Top 5 Best Games of the 2020 Regular Season | NFL Films Presents -

Top 5 Best Games of the 2020 Regular Season | NFL Films Presents

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NFL Films presents a look back at the top 5 most heart pounding, nail biting, and all around best games of the 2020 season.

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  1. Week 7 cards hawks was the game of the year wtf r u doing u need that

  2. The actual list not the screwed one

    5. Packs Saints

    4. Pats hawks

    3.browns vs Ravens

    2. Hail Murray

    1. Hawks cards

  3. As a Cardinals fan, I'm glad we all agree that OT Seahawks game should've been here

  4. Packers vs Colts and Raiders vs Chiefs should not be on here

    Should be Seahawks vs Cardinals

    Then either Cowboys vs Falcons, Cowboys vs Browns, or either Titans vs Texans games

  5. Bruh the Dolphins and the Raiders should be in there

  6. What about week 16 dolphins @ raiderz, crazy 4th quarter

  7. we aren’t going to talk about how the saints beat the bucs 34-3 in week 7 i think

  8. Seahawks vs Cardinals???? Pats vs Seahawks???? Bucs vs Chiefs??

  9. Lamar should have been suspended for a PED violation after that game.
    …Performance Enhancing Dump…

  10. There are like five different Seahawks game they could have picked and they chose the worst one

  11. I would go with
    5. Vikings vs Seahawks
    4. Pats vs Seahawks
    3. Bills vs Cardinals
    2. Seahawks vs Cardinals
    1. Ravens vs Browns

  12. Look NFL I'm African I don't watch each game but I really appreciate these lists of top games but please take the number back top 20 pls. Anyways thanks for an amazing season, long live the NFL

  13. How was dolphins vs raiders not in this

  14. I’m a browns fan, and I’d like to know why browns bengals week 7 is never on any lists.

  15. My list:
    1.- Cowboys vs Falcons
    2.- Browns vs Ravens (game #2)
    3.- Raiders vs Dolphins
    4.- Cardinals vs Bills
    5.- Titans vs Texans (game #1)

  16. God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all good vid

  17. 5.Cardinals vs Bills week 10
    4. Seahawks vs pats week 2
    3.Seahawks vs Vikings week 5
    2.Ravens vs browns week 14
    1. Cardinals vs Seahawks week 7

  18. Seahawks vs.Vikings was a good game.Really good!!!

  19. Chargers vs bengals next year rising star vs rising star,Burrow vs Herbert. I can’t wait for that game next year.

  20. I agree with #1. But the rest other than cardinals bills shouldn’t be here💀

  21. Okay lemme just say the bucs falcons game should be in here

  22. there are so many missing. this is why its always top 10

  23. Where’s the bears-lions game, bears-falcons game, bears-bucs game

  24. My list
    1.Seahawks cardinals
    2.Ravens browns
    3.cardinals bills
    4.Saints packers
    5.seahawks patriots

  25. I think the Colts and Packers should have an under the radar interconference rivalry status. Even though the Colts have come out on top the last three times they've played the Packers, they've been good games where I was on the edge of my seat.

  26. That’s a lazy list only 5 games. Titans could have been on the list 5 times. Or at least once!

  27. Bruh idiots on here saying their games should be on here. It's a top five not a top fifteen

  28. “I knew I was gonna catch it” sick playoff run dhop

  29. arizona cardinals vs Seahawks they went to over time there was ibt high scoring missed kicks and simsons had his 1st career int

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