Top Picks - Seven Best Mario Kart Games -

Top Picks – Seven Best Mario Kart Games

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Matt’s Mario Kart May comes to an end as he ranks all the current (well, they were the current) Mario Kart games and tells you how he feels about each of them. Which is the best and which is the worst? Well, watch and find out. And thank you all so much for joining him on this look back at the Mario Kart series. It’s been a blast and we look forward to seeing you all in Mario Kart 8.

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  1. My list:
    7. Super Mario Kart
    6. Super Circuit
    5. MK Wii
    4. MK7
    3. MKDS
    1. Double Dash

  2. 8. Super Circuit
    7. DS
    6. Super MK
    5. MK 7
    4. Wii
    3. Double Dash
    2. 64
    1. MK8

  3. 8. Super Mario Kart
    7. Mario Kart Super Circuit
    6. Mario Kart 64
    5. Mario Kart 7
    4. Mario Kart Wii
    3. Mario Kart DS
    2. Mario Kart 8
    1. Mario Kart Double Dash!!

  4. My Top 5 favourite Mario Kart Games:
    5- Mario Kart 7
    4- Mario Kart 8
    3- Mario Kart DS
    2- Mario Kart Double Dash
    1- Mario Kart Wii

  5. In my opinion Mario Kart Wii is THE BEST. Being the first one I ever played (yeah whatever I played DD first but I didn't think I wa every good so I skipped DS) I got a lot of good memories so I still think it's the best

  6. My List
    8. Super Mario Kart -I liked the character roster but there are only like 6 tracks that look the same and the graphics are ok

    7. Mario Kart 8 -The only reason why this is number 7 is because of the characters and items, I LOVE the anti gravity mode and the tracks but the characters and items, most characters are clones like metal mario, pink gold peach and babies that were NOT needed, baby DAISY and baby ROSALINA i understand baby mario, luigi and peach like baby wario was in Yoshi Island those 2 characters SUCK and they bring back the coin like there aren't enough coins but I love the graphics they are better then the characters

    6. Mario Kart Super Circuit -It tells me what to do and where to turn don't like it

    5. Mario Kart 64 -I like the tracks, the characters and the items but the other games on this list are better

    4. Mario Kart Wii -The controls are wonky, the new items are dumb and this game starts baby daisy but other then that this game is awesome the tracks and the graphics are amazing just wish they could have added better items

    3. Mario Kart 7- There is honey queen who replaced WALUIGI he's a better character then that bee that's my only dislike with this game

    2. Mario Kart Double Dash- I love that there are 2 item boxes, 2 drivers and special items but you have to unlock TOAD and toadette like toad is a main character

    1. Mario Kart DS- There is a mission mode that's awesome and there's awesome characters that's why this game is number 1

  7. Lol the only other person besides myself that thinks mario kart ds is the best game

  8. My List
    7.Mario Kart
    6.Mario Kart Super Circuit
    5.Mario Kart 64
    4.Mario Kart Wii
    3.Mario Kart 7
    2.Mario Kart 8(Wii U and Switch)
    1.Mario Kart DS

  9. The newest instalment is MK8 unless this video was uploaded before it came out.

  10. I understand that Mario Kart 64 means a lot to many people but please look at it without nostalgia in your eyes. I didn't grow up with this game. In fact, I bought it last week for $10 on the wii u eshop and… guys, this game is not good. This is a bad game. The handling is very poor, there is no sense of traction, the AI rubberbanding is absolutely broken and horrendous (do you think it's fun when there are times when it is impossible to catch up to the cpu because they suddenly decide to go faster than you will ever be able to go into the game?) the aesthetics are really dated and ugly… I hated it, mainly because I knew about the love this game had ever since I started playing Mario Kart when I was little. I like to think of it as more of a stepping stone as pretty much every game after it improved on its mechanics and concepts. On it's own, it's just ugggghhhh
    I believe Mario Kart 64 is not as good as everyone says. I think it is one of the most overrated games of all time. I let my curiosity overtake my reasoning. If you like it, good for you. I personally don't see the appeal.

  11. Mine is:
    8th Mario kart 64
    7th Mario kart 7
    6th Super Mario kart
    5th Mario kart wii
    4th Mario kart ds
    3rd Mario kart super circut
    2nd Mario kart double dash
    1st Mario kart 8

  12. If only mario kart ds could support wpa routers (using some kind of temporary patch on the dsi or 3ds), I would of been able to experience playing my first Mario Kart game online before the shutdown of the online service, without going through some complicated process. Kinda sucks.

  13. 8. GBA
    7. SNES
    6. 64
    ———– This Is when i start enjoying these games a lot
    5. DS
    4. Wii U
    3. Wii
    2. 3DS
    1. DOUBLE DASH!!

  14. Mkds is a mixed bag, I didn't like it and I have nostalgia with it. I just never found it as fun as mkwii. The tracks design is kind of boring in my opinion and the graphics are really ugly

  15. I'm 11 and I love super Mario kart age doesn't matter unless its atari 2600 or older

  16. 8 Super Circuit
    7 Super Mario Kart
    6 Mario Kart 7
    5 Mario Kart 8
    4 DS
    3 Mario Kart 64
    2 Double Dash
    1 Wii

  17. 1 Mkwii/MarioKart8D
    2 double dash
    3 mk7
    4 mk64
    5 mk8
    6 super circuit
    7 super mario kart
    8 mkDS

  18. Mario kart DS is terrible Trash Usless garbage

  19. It doesn't make sense how Mario kart went from pixels in super circuit then they
    Had MIND blowing graphics in double dash and then went to MKDS

  20. oh yeah this is when mk8 wasn't able to buy

  21. Fuck yeah DS at number 1!!!

    D S B O Y Z

  22. Mario The Red Wildfire / Luigi The Green Thunder says:

    Here's mine from least favorite to top favorite:

    8. Super Mario Kart
    7. Mario Kart Super Circuit
    6. Mario Kart 7
    5. Mario Kart Double Dash
    4. Mario Kart DS
    3. Mario Kart 64
    2. Mario Kart Wii
    1. Mario Kart 8/Deluxe

  23. I love Mario Kart Double Dash, Ds, Wii, 7, And 8

  24. My list:
    #8: Super Mario Kart
    I know you shouldn't expect too much from from someone doing something for the first time, but I like all other Mario Kart games better than this.

    #7: Mario Kart Super Circuit
    I don't quite understand why the tracks are flat since Mario Kart 64 was made before this, and tracks weren't flat. Aside from that, the tracks are pretty fun to play on!

    #6: Mario Kart 64
    I really don't see the beauty in this game and why everyone loves it so much. But the tracks are fun to play on (Except for Rainbow Road).

    #5: Mario Kart Double Dash
    This would be higher, but this is the only Mario Kart game I haven't played. I've never got to play this game for myself, but I've seen gameplay, and it sure does look awesome!

    #4: Mario Kart Wii
    I loved playing this game back then! It was so fun! The inclusion of the halfpies (Or whatever you call it…) was a good idea, and I don't know why they removed it in 7 and 8. Oh, speaking of that…

    #3: Mario Kart 7
    Like Mario Kart Wii, I loved game this game back then! This was the first game to introduce gliding and choosing your own parts of your vehicle, and I love this game for that! I don't understand why not many people like this Mario Kart game.

    #2: Mario Kart DS
    This is the first video game I've ever played, and I was obsessed with it! This got me into Super Mario, so I just have to place it high on this list! Well, not just for that reason. This introduced retro tracks (Technically), and had a Missions mode, which was excellent!

    #1: Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)
    This has to be the best Mario Kart game out there! It has the most tracks out of any Mario Kart game, there so many characters to play as, introduced anti-gravity and 200cc, and has the best Battle Mode! I love playing this game, and it's hard for me to get bored of playing this game!

  25. Yoshi falls is the best it's like a moo moo farm

  26. Many comments…much hate for 7 and Super Circuit

  27. 1 Mario kart double dash
    2.Mario kart 8 DX
    3. Mario kart Wii
    4. Mario Kart 8
    5. Mario Kart 7
    6. Mario Kart DS
    7. Mario Kart 64
    8. Mario Kart super circuit
    9. Super Mario kart

  28. 9: super mario kart
    8: Mario kart super circuit
    7: Mario kart 64
    6: Mario kart 8
    5: Mario kart 7
    4: Mario kart double dash
    3: Mario kart DS
    2: Mario kart 8 deluxe
    Drum roll…..


  29. Mario Kart DS is my favorite mostly because of nostalgia

  30. 8:Supercircut
    7:Super Mario Kart
    1.Double Dash!

  31. Ok, I agree with the first 2 places, but your top is still bad, my top would be:
    7: Mario Kart 64
    6: Super Mario Kart
    5: Mario Kart Super Circuit
    4: Mario Kart 7
    3: Mario Kart Wii
    2: Mario Kart Double Dash!

  32. Mario kart 8 deluxe is basically Mario kart Wii but worse.

  33. Why is on all these lists Mario kart wii so freaking low!! I’ll ask literally anyone in the world And they’ll say it’s the best mario kart game, I think so too. Anyway here’s my list:

    8) Mario kart Super Circuit
    7) Super Mario Kart
    6) Mario Kart DS
    5) Mario Kart 64
    4) Mario Kart 7
    3) Mario Kart Double Dash
    2) Mario Kart 8
    1) Mario Kart wii

  34. 8. Super Mario kart
    7. Mario kart super circuit
    6. Mario kart 7
    5. Mario kart ds
    4. Mario kart 64
    3. Mario kart 8
    2. Mario kart double dash
    1. Mario kart Wii

  35. Tbh I would rank Mario kart super circuit higher probably because it has a place in my heart since it was apart off my childhood. But I like Wii and double dash more

  36. I played every Mario kart except Mario kart 64 🙁

  37. Do one more of these!!! May's almost over!!!

  38. Mine are:
    7. Mario kart DS (Nintendo DS, 2005) (first to introduce "Shy guy racing")
    6. Mario kart Double Dash!! (Nintendo GameCube, 2003) (Luigi circuit in this game is great!)
    5. Mario kart 8 (Wii U, 2014) (first to introduce some cool and trash characters)
    4. Mario kart 8 DX (Switch, 2017) (better than MKWiiU)
    3. Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64, 1996-1997) (first to introduce "Wario racing")
    2. Super Mario kart (SNES, 1992) (the classic.)
    1. Mario kart Wii (Nintendo Wii, 2008) (Most famous Mario kart game ever..)

  39. So far I've only played four mario kart game's mario kart 7 for 3ds
    super mario kart for the snes
    mario kart super circut for gba
    Mario kart world tour for Iphone
    I look forward to playing mario kart 8 and I agree with your strong affection for the series I mean if it wasn't that much why would so many franchise's tire to capture the same magic

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