Top Ten Best Games of 2015 -

Top Ten Best Games of 2015

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Would you look at that, some developers finished games before releasing them after all. Hold me.


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  1. Wait is that the nuclear throne them in the begging

  2. Men, I consider Undertale a quite mediocre RPG compared to thee Earthbound, Mario & Luigi and Pokemon series, but it has some good things…

    yeah, I don't like it, its very overrated too.

  3. undertale's the new fnaf.

    In that it has an even more cancerous fanbase than that.

    cough underhertail cough cough dies

  4. Bethesda should really update their game engines

  5. Here is my top 10:
    Monster hunter 4 Ultimate
    Monster hunter 4 Ultimate
    Monster hunter 4 Ultimate
    .. Now that i think back on it i didn't play that many games

  6. I have a suggestion for you. You can choose to take it, or not. It doesn't effect me.
    But, If you like games like Ori and undertale, Then Dust: An Elysian tail would be a fun game for you.
    I wont tell you too much, but I'll tell you this:
    Its a solid game with a interesting story, eye-pleasing visuals, and lots of care and love put into it.

  7. personally, I'm waiting for the Tumblr fad shitstorm to die down before I play Undertale. I've been down a road like that before with Homestuck. And trust me if there's anything Tumblr does well, it's cancerfying the best of things.

  8. I genuinely thought my Nuclear Throne was on in the background, thanks to the music haha

  9. Undertale… cant say much. Havent played it. MGS… Havent played it. Fallout 4? great game. Flawed, still great. Splatoon… fun, not great in my opinion. Many more deserving shooters. Mario Maker… eh… I have an issue with the Mario series. Mario in my opinion encapsulates what makes many gamers assholes. Mario has, for decades, changed very little. Other games that do this (COD, bf, Assassin's Creed, etc.) are shat on for it. Are they bad games? Not at all. In fact most of them actually change quite a bit between games. Meanwhile most state that Mario games are amazing… Despite most of them being identical to previous entries. Mario Maker just feels like an attempt to excuse this. Meanwhile when other games attempt this they are shat on further for "changing their style and selling out". Hypocrisy.

  10. But Just Cause, WHAT ABOUT JUST CAUSE?!?!

  11. I wonder why people hate Undertale so much they say it's cancer

  12. is there a place on youtube i can find the version of the undertale theme rabbid used? or did he change the song up himself?

  13. Why the hell is everyone so obsessed with Witcher 3? I bought it because of the glowing reviews and praise from virtually everyone, and I just can't get into it. I think I played for like 4 hours and then gave up.

  14. After seeing number 1, you know what's amazing?
    The fact that Undertale a game mostly engined by Gamemaker received 92% by Metacritic , as well as it's high popularity among gamers and casuals . Not only this, but it was made mainly by one person. From playing it myself, I will not say that Undertale isn't a great game, but maybe overrated in my opinion. Sure, the story is rich and meaningful and the gameplay is solid.However, I don't believe this game should have the amount of praise given by critics and fans alike. Sure, it is a pretty outstanding job for a single developer and as an indie game.However compared to games from companies like Nintendo, Bethesda, Rocksteady, etc, Undertale should not stand a chance in terms of quality, completeness and with graphics. However, I understand that the primitive graphics was intentional for that retro feel of the Mother series. Despite this, Undertale is a great game and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for story-richness, that retro feel, and something new and fresh.

  15. I agree with number 1 undertale is a hillarious game that has a very unique battle system fantastic soundtrack and good story all the characters Sans, Papyrus, All the others its the 2nd best PC game i have played (Minecraft)

  16. Hearing Hope on a rabbidluigi video is fucking weird.
    But I love you for it so much

  17. Bloodborne really should have been #1. Or at least higher than fallout 4 and MGSV, those games have massive issues.

  18. Don't mind me, just trying to find the number transition music here…

    Help, please?

  19. did anybody found that manbat in arkham night

  20. Arkham Knight was kinda meh. There were way to many tank/ bat mobile sections and the plot twist with the Arkham Knight character was terrible.

  21. Can someone tell me about the name of a 2d game where your a wizard and you have to combine spells to get better?
    I need to know this.

  22. Just finished Ori and The Blind Forest 5 minutes ago. Holy fuck, that was the most beautiful experience I've had with a game since Okami.

  23. No Hotline Miami
    Sad panda feels
    are maxed out.

  24. Im not sure but super mario maker seems like nintendos way of saying fuck it we will sell you a consumer friendly developers kit so you fucking make the levels now

  25. you didn't play 200+ hours of witcher 3, man you've missed so much

  26. I would definitely have put Xenoblade Chronicles X on the list – your comments on The Witcher 3 basically sum up why. Still, good on you for putting it in the Honorable Mentions (due to not enough time to play them).

  27. I would've put Life is Strange and SOMA somewhere on here

  28. +rabbidluigi what's the ost used in the arkham knight portion

  29. Comparing Undertale and The Witcher 3 is a lose-lose. If you say the Witcher 3 is better, you're not giving Undertale enough chance because it didn't cost as much as The Witcher 3. If you say Undertale is better that's disrespectful to the millions of dollars that went into the Witcher 3.

  30. I need to link this video whenever I need to justify why I like Fallout 4 now, what he said it exactly how I feel explained perfectly.

  31. 2015 was one of the best years in recent memory for game. My personal favourite Life is Strange, until dawn, Undertale, and triple a titles like COD BO3, Bloodborne, and the Phantom Pain all being great.

  32. How did you put undertale above Witcher 3 and not get struck down by the heavens?

  33. Witcher 3 is gaming masterpiece I will always understand it it’s a incredible game but undertale will always be my favourite game that will ever be created it’s one of the most unique and heartwarming games ever created thank you for giving it the number 1 spot

  34. 2:40 He must have been talking about Scarlet and Violet 😏

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