Top 8 NEW Survival Games of 2022/23! -

Top 8 NEW Survival Games of 2022/23!

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I’ve managed to gather the 8 Best upcoming survival games of 2022 that I’m most looking forward to. Some of these survival games are more underrated and unheard of than others but all of them have something in common, a lot of potential so I’m excited to see which one performs the best! Let me know in the comments which one of these you plan on playing!

8. Retreat to Enen –

7. Farmzone –

6. Among the trolls –

5. Palworld –

4. Sons of the forest –

3. Madison –

2. Rooted –

1. Nightingale –

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If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. Does anyone remember the survival game that has mechanics like snowrunner in it is called?

  2. Nightingale "Polished" ?! haha no, but you are learning… its ok 🙂

  3. Nightingale looks most interesting. Already beat Sons of Forest. Otherwise boring list.

  4. I wonder if the pal one has/could be sued by Nintendo cuz it looks way too much like pokemon. I just can't take it seriously at all.

  5. It's 2023 and I've heard of none of these games

  6. …. I don't see Enen on the ps store?

  7. Can "Among The Trolls", "Sons of the Forest" or "Rooted" be played with two players? Seems like the perfect games for me and the wifey.

  8. I dont understand ! after 9 months games still not released .. why u doing these videos of games 22/23 if they gonna be released 24 .. thumb down

  9. Google “Ein Google Nutzer” Nutzer says:

    Noone of this fuckng Games available

  10. Great games, how long does it take to try them all? Oh, it's a pity there are not 60 hours in a day (. In addition to any reviews, I'm still looking for games on Steam, and purely by chance I stumbled upon Primal Menace, I was very interested, but there is not much information about this game, has anyone heard anything about it?

  11. Really just want a survival game that isn't about over rated zombies. Something that's either fantasy like conan or citadel or wild life based but not designed to kill you repeatedly like Green Hell, with plenty of build recipes.

  12. None of these game are out yet. Those release dates are a joke

  13. Madison's camera aspect makes me think of Fatal Frame, where the flash would briefly stun ghosts and you could only see them through the camera.

  14. Survival game can become really boring rapidly but there seem to have so good one in there.

  15. This video is old but your blind to what is a game and what is a asset flip, your showing a game called Rooted which is just crap off the unreal marketplace its not even a game, like really it just shows a character off the marketplace walking around other marketplace packs.

  16. "breathtaking"? Jesus H bro, you guys need to get outside.

  17. I can't wait to try these games! 朗🎮 Surviving in a virtual world is so thrilling! Thank you for sharing this list! 👍😊

  18. pal world looks like a off brand pokemon game. lol

  19. 10 months later this list is a flop 😂😂😂😂 games that did release failed and 4 of them didnt even release 😭

  20. Have you heard of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV ?

    With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn,

    and the Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restrictions on playtime.

  21. Pall world is Pokémon 18+ game lmao

  22. I really, really.. don’t like the way that palworld game copied Pokémon…
    And I don’t mean like with one or two or even a few designs… every single design I saw then was a literal rip of on Pokémon.. even down to the colour scheme on the so called ‘pals..’ 😂 so for that Diabolical act , I cannot play 😂

  23. Among The Trolls: Grandparents? Grandparents looking for great grandparents…

  24. you get a dislike by the horrible "pizza" you recomended

  25. #8 is just ark and sons of the forest

  26. So:
    Retreat to Enen will be another Ark, nice graphics found in asset store bundled together with not that much overall planing.

    Palworld, the image of pokemons assembling AR wont leave my mind for a long time, but the game feels more like a joke project

    For Farmzone part, you used sons of the forest bits, misleading

  27. I've been waiting for Rooted to come out for about a year and I don't even know when more or less the betaalpha will come out. I'm so excited to know that alphabeta should come out around early July or mid, I'll definitely take alphabeta and I won't get away with it.

  28. Madison is a survival horror game not a survival game.

  29. So Palworld is obviously a pokemon knockoff right?

  30. We want sims castaway back but improved and updated

  31. For those who want to know.. camera does some stuff on Madison.

    you're welcome.

  32. Retreat to enen isn't on ps4

    Edit none of them are on ps4

  33. 90%of these games in these lists either are never released or pushed back for another two or three years. I used to love watching these types of videos until I learned the pattern. Just don’t get too hyped for any of them.

  34. When i hearf the word nightingale i thought of skyrim

  35. I like how in that pal game its Luke poke Mon where he's fighting a boss and then he just pulls out an AK5

  36. 0:25 i just LMAO. It means US has vanished :)))) otherwise is impossible this scenario

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