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0:00 Unknown 9
1:33 The Lord of the Rings Gollum
2:36 Cyberpunk 2077
3:15 Chrono Odyssey
6:19 Riders Republic
7:22 Final Fantasy XVI
11:24 Fable
12:25 Horizon Forbidden West
15:54 State of Decay 3
17:31 The Medium
19:10 Far Cry 6


  1. Hey, I need some help here.
    Once I saw a trailer from a game I don't remember…
    It was in a medieval era, demons and monsters were summoned…but one scene on particular… it was a child running, and finds an angelical creature who opens his arms to care the child… but once he is between them… the angel turns demonic and smashes the kid with her wings…. any idea arround?

  2. Really excited for Horizon: Forbidden West

  3. Horzion zero down whats the meaning of this new title

  4. ola tudo bem caso interesse vc tem problema computador quer montar PCgam Lilo(11)9801-21004….

  5. ya, well fuck all your console exclusives! PC IS KING!!

  6. Is Chrono Odyssey a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger/Cross?

  7. State of decay 3's trailer won't fool me I already know it'll be shit the rest of the series already is why don't you think it's free on xbox… Because it's shit

  8. アカム亜種かなんかかと思った。

  9. For now games are my only reason to work hard,and my cats

  10. Brief 7 6 8 loji 9 stat 7 brief 9 7 8 9 0 po loji 9 a

  11. Завизите такой Графонций в кено плеес

  12. 12:06
    Love the fairies look of pure horror as she knew she was going to die 🧚‍♀️🐸
    Now I’m imagining her screaming in pain, as she slowly dissolves in the frogs stomach 😐

  13. I swear that all Asian game trailers make zero sense – no sense of coherent story etc

  14. Pegi 100 is my fav cause thats where the adult and grimy shit is

  15. One day I will buy a PS5 and play all the games i want.

  16. so state of decay, is not a hunting game… and far cry 6 is like the last ones buuuttt in Mexico… everything else is just so weak…….

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  19. beat em up game 10 random combo all combo do same damage one combo at a time

  20. at least trailer of cyberpunk was good

  21. Omg cyberpunk is going to be the best rpg game ever made in history !

  22. Horizon Forbidden West looks so good. Can't wait to play it.

  23. Wait tile they all go out of business who will buy there game when everybody is making one.

  24. I watched GANTZ:O. and this movie is really really gooood. are there any movies similar to gantz. cinematics film like resident evil, and also the very best of : FINAL FANTASY XV KINGSGLAIVE

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