Top Ten Best Games EVER Of 2016 EVER! (The Videogame Show What I've Done) -

Top Ten Best Games EVER Of 2016 EVER! (The Videogame Show What I’ve Done)

Jim Sterling
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Don’t you know it’s true what they say, that life it ain’t easy, but your time’s comin’ around, so don’t you stop tryin’!


  1. I can't tell if my phone is lagging or the video is. Well played.

  2. Dear Jonathon:

    I'm worried that your delusions and/or hallucinations may be interfering with your quality of life. Please consult a trusted friend or family member on the matter.

    P.S: My Mommy has plenty of happy magic pills for you, if you know where to find them. You do remember where to find them, Jim, don't you? Yes. You're the "Jim fucking son" now, Sterling!

  3. This video looks like it's mocking mentally ill people.

  4. Jim i usually love your videos, but this one was just painful to watch

  5. Jim, was this a parody of salad fingers and viewers that believe their game is the "best"?

  6. This comment section is the definition of mixed reception

  7. Jim, I think you need to put some of your voice acting skills into these. You're trying to portray a juvenile delinquent with mental health problems and a criminal record, but it's just your normal voice, which I associate with a successful games journalist with a laid-back but professional attitude. If your voice fitted the character, I think these would be much better.

  8. Actually these were not AT-AT's but AT-ACT's. (all tarain-armoured cargo transport).

  9. The @@ vs ATAT always bugged me too, AT-ST AT-RT AT-AT

  10. How could one man be so painfully unfunny? I didn't sub for this "humor."

  11. WTF did I just watch? lol Jim Fuckin Sterling is an evil genius, we should bestow this gentleman with his own international holiday….. or third world country.

  12. Am i the only one who finds it jaring the kid in the last gaurdian has a diffrent art style than the rest of the game?

  13. I love that it's not just what game he picked for Overwatch footage, but that he took the time to do the most catastrophic performance and spectating an AFK player for the mayority of the time.

  14. The day the Jim Sterling personna will be replaced by …this jewel of a beeing, will be a marvelous day!

  15. is this jims video equivalent of a steam greenlight game? have they gotten to him?

  16. wat the fuc even is this? where is overwatch? that was good game 😀

  17. SKYrim the elder scrolls SKYrim… SKYrim…

  18. I don't recall a game of the name "Mass Effect!" I was always under the impression that the game was called "Massive Attack"!

  19. pff, everyone knows that Val Kilmer was the best game of THE YEAR actually really actually, and if you don't agree your an idiot dumpster child who no one likes like the time my friends threw me into the girls bathroom and of course in my nerves I ended up killing everyone with a spoon…..

  20. i lyek these videos cosue it tells me all about the new games what that come out like the new xbox 1 and the xbox 2 coming a eliphant 3

  21. I like hat more than a thousand people just don't get it.

  22. 6:00 …Wait a minute… I'm not watching Lego Batman: The Videogame! You LIe! U LIEEEEEE!

  23. Jim, i know this is a bit late, but if you need a friend, i'll be your friend. 🙂 you seem like a cool sort.

  24. I am actually ashamed by how hard this makes me laugh.

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