  26. Question of the day: What is Your all-time favorite drift game?

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