Top 50 Nintendo 3DS Games of ALL TIME -

Top 50 Nintendo 3DS Games of ALL TIME

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  1. We see you guys. We received comments that code "whatoplay" isn't working. We're now in contact with our provider to fix it as soon as possible. For now, hold off using the code.

  2. Oh man… the 3DS has so many good games. Games like Mario golf world tour, donkey kong country 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and wario ware gold were left out of the top 50. Some of these are their definitive versions or the best games in their respective series. This handheld is just a straight up gaming powerhouse.

  3. I couldn't buy all of the games i wanted on the eshop. I wanted the Yokai watch games but they are still too expensive and never went on sale….so here i come hshop!😅

  4. The 3DS is just one of those consoles that you can say that nearly every game on the consoles is great.

  5. Cruel video to post literally 24 hours before the 3DS eShop closes forever.

  6. This was definitely a list someone made

  7. I tried putting the coupon and the website says its expired, and this video has been uploaded 7 hours ago???

  8. I can’t say that I agree with the order of this list, and there’s a ton of games missing from it that I would’ve included, but that’s a testament to how much amazing stuff can be found on the 3DS. I honestly love that system so much!

  9. 'Senran Kagura Deep Crimson' shouldn't have run/looked as well as it did on the 3Ds, funnier still the 3Ds is were the series started. Also 'Fantasy Life' is a gem of an RPG that feels like a warm hug, such a wholesome experience start to finish.

  10. Is this list in any particular order; I'm learning some curious things if it is…

  11. Donkeykong country 3d
    Starfox 3d
    Street fighter 4 3d
    Metal gear solid 3
    Fire Emblem Echoes
    Shin megami tensei strange journey
    Phoenix wright trilogy
    Kingdom heart 3d
    Stella glow
    Professor Layton vs phpnix wright
    Resident evil the mercenaries 3d
    Code name s.t.e.a.m
    Yoshi's New Island
    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
    River city tokyo rumble
    Gunvolt striker pack
    Batmam arkham origin black gate
    7th dragon 3
    Ultimate nes remix
    Ace combat assault horizon legacy +
    Corpse Party
    Bloodstaines curse of the moon
    Harmo knight
    Sakura samurai
    Gurumin 3d
    Mario & Luigi dream team
    Super mario bros 2
    Paper mario sticker star
    Nano assault
    Megamam legacy collectiom
    The binding of isaac rebirth
    Monster hunter stories
    Monster hunter 3U
    Tekken 3d
    Detective pikachu
    Rhythm thief
    Dragon quest 7 fragment of the forgotten past
    Kirby extra epic yarn
    Kid icarus uprising
    Hey pikmin
    Castlevania mirror of fate
    Code of princess
    Etrian odyssey nexus
    Etrian mystery dungeon
    Etrian odyssey 4
    Etrian odyssey 5
    Etrian odyssey Untold
    Shin megami tensei 4 apocalypse
    Hyrule warriors legend
    Virtue's last reward
    Sega 3d classic collection
    Cave story 3d
    Mario sports super stars
    Mario party the top 100
    Ever oasis
    Project mirai DX
    Wario eare gold
    Persona q2
    Tales of the abyss
    Yokai watch1 &2 &3
    Alliance alive
    Sushi striker
    Fantasy Life

  12. Today's the last day of the Eshop. I'm getting mostly Jrpg and rpg games

  13. I literally just downloaded Resident Evil Revelations yesterday and am Really enjoying it! I have Beat it countless times on the ps4, Xb360 & Xb1, but never played the 3DS Version until now!!

    Awesome Video!!!

  14. Wait? None ever quote about Dillon's Rolling Western?
    And Dillon's have three ebtries and none participated in this list? 😢
    Ita okay have quite about sun and moon, but anyone knows gamefreak sells sun and moon like prototype games for ultra sun and ultra moon

  15. For the ad they put up for Nintendo cards, they don’t work for the 3ds anymore. Bought a 5 dollar one for in game purchase and it says funds can no longer be accepted. Got my digital code from Amazon fyi

  16. "Corrin's debut on Nintendo was instantly loved by fans"

    Good joke

  17. Story of season and fantasy life are left out

  18. I cant please can someone show me a video where they present 3ds games that arent well known also arent 100th JRPG – RPG on this console this rpg crap hurts my pride in even getting this console

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