Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: January 2023 Edition -

Top Ten Most Played Games On Steam Deck: January 2023 Edition

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Here are the top ten most played games on Steam Deck for January 2023. Every month, Valve releases their list of the top Steam Deck games by overall hours played.

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  1. I’ve honestly been playing a lot of ds and 3ds roms. Absolutely awesome playing these games natively and anywhere I want. Steam has to be the best portable console ever.

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  3. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus has been a blast!

  4. Beat rdr2, then Arkham origins, now I'm on to la noire

  5. Wasn't aware dinosaurs could post on YT.

  6. been playing gta 4 a ton. it runs surprisingly well on the deck. dead space 2 has been great too, also runs smooth

  7. Snow runner
    Works alright on the deck … notice anything controller games works well .. but city builders find it hard to use.

  8. Darn and I only have 8 out of 10 games on the list lol.

  9. I'm playing Hi-Fi rush and Warhammer Darktide on mine

  10. 2nd playthrough of Elden Ring and the Dead Space Remake. But mostly Elden Ring…

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  12. I’ve been playing One Piece Odyssey recently. Runs perfectly on steam deck.

  13. I'm sooooo excited to get mine in the mail. I hope I can play everything I want. I'm trying to replay lost gems like manhunt 1&2 and silent hill origins for psp and Mushroom Men the Spore Wars for Wii.

  14. Think I've played almost all of them on deck this month

  15. I've been playing metal gear solid twin snakes from the GameCube…

  16. Can't wait to play Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon on Steam Deck.

  17. So many games… So little time. Steam Deck arrives tomorrow!

  18. Basically only playing Persona 5 right now… I will be contributingg to it's numbers for at least another month+

  19. I'm just playing my PS2 games on Steamdeck tbh. Never really moved on from that console. Bringing it and playing NBA Live 05, Suikoden V and Monster Rancher 4.

  20. I was on the Witcher 3 train. Recently taking a break to cool down and play Windwaker :X

  21. idk if i should be embarrassed or not for mainly playing skyrim on the steam deck

  22. Really been fuckin up some mount and blade bannerlord old but good game

  23. gta 5 honestly feels like it was made for the deck, it just runs so well

  24. this is honestly how all countdown vids should be. easy and straight to the point. you see top ten list vids on youtube 10+ mins lmao

  25. Literally everyone watching this video knows wtf a Steam Deck is, so stop wasting our time with that stupid pointless intro describing it, jfc.

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