Top 7 Best Open World Racing Games in 2023! -

Top 7 Best Open World Racing Games in 2023!

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Open World Racing Games are on the uptake. Everything is getting bigger and better. And some releases may be just the right fit for you. But which Open World Racing Games are the best ones in 2023? Marvin made a shortlist for you, on which games you should keep an eye on. Tune in and find out.

Which Open World Racing Game will be your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 👇✍️


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  1. is it possible to play drivers san francisco on pc?

  2. Test drive unlimited graphics suck, what are u talking about? forza horizon 5 for the king

  3. Carbon was the first game I ever completely beat.

  4. Lets settle this . The best is easily colin mcrae rally games which give you exact copy of the rally tracks arpund the world why you not say this?

  5. Driver San Francisco 400€ auf Key Seiten , Schade

  6. Midnight Club the real best race game. Y'all just can't drive🤣⚠️🔥 y'all need that smooth shxt

  7. I loved that at the top is TDU, even if I am a bigger fan of TDU2. I feel so old now.

  8. Test Drive Unlimited was and will always be my favorite open world driving game. I spent so many hours in this game. Can't wait for Solar Crown!

  9. Will JUMP in your and Kell you If you unbound better that heat

  10. The Crew 2 has a huge map that covers the United States and the game offers over 500 cars. It’s pretty good

  11. Hello where the hell is MIDNIGHT CLUB LOS ANGLES? HELLO EARTH TO YOU

  12. Need 4 shit unhinged.
    Meh, Burnout psradise was the most boring on the series.
    Poltegeist driver tell all.
    Carbon was ok.
    Farce horizon degeneration borefest.

  13. TDU 1 was cool. But doesn’t hold up against FH.

  14. Im not a fan of the cartoonish style of unbound. Id much prefer heat to be up there than unbound.

  15. I think need for speed unbound doesn't look like a bad game at, it's just the characters look cartoonist, if i would back and play the recent need for speed, it would be nfs 2015 or heat, i play the crew and crew 2 and the most racing game i play is forza horizon 5, the best simulator race game i enjoy playing

  16. If Unbound and Horizon 5 does belong among the best open world racing games ever, then standards of modern gamers are really low.

  17. Unbound was hugely disappointing. I feel like such an idiot every time I buy these games.

  18. One of the best open world racing games in 2023 is…

    A game that came out in 2008

  19. I‘m a bit disappointed you didn’t include BeamNG Drive. Imo the best simulation game on the market that is playable with a controller or keyboard.

  20. I'm surprised Fuel wasn't mentioned. A 14000 km2 open world map with plenty of cars to choose from for different types of terrain.

  21. Not sure about NFS Carbon. I'd have replaced it with NFS Most Wanted (2005) or even Midtown Madness 2/3 which did open-world driving like a nutter first, all the way back in 2000.

  22. Good video, but can you please leave off the silly sound effects that add nothing to the video but annoyance, and please don't try to be funny when it is not needed. Also what about Horizon 3, the Australia one?

  23. Nothing is getting better. Todays racing games look all the same, most of them have character at all and the game mechanics are boring and full with random loot mechanics. And another reneric open world… and another generic open world… is just exhausting and boring.

  24. Please people, don't get FH5. It's really disappointing

  25. It hurts my soul how childish and overly arcadey all of these games are

  26. I don't know about that better part. Just bigger.

  27. My Fav NFS Games

    Underground 2
    MW 2005
    High Stakes

  28. Love hoe you missed GTA V one of the largest maps, huge amount if features. Even though it was not designed as a racing game it still has races in it such as long haul and others. I would rate it better than NFS

  29. need for speed carbon much more of my favorite games ever one of my favorite open road racing game I’ve ever played on the wii

  30. Your title is not at all what the video is about. Waste of time . 3/10

  31. I play forza everyday but I can’t disagree with the list TDU1 is the best. I can’t wait for the new one and be lost playing for hours!

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