Top 8 Games of 2021 -

Top 8 Games of 2021

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Schaff had some epic gaming moments in 2021!

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  1. deathloop was one of my favorite games of the year but the only thing that stopped me from fully enjoying it is the ending. (spoilers of course) the fact that julianna was colt's daughter and the amount they flirted throughout the entire game AND the part where julianna rubs it in his face really soured my liking of the game. Otherwise i find the game to be a complete 10/10

  2. I would gladly like to listen to you review Ace Attorney

  3. When Deltarune Chapter Two came out, I thought that FNaF SB was gonna make it look like a rock, but I was wrong.
    Deltarune was definitely my favorite game of the year.

  4. It's incredible that you have time to consume all the multimedia that you do tbh

  5. in a movie in 1954 to 2021 the godzilla!

  6. what the WHERE’S SUPER MARIO BROS. 2!!?!!?

  7. I'm late for this, but you should play this videogame called Hollow Knight.
    Its story is kinda hard to understand, but at the same time leaves place for speculation. The art and designs are really good and the NPCs are interesting in their own way.
    The game is pretty long when you play it for the first time because of the large amount of things to discover, but once you reach the end, you'll know what to do next.

  8. Waluigi island SUCKS it has everything that people complains about Woody woods but in steroids.

  9. Undertale will always be a great game with great characters, but there’s something so fresh and charming about Deltarune. UnderTale is like your quiet but charming best friend and DELTARUNE is their cool spunky cousin that wears sunglasses at night

  10. "i only pick waluigi"
    so does my dad, i always go as wario, hammer bro, or toadette
    you can tell i havent played anything but Mario Party 8

  11. This was a very great video and the best games of 2021 for me goes to Rainbow Billy The Curse Of The Leviathan, Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighbroville for Switch, Balan WonderWorld and finally Citizens Unite Earth x Space which is my Game Of The Year of 2021 and a Masterpiece in my opinion.

  12. can't believe you didn't include the flawless and clearly glitchless masterpiece that is the hit game fnaf security breach

  13. If you liked deathloop you might like dishonored

  14. On the off chance you somehow see this, do yourself a favor and check out Outer Wilds.

    It's an incredible game with probably the best story telling in any game I've played and you uncover the story through exploration in a way it sounds like you'd love based on how much you liked deathloop.

    Genuinely one of the greatest games ever and it deserves more attention

  15. Damn didn't even play no more hero's 3 that saddens me

  16. Why isn't the house in fata Morgana: Dreams of the revenant edition number one?


  18. FINALLY ONE OF THESE VIDEOS TALKS ABOUT PSYCHONAUTS. I really have to disagree on there being too many cutscenes-they just add so much extra character and life to the story, and after 16 years of fans waiting with bated breath for this game, the sheer amount of content in it is just immensely appreciated. Honestly, the visual design alone makes it my Game of the Year-and I'm never not going to be pissed about it being up for five categories at the Game Awards and winning NOTHING.
    As for Deltarune…yeah, it's definitely overall better than Undertale, but Undertale just kind of has a special, permanent place in my heart…probably because of Chara Dreemurr. I do not control the comfort character.

  19. If you liked deathloop as much as you did you should absolutely check out any of the dishonored games. they do everything in deathloop better in my opinion

  20. Bro shraf what about fnaf secherity breach. that game was really good why is it not on the list. it should because it is really good. if you haven't played it yet, play it please. did i mention that it is really good.

  21. Impostor Factory was probably my favorite game that came out in 2021, and it makes me sad how criminally underrated it and the To the Moon series as a whole is

  22. Dude you need the play legends arceus it’s way better then bdsp

  23. I am surprised that you didn't played loop hero, it's Literally time loop: the Game

  24. Now I want to play Mario party Superstars

  25. My top 5 list:
    Project zomboid
    Gta V
    Cry of fear

  26. as a person from ohio, i can confirm
    nobody likes ohio

  27. Im playing thru the first great ace attorney game and i totally agree, its definitely lacking in comparison to other ace attorney games, can't wait to play the second game tho.

  28. Before I decide if I'm gonna buy Psyconauts 2, are there any bosses or levels as bad as the Meat Circus and Final Boss?

  29. I think that it's great that people find the game to be a tonne of fun but holy shit, I cannot see the appeal of Mario Party Superstars. The roster is so mediocre, there is a severe lack of gameplay modes the boards are fine at best and poorly designed at worst, and there's like maybe 10 minigames that are actually well designed, unique and actually fun. Not to mention the fact that they clearly couldn't be fucked representing Mario Party 8, 9 or 10 to any notable degree.
    Credit where credit is due, the online runs very well and there some great QOL improvements. But like, you don't get extra brownie points for making a game work how it should lolol.
    Personally, the game seemed like an easy way for Nintendo to make an easy buck. I wouldn't be surprised if they intentionally left out content only to put it in as DLC later. There's a Nintendo Direct in like an hour or so, if that's the plan then we'll probably get some news then.
    Again, glad people are enjoying it, but that game is getting insane praise and I can't understand it. Like I saw a couple of people say that it was worthy of a GOTY nomination and I was like wHAT.

  30. Wait wait wait … did he say bowsers furry

  31. Okay I genuinely cant tell if the Evangelion reference is in the actual game or not there at the end and that makes it even better

  32. I don’t understand the gripe on psychonauts’s cutscenes. The original didn’t have as many, but it’s a much simpler plot despite tim writing down way more then he needed and then that stuff becoming retconned anyway.
    It’s a story driven game, and the writing and animation are done well enough that I enjoy the cutscenes. I’d happily take more of them just to make the game longer even though I wouldn’t technically be playing anything.
    Each mind has its own story/backstory all while your still dealing with the main plot. Then you got optional dialogue that can change depending on where you’re at in the story.
    RPGs have this “issue”, but I don’t think it’s fair to give them a pass just because of their genre.

  33. Legends arceaus is the best Pokémon game since heart gold and soul silver…you have to play it

  34. You expected a name, but it was me Dio! says:

    The fact that he mentioned Bugsnax (My favorite game ever) but didn't put it on the list is silently infuriating

  35. I understand you havent liked chapter 1 but I honestly want to hear more abt your gripes with the art direction. DR is a much better looking game than UT

  36. 15:18 I was wondering if Deltarune would be on here! I'm always disappointed watching these videos knowing that Omori won't be here because they decided to have it come out on Christmas 2020, but Deltarune Ch2 is just as high up on the list of games I've loved playing this year.
    16:51 "Spamton Motherf*ckin G. Spamton" goes hard.

  37. If you like Deathloop, I have a feeling you might like Hitman. It's not as action packed, but it focuses heavily on the whole "Find your target" idea.

  38. Just saying, you definitely need to play Legends Arceus. I got it a week ago, and had very low expectations, and it blew them out of the water. I'd say it's in the top 3 pokemon games of all time. Up with gen 1/2, Platinum, and BW. It is literally Pokemon and Breath of The Wild put together. It also has objectively the best story in the series, and it even makes sense as a story, unlike more recent Pokemon games. The story is 8/10, gameplay is 9/10. I'd give it an 8.5/10 definitely worth at least trying.

  39. 17:05 staring at drywall is better than most 60 dollars AAA games

  40. please play wandersong, it’s an indie game with a beautiful story, feel, and message. It’s one of my favorites because of how closely I relate to it

  41. Too bad Horizon: Forbidden West didn’t come out this year. Game looks stellar

  42. My favorite way to describe Metroid is "Nintendo's best fluke". There's no way this dark and surprisingly violent series that has roots in horror and action movies should have come out of the company that makes Mario and Pokémon, but it did. And we got some of the best games of all time out of it

  43. 15:05 Ok good, I’m not the only one to forget about the koopa bank and have it screw up your plans.

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