Top 5 PS5 games you have to play! #shorts -

Top 5 PS5 games you have to play! #shorts

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Here are the top 5 games I’ve played on the PS5 so far! I’ve had my console for 6 months and I’m loving the journey so far!
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  1. My fav is
    5_ Ghost of Tsushima
    4_ God of War
    3_ Uncharted
    2_ RDR 2
    1_ The last of us
    And you ?

  2. I finished mile morale,ghost of tsushina,horizon forbidden west, gow ragnarok and also the last of us

  3. Playing G.O.W. Ragnarok now. It's epic!
    Just became a proud owner of a PS5 a couple days ago.

  4. You can play most of ps5 games on the ps4 so there's no point to get a ps5 JUST for Spider-man 2, Final fantasy 16 and Ratchet and clank rift apart.

  5. 4 of 5 are not console exclusive so you can play them on ps4 just the same just not 4K.

  6. Tbh I have played them all and they are good for kids who just want some good graphics and wanna watch a story with little effort.

    The real gaming starts when you become souls borne- Elden ring, Sekiro or lords of the fallen

  7. Another great game imo is stray, really fun game

  8. Try out Final Fantasy 16. You won't miss with that game

  9. Ghost of Tsushima has the most emotional gut-punch ending

  10. I was disappointed with Miles Morales…it was too short and too easy

  11. You gotta play Wo Long now that is fun! It will challenge you and it looks amazing and then the soundtrack is awesome! You "feel" like you are in Feudal China!

  12. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Final Fantasy 7 Remake Integrade
    Spider-Man 2

  13. Is Spider-Man 2 better than miles morales

  14. God of War since the days of ps2, who wouldnt love it

  15. Never played Last of Us, is it worth it?

  16. Did I buy a ps5 for God of War Ragnarok. Yes I did, and I have no regrets.

  17. You also wanted to play rdr2 it's the best game of all time ❤❤❤

  18. I disagree with horizen but otherwise good list

  19. Spiderman sucked. And all these lists have exact same games.

  20. Bro didn't have Elden Ring so that tells me everything.

  21. Forbidden west no longer exclusive 😢 sadly announced in steam very long ago I'm pretty sad

  22. G’damn ADHD
    Should I finish first GOW, first ?!
    Too many games, soo lil time
    Thnx 🕊️

  23. This is a list of people that like action and open world and the missions are on their own time so if they didn’t want to do this mission at the moment, they could just swing around the city like in Spider-Man miles morales or ghost of Tsushima

  24. Owned and played all but I would add Ratchet & Clank and of course Spider-Man 2

  25. Great example of the PlayStation 5s less then impressive discography!

  26. Man you def hit it right on the head bro all these are a must well spider man 2 now but keep these coming

  27. Spiderman miles morales:

    Web swinging is fun☠️💀

    HoW lAgGy Is ThE mOnItOr LmAo😅😂

  28. Everyone has their own favourite video games or movies or songs

  29. I am actually playing Marvel's Spiderman Miles Morales and God of War ragnarok on my ps4 at my dad's house, when me and my sister visit our dad every other weekend.

  30. Ah yes, feudal Japan, a place no games ever take place in

  31. yay to the free GOW DLC tmrw. im redownloafing GOW right now 😊

  32. Well listed bro! I am enthralled by Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War (father and son) of PS4, that I ordered both continuations in PS5.

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