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Ultimate PS3 Buying Guide: Best Consoles, Games, Controllers, Accessories, PS Store, Etc.

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Let’s face it, buying a PS3 is always a good idea. It’s got so many great games, the UI is fantastic, it’s got features even a PS5 can’t do today – and more! But over the years I’ve gotten a lot of questions about buying for it. So let’s try and knock everything out in one video. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the consoles, games to look out for, OEM controllers, accessories, storage options and more. Can you feel it Mr. Krabs? That’s the CELL/BE baby. And it’s READY.

List Of Console Models With Process Sizes:

Incomplete List Of PS3 Compatibility For PS2 Games:

Preventative Maintenance For Older PS3’s:

Recommended HDD (500GB & 7200rpm):

Recommended SSD (500GB):

List Of Exclusive Digital PSN Games:

List of PS1 Classics In Japan:

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0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Various Consoles & Differences
3:50 – Which PS3 Is The Best To Buy?
6:30 – CELL & RSX Size: Why It Matters
8:25 – Controller Options
9:51 – How To Spot A Fake Controller
13:22 – Upgrading Storage On PS3
14:15 – Should You Get An SSD?
16:04 – PS3 Games You Should Focus On
17:57 – PlayStation Store Advice
18:47 – PS1/PS2 Classics Are A Bargain
20:04 – Interesting Accessories
21:23 – My Favorite Camera Based Game

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  1. Personal experience I have had the last version of the ps3 the super slim and that console was incredibly well built and sturdy and I have had it since 2013 and it runs perfect to this day , as well I found the second flat matte model on the side of the road on pickup took it home cleaned it plugged it in and she works perfect

  2. The rsx in the earliest are not reliable and cost 600 minimim to repair. Reballing is false.

  3. The best part of the SSD upgrade is how snappier and smoother the XMB was. It did slightly improve loadtimes in games, less so for earlier ones, and more so for the ones released by it's end of cycle that were significantly bigger in size. Also, it runs cooler and requires less power to run so it helps reduce the systems overall temperature. The catch is, it's not gonna make almost any difference if you're playing the game off a disc, the real visible difference is if your games are digital.
    But SSDs are much cheaper now so it's not a bad idea to get one.

  4. What about headset im looking for one but dont know what to get

  5. Imo the big factor in deciding which PS3 to get is also wherever you consider jailbreaking it now, or in the future, because Slim/Super Slim models CECH-30xx and later (generally speaking, because there are some CECH-25xx models that support installing CFW, while others don't), have minimal firmware version newer than 3.55 thus limiting your choice of modding the console to only HEN.

  6. My Ps3 Super Slim has been extremely reliable Ive had it since 2012 and there's been times where I had to pretty much leave it on overnight to download a ton of games since I had to swap the HDD and recently it got formatted so I had to redownload everything again and its given me 0 issues. Compared to the PS3 Slim I had in 2010 which ended up dying on me within 4 months.

  7. Coming from having recently purchased a fat PS2 and being able to run games off an internal HDD using OPL, I was interested in getting to know something similar for the PS3. Never had a PS3 back when they were out and for a long time I wanted to have it. I don't mind not getting a retrocompatible PS3 as I have that covered with the PS2, all I'm looking for is knowing which PS3 model is the one that's more reliable and best for homebrew.

  8. In 2 years the PS Trinity is coming out going to play PS to PS6 1200$ over clock enable 😊 PS6 800$ PS4 to PS6 Trinity for me 😊 maybe mine is 1500$ the Barbie Ed 😊 no both for me PS6 won't be over clock able

  9. Great video! But i have to desagree with the uncharted being better on ps4, although its 1080p/60 it has horrible glitches and bugs that does not on original ps3 :/

  10. my friends launch model still hasnt had a ylod and he played that thing well through the ps4s lifespan as well. must be some kind of miracle

  11. I don’t know if anyone can help with this, I just got a secondhand ps3 launch model. It seems to run my ps3 games fine but both the ps2 games I put in simply didn’t register. Something else I need to do to play them properly? Or is it likely something failed in the system

  12. I don't see how this video has so many views…the presenter is monotone and overly wordy…"I'm not going to provide any direct game recommendations per se"
    Why not, you dork?

  13. It’s too bad the ps3 store is trash. Looking for games can be a chore.

  14. Great video, i would only add EX Troopers and Rain

  15. My dude, where can I find a working PS3 gaming headset? No headset is working for me so far (microphone works but no playstation/game sound) (I guess they are all to new)…

  16. I bought a super slim about 8-9 years ago, slapped a 1Tb laptop hard drive in it, and now have 350+ games downloaded on the console. Still runs absolutely perfect. PS3 was a great system.

  17. I'm having such a hard time pulling the trigger on a launch ps3… i want the 3 generations on one system but man the maintenance honestly scares me.

  18. 2023 still loving PlayStation 3 despite the FAT console was very expensive.

  19. I would recommend House of the Dead 4 ps3 exclusive and Hard Corps Uprising a digital only👍🏻

  20. Can we install ps3 digital games on ekstern hdd to keep safe for when the internal battery dies?

  21. Ratchet and Clank is a big one. I highly advise going against streaming them on ps4. You hate the quality, internet connection does not matter

  22. Ultimate. PS3. Buying. Guide best. Consoles. Games. Controllers.

  23. i would avoid buying a hdd for the ps3. alot of those laptop drives shut down after like 5 seconds which is HORRIBLE for use in the ps3 and the original built in hdd didnt do that. get an ssd and you are on the safe side and also get a nice speed boost!

  24. Im in the market for a PS3 controller. Can anyone recomend a GOOD substitute for the Dualshock 3?

  25. PS Super Slim is the best for me. Mudding it is so good.

  26. I literally bought the ps3 tv remote with the channel/volume up/down buttons. And a great thing about ALL PS3's is that you can mod them to be able to play ALL PS2 games. Also EVERY SINGLE PLAYSTATION before the Ps4 could play Ps1 games. Ps4 is the only one that isn't backwards compatible AT ALL except through Ps Plus

  27. To be far I bought a fake ps3 controllers 2 pack and they feel really nice

  28. Thank you computer booter for my Frankie checha01!

  29. I found my PS 3D display at Goodwill for $50

  30. I loved my PS3 Slim. However, I only got to enjoy it for such little time as a power surge fried it. I loved it for being the retro gamer I'am. Loved having the old Twisted Metal and Crash Bandicoot games.

  31. Mystic: It's kinda hard to actually Break the controller…
    LTG: Hold my fake gold chain…
    DSP: Hold my Gin… Also support has been slow lately guys…

  32. Informative video and I bought a PS3 80gb model a few years back and did not know the potential failure rate for these earlier consoles. I hope mine lasts many more years 🙂

  33. its not really about maintenance.. those cecha models are gonna die on you. More like collectors item you dont really use to play games.

  34. Have you heard about the Frankenstein mod which takes a 40nm Rsx from a slim and puts it into a backwards compatible ps3

  35. i have a ps3 60gb CECHA01 and it still runs like a beast, never hard to do any work on it. 17 year and still going.

  36. My first ps3 was a super slim with 20gb😂 little big planet karting and lego lord of the rings special cover edition. I love these systems always 🤙

  37. To anyone coming here now, searching “oem” with the controller does not work anymore, a lot of fakes will say that too. If you see a brand new DualShock 3 for under $70 it’s most likely fake

  38. You can just jailbreak ps3 and don’t spend money

  39. I have a cecha01 ps3 that has a 40nm rsx and there great systems

  40. definitely going to get one next month. probably on marketplace

  41. You could get both the ps3 super slim and a ps2 slim for less than a fat ps3

  42. U didnt mention the steering wheel variety and third party manufacturer makin them
    Me i have trust gxt 288

  43. You can also Jailbreak your ps3 to emulate almost all ps2 games in sonys own ps2 emulator (Which the ps2 classics runs in). Same with psp and ps1 games.

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