Top 5 BEST Games for Single People - Austin Eruption -

Top 5 BEST Games for Single People – Austin Eruption

Austin Eruption
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Happy Valentines Day. Join me in our descent into weirdness.
Today spouting off everything I know about the single life. Here’s what to know, son.

Let’s just say I checked off two items with this one.

Arcadea is:


  1. Valentine's Day is probably the best time to be single in a way. I can't think of anything much worse than valentines while being stuck with a douchebag or someone who expects a lot from it also let's be real chao are way cuter than any real boyfriend. Also peace and quiet is nice.

  2. if this list was made a year later it would be senren-kagura for the switch

  3. Austin can sing about as well as I can, but I don't care because he's hot as fuck

  4. Snake eater on psvita. My favorite metal gear and the best way to play it

  5. Thank you for the Chao garden mention. It’s absolutely amazing.

  6. Saku Saku, Hoshizora no memoria and the family project are vn, can get censored and uncensored versions as well as an all ages version (And they are frickin amazing VN, my absolute favourites just avoid mare route like the plague in hoshizora)

    Da capo too but somewhat contrived with the special powers thrown in. (Get Kotori Love ExP over any of the versions though as it comes with da capo 1-4, kotori love and both side stories)

    If you wish to be mentally disturbed go for Starless Nymphomaniacs' Paradise.

  7. I am extremely uncomfortable with you using nice wholesome persona 4 music during the not so wholesome playboy game

  8. omgg austin im alone too!! wanna be lone…*together…*

  9. The ending of this video really made my day suck less. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!! ^___^



  11. X-Change! Those games were great. Too bad the company that did all the English translations went under. Now there's no way to play the new stuff. Ah well.

  12. Ah Simgirl now there's a game.
    Teenage me got a lotta milage out of that.
    Man I gotta go binge some old Newgrounds, good times.

  13. I clicked on this cause I thought it said “top 5 games for simple people.”

  14. I dont need theses games because dat singing filled the void in my heart

  15. One small detail about dragons dogma is that you are not the only chosen one, you are the chosen one who prevails cause theres others who have failed.

  16. I was digging this channel til the box virtue signalling started with the "straight white male" bullshit. I'm out and unsubbbing 😩

  17. "I KNOW you all played SimGirl… you perverts" What can I say, it's free and everyone was a teenager someday…

  18. The best games for single people are Computer Games.

  19. Chao Gardens!!!! I spent my childhood raising those pups.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks the Chao Garden is overrated?

  21. 10:38 No, Adam Sandler isn't suitable for anyone, regardless of their relationship status

  22. I'm still looking for the dating sim with the lion.

  23. How was "Lula the Sexy Empire" not on this list?

  24. Yo! That Snake Eater cover was on point boi! 😌👌

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