Top 8 Best Survival Games You Never Played -

Top 8 Best Survival Games You Never Played

Rye Games
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I tried my best to make a list of the 8 best unknown games that nobody plays (MY OPINION). Based mostly off games I’ve actually played so that I could be a fair judge. A lot of these are survival games, with some sandbox and adventure games mixed in. There are even some free games included, such as Arid. (Finale to the Deadside series coming soon)

1. Arid

2. Farlands

3. Odd Woods

4. Fargone

5. Technicity

6. The Wandering Village

7. Remnants

8. Frozen Flame

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If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. Everytime I think I might subscribe to this dude there is something that changes my mind. That being the forced unnecessary use of profanity that sounds like a kid who just discovered swear words or a posh kid trying to sound grown whateverit is imo sounds awful out of place and not needed as the content reviewed is often good and games I've not seen before.

  2. Far gone is an asset flip.

    Far gone, Surroundead, Deadpoly and Stolen City on steam all use the same assets, mechanics and are basically all the same game, minorly changed to seem different.

  3. I highly recommend taking a look at Urge. The player base is super small and starting out can be pretty hard without knowing what to do, but it has such unique visuals, story, and mechanics that it really deserves more attention.


  5. Dude, Arid is fantastic. I found that when it first dropped and its just a great game!

  6. yoooo after i recommended surroundead its finally here on rye games channel lets goo

  7. The problem with frozen flame is they are charging £25 maybes if it was £15 more people may try it but £25 is steep for a EA game

  8. "it's a lot like Rust, but it has zombies"
    Zombie-era rust was a different time

  9. I have that Arid, haven't tried it yet but it look's cool.

  10. how tf are you so funny love you keep it up qlqkfngnfnfkejahshshshwsh

  11. Unturned why nobody play it enymore 🥲💔

  12. Icarus is a great game too I just feel it needs more aliens and environments and it could be great

  13. I don't think I can find the video of you playing arid. 💀 Link them in the description pls

  14. Thanks for the mention Rye #7, your not wrong game lives under a rock 😀 haha, I work on the game alone and it does have a far amount of features like power, a new map and NPCs will be added this year, PS that footage is very old.

  15. frozen flame literally missed the perfect chance to put "frostfire" in their title

  16. Rye can you do like top 10 best multyplayer survival games on mobile?

    Edit:and can you do free?

  17. Shrelmo was scared of it?
    Then he better never play THE FORREST. That will gave him a heart attack. 😁
    That Game scared me in Single Player, so i came back with 2 Friends and we played it through.

  18. Some of them hardly can be called Survival games

  19. Nobody plays these because other they Are way over priced or they are full of cheaters or hacker's.

  20. Remnats is made form a single devoloper so far i know

  21. Hi Rye Games, please inlcude me on the next vid! Hit me up in discord for a key!

  22. Far Gone looks like Unturned if Unturned wasn't as colorful.

  23. Fargone (and surrounded) are the Synty Studio assets. Cool but everyone uses them. They are cheap and there are a ton of packs. The "developers" will be limited by what Synty Studios put out.

  24. I really enjoyed Arid and have played it through several times. I am sure I will continue replays like I enjoy re-reading good books.

  25. i am confused how are city builders survival games?

  26. A lot of these might have more players if they were free, a lot of people are tired of paying for a 'new' game only to have it never get developed further or even just dripped by the developer.

  27. Arid I've played. The rest I've never heard of.

  28. I've played Wandering Village and Arid. Both good games. It was just a pity that Arid ended so early and Wandering Village can still be played after the "end", but there is nothing new anymore. I would have loved to have continued playing the games.

  29. Aren't wandering village is the game many youtuber used as a content?

  30. Actually have been planing to play Odd Woods on my channel at some point, but never started it since it looks like it could use a couple more big updates where they add in a bit more. But really looking forward to that one! The same goes with Fargone, been having my eye on it, but can't decide if I should play it or not.. I share the idea about it feeling like a roblox game and that is whats putting me off..

  31. Absolute shit games. But at least not clickbait lol

  32. Don't forget ARK and Atlas in general let alone PvE.

  33. Thanks for the list Rye 🙂
    2 of them were actually on my wishlist, Arid and Frozen Flame, and I will probably try Arid at some point, but Frozen Flame… 30 euros for an early access indie game that barely has any content, never gonna happen unless they lower the price to at least half or it grows into a bigger game with lots to do, the videos I have watched on youtube did look good, but many also said it needs a ton of work and there's just too little content. lol
    Some of the other games you mention are the typical asset slap together games, they can be fun, but quite often never get finished or even polished, so I try to stay clear of those, and… low poly graphics just isn't my thing and never will be, I mean come on, I got a RTX2080TI, I want to see it used XD

  34. Lmao one of the 5 lonely fargone players here.

  35. I have 6.9 hours in Arid, quite a well done game and it was some good 7 hours of play there, enjoyed it a lot.

  36. Mist Survival, also a game developed by either one man or a very small team. Still full of bugs but quite promising

  37. You can build houses, craft shit… sir earned a subscriber 15 seconds into a video 🤣

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