Top 5 Ganesh Gaitonde Moments | Nawazuddin Siddiqui | Sacred Games | Netflix -

Top 5 Ganesh Gaitonde Moments | Nawazuddin Siddiqui | Sacred Games | Netflix

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Is he a man? Is he Bhagwaan? No, he’s Ganesh Gaitonde. Here, we present a roundup of moments that made Ganesh Gaitonde think he is Bhagwaan himself.


  1. My favourite hero❤️❤️❤️😎😎

  2. BadaWo aapnay pAAp BadaWo aapnay BAAP

  3. In the first episode, gaitonde died but his story continues.
    I want to know who was telling the story?? who?

  4. Sabka. baap h. NAWAZ
    nawazo inko.
    Oscar bhi chota h.

  5. Best ever movie 🎥…100% Natural of Nawasudin

  6. Duniya Mai karishmai bohut kaam hotai hai..or Nawaaz sir un karishmo Mai 1 HAI..
    Sir he k Andaz mai Kah a toh
    Har roj gir kar v mukamal kharai hai..
    A zindagi, Dekh…
    Mere hoslay tujh sai v Bar a hai..🙏

  7. This is the actual reality of Mumbai – the city of dons and the underworld.

  8. They don't deserve oscar, oscar deserve them ❣️

  9. Honestly, Nawazuddin Siddiqui is on the same level of Joe Pesci when it comes to playing gangsters. Also that golden shirt he wears sometimes is so fire.

  10. Chaku leke chutiyon ka Gala katna, chodne se bhi jyada mja aata hai

    What a line paaji

  11. That cow and pork line was sadly true…. 😞😢

  12. We want see season 1 of scared games but it's not available in Netflix
    Can u please provide us the scared games seasons 1


  14. The_Richest_Man_in_Babylon(Babylon_Ka_Sabse_Ameer_

    Impressive 👍

  15. The_Richest_Man_in_Babylon(Babylon_Ka_Sabse_Ameer_

    It's me Bittu head of nawaj

  16. Swar Deekshaa Classical Music Conservatorio says:

    HOLLYWOOD deserves Nawaz bhai

  17. Chaku leke chutiyo ka gala katne m chodne se bhi jyasti maza aata h..

    THAT'S GROSS.. 🤯🤯🤯

  18. Are there anyone who is also refreshing memories? 😅

  19. In reality this type of people too exist!!! scary….

  20. Netflix has bought creativity and merit based industry. Bollywood needs to leave. Time for quality content

  21. Marna hai terko dar ni lgta, this was a legendary dailogue😁

  22. Ganesh Gaitonde. Sarv shaktishali eklauta bhagwaan.

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